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A superb Disney movie. The graphics are really awesome and the storyline is good too. Yay.
Dinosaurs are the subject of this animated film, but this is not a frightening monster movie in the mold of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. It is split between being a realistic study of dinosaurs and the meteor shower that may have led to their extinction, and being a cutesy Disney film with (supposedly) loveable sidekicks. The story is an odyssey in which a dinosaur raised by lemurs (don't ask) has to lead a group to a sanctuary that he hopes will protect them from the impending comet. The animation of the dinosaurs is not particularly convincing, although the prehistoric world is quite nicely visualized by the artists. The problem with Dinosaur is its insistence on Disneyesque production values...there is something off in a movie when one dinosaur has you terrified and another sounds like a cute child. Disney has always relied on the cuteness factor in plying their trade, and sometimes it works (the bunnies in Bambi, for example). Here though, I kept yearning for the film to treat these dinosaurs with the magestic reverence they deserve. Jurassic Park may not be a masterpiece, but at least Spielberg gives us the sense that these dinosaurs are awesome creatures. In Dinosaur, they are just mouthpieces for one-liners.

oops almost forgot to rate this movie.....
"Dinosaur", I loved this movie. The animation was made so good and so realistic I almost forgot it was a cartoon. It has comedy, drama, and action. And you actually can learn some stuff about dinosours. If your a kind of person who will cry for anything in a movie i bet you will cry in this movie 'cause i did. i will give this movie a perfect score of 10/10.

Great visuals, but not much story.
Dinosaur was a great little animated movie. Great story, good charcters, nice visuals and good for the whole family. I could easily watch this one again. It's just a good movie and some parts will stay with you.

Incredible visuals don't help the story from being really, really boring. The characters are also very bland as far as voice work and personalities.
This movie has excellent use of computer animation. Very nice. The story, music, and voice work are all well done. The moral of "stand together to face adversity" is a worthy one and the story shows good examples of it.

Aladar is a misplaced dinosaur being raised by femurs. During the femurs mating season an asteroid storm of sorts hits the planet ravishing the landscape. Now that their home is destroyed Aladar and the femurs are wondering trying to find anything left living. What they do find is a heard crossing the desert in an attempt to find an oasis of sort. This oasis is the breeding ground where many hope to find and make a home. Nobody knows if these breeding grounds even exist anymore since the meteor storm hit. For Aladar, the femurs, and all the other dinosaurs their existence depends on it.

"You like kids I see."
"Well, the skinny ones can be a little chewy."

Eric Leighton, animation supervisor of Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach, collaborates with Ralph Zondag, writer of Pocahontas and animator of an American Tale, Land Before Time, and All Dogs go to Heaven, to direct Dinosaur. Dinosaur is an extremely underrated Disney film in my opinion. Films like Toy Story, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo, and the Incredibles get all the credit for this new age cartoon rage. Dinosaur was the film that launched me into this craze. The film has outstanding graphics, great characters, and a wonderful, heart wrenching, and realistic story.

"He's my grandfather, a couple generations removed."
"Try a couple species removed."

The opening sequence with the egg was outstanding. I also liked the scene with the Carnotaurs. The shear graphics of the film for all the dinosaurs were great throughout the film. The storyline is also creative, different, thought-out, and presented beautifully to the audience. Another positive aspect for this film, at least in my opinion, was the lack of song in the film. The songs in Lion King were marvelous, the same can be said for the Little Mermaid, but in films like The Rescuers, Lilo and Stitch, and Dinosaur the lack of music is perfect for the film.

"Hey ladies, look what just pulled into town, a buffet line of love."

Dinosaur is a film you can feel safe purchasing even if you have never seen it. As I stated above this is an underrated classic, well put together, and has a magnificent story. I considered this film a must have for my collection, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Toy Story or Monsters Inc. Give this film a shot if you have never seen it.

"Carnotaur; a mouth full of teeth with a bad attitude."

Grade: A
Dinosaur is a serious movie that's very sad and partially cruel: wonderful tale of courage and survival, told with respect for the audience with unpresidented animation. Dinosaurs merge seenlessly into the real surroundings, and they move and look absolutely real. Finally, computer animations have reached the stage where it doesn't look animated anymore! Also very by Aldar's attempts to save the old dinos, and although I'm a teenager, I jumped in my seat wien carnotaurs emerged. There was violence in this film: vicious battles between carnivores and herbivores. Surging through it all there is a feeling of sadness and loss, for a world that's about to fade away into the pages of history. Thus, it's not for the smallest children, but it's a great story that treats its audience with respect and pays homage to that great lost Earth that was buried in dust millions of years ago.
A very bad movie. I saw it as a kid and was so bored that I had to turn it off halfway through. I was a kid who would watch anything, no matter how crap, so to bore me would take some doing. And considering it's a kid's movie, well that's just sad. And with my aged view now, it still sucks.
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