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One of my favorites. You can really start to see Connery's aging in this one. But very good, and the babes are...well...babes.
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I've seen every James Bond movie at some point in time. Some are better than others, but some are simply forgettable. I realized that I couldn't remember a single thing about "Diamonds are Forever". That particular film is April in the James Bond calendar that I treasure so dearly, so it seemed appropriate to spend April Fools' Day watching the film again in its entirety.
"Diamonds are Forever" has the honor of being the anomaly in the entire Bond film series. It was the one film (in the official series, for you "Never Say Never Again" fans) where Sean Connery returned to the role after having relinquished it to another actor (in this case, George Lazenby). It is also distinctively Connery's worst turn as Bond, and a pretty crappy movie in general (though it can hardly compete with some of Roger Moore's stinkers).
While I don't consider Connery to be the best Bond, he was really good at making stupidly unrealistic things look plausible. (I am a Lazenby fan; say of him what you will, he was really good as Bond). Dare we say "moon buggy chase"? Don't even get me started on the ridiculous opening sequence. Who would believe that "Goldfinger" was only seven years earlier?
Yes, it's a little distracting having the time warp guy who was killed in "You Only Live Twice" (i.e. Charles Gray) playing Blofeld. Yes, it's a little disturbing having Natalie Wood's sister playing a character who drowns (of course, they had no way of knowing that in 1971). Yes, it's a little creepy having psychopathic, homosexual henchmen and lesbian hitwomen named Bambi and Thumper.
My re-viewing of the film primarily showed me one thing: the movie is easily forgettable.We don't get anywhere near enough of M, Q, or Miss Moneypenny, and the nifty gadgets are too few and far between to save this film. There isn't even a martini, shaken, not stirred, in the whole film! All that we get out of "Diamonds are Forever" is the Austin Powers ripoff of the secret facility in the Nevada desert and some really awful acting out of Jill St. John.
A subpar entry into the world's most enduring film franchise.

Diamonds Are Forever: 9/10

Every so often a Bond movie is made that is heavily influenced by whatever is popular at the time. Just think of Moonraker (Star Wars was hot!!) or Die Another Day (X-treme movies were hott!!). These are often the most interesting Bond movies, even if they're not good (DAD)... at all.

Live and Let die is obviously influenced by the blaxploitation craze in the early 70's. So Bond gets dropped in Harlem. And of course he stands out.
It's all so very dated... the hairdo's, the clothes... yet it's so insanely watchable.
Racist as well, but the makers often attempt to even out the racism towards the black population by adding rednecks and a black cop who helps Bond out.

It's also the first Bond movie by Moore, and I just loved his portrayal here. He makes Bond come across as a cold-hearted prick who only cares about popping a chick's cherry. And yet we still all like him! Because he's Bond!

Also, Live and Let Die = best Bond song ever.

Diamonds Are Forever
Bond: Sean Connery
Director: Guy Hamilton
Year: 1971
Favorite Scene: Elevator Fight
Rotten Tomatoes Percentage: 68%
Personal Rating: 4/10

This was the first "old" Bond movie I ever saw, and I thought it was very good at the time. It was definitely not a classic like "Goldfinger" or "The Spy Who Loved Me", but it held up. Sean Connery returns to the role that made him famous once again, fighting against the evil SPECTRE for the very last time in the series. Now, Connery is pretty old by now, and it really shows. Although I believe Roger Moore was older than Sean, Moore's entry into the series would be quite refreshing. Anyway, although he does a great job, you get the sense that Connery is bored and is only in it for the money (which he was!).

The villains are a step down compared to the previous entry, Lazenby's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Charles Grey returns to the series as the evil Blofeld, although he played a good guy in Connery's last film, "You Only Live Twice". The results are mediocre at best. I got the sense of Grey's Blofeld being weak and too "prissy", I guess. I would have liked to have seen Telly Savalas (who IS the best Blofeld, ever) return for an encore, but I guess the producers did not care for continuity.

One saving grace of this movie are the two henchmen; possibly the most politically incorrect moment in Bond history. Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd happen to be gay henchmen, and are lovers. Although this sounds like a bad idea on paper, it just works and I really liked their conversations together. The creepiness of it all also helped.

The girls in this film are not exactly memorable, either. The main girl is Tiffany Case (played by Jill St. John). She's the first American Bond girl I believe, and churns out an unmemorable performance. It's my opinion that Diana Rigg's Tracy from OHMSS leaves Jill St. John's Case in the dust.

The locations are sub-par here in this one, as well (but I guess that goes without saying by now). Really, the only major setting is Las Vegas and the deserts of Nevada. Boring, boring, boring. However, Bond does have an amazing chase in the desert using a moon buggy.

The action is actually pretty good in this one, especially the fight in the elevator. As mentioned before, DAF also has a great chase in the Nevada desert. "Diamonds Are Forever" does have some spectacular action, but the final fight on the oil rig is a bit of a let down for me.

So in closing, "Diamonds Are Forever" happened to be a much more of a box office smash than OHMSS ever was, but Lazenby's turn at the role also happened to have been 10x better than this entry. I would suggest DAF only for the hard-core/completist fans, and everyone else should try and get "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" instead.

Personal Rating: 4/10 :rotten:
This last movie makes Sean Connery as Bond forever!
James Bond goes to Las Vegas to thwart
a ruthless genius's plan to bring the
world to it's knees.
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