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Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection 1990

When DEA agents are taken captive by a ruthless South American kingpin, the Delta Force is reunited to rescue them in this sequel to the 1986 film...

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chuck is great as usual
I have finally decided how I will update this journal from now on.

RottenTomatoes is all about film, right? OK then, I will only update when reviewing movies. Or situations surrounding movies. Like when I met Bruce Campbell. (Except I didn't have RT then...)

So what is going on?

Not much -- I bought four VHS' today at a used video store...
-Code of Silence (Chuck Norris)
-Demolition Man (Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Dennis Leary)
-Death Wish II (Charles Bronson) FUCK YEAH!
-Forth and One: Joe Gibbs (A documentary on Redskins coach Joe Gibbs)

Reviews to be coming, I guess!

Otherwise, I watched Delta Force 2 last night. Its plot is really similar to the James Bond movie, License to Kill. Chuck Norris kicks ass in this film, obviously. He kills Billy Drago (a surprising good creepy villian) and an ugly dude with a skullet. According to Norris' biography, a showing of this film delayed several senators (including Bob Dole) from getting to a senate vote. They wanted to stay and see the end.

That's it for now -- see ya!
Simply Put Chuck Norris is a deadly force of nature.

The title of this movie should have been changed post-production, after seeing the absolute tour-de-force performance of one of the world's most accomplished B actors, Chuck Norris. If it's us, we're calling this one "Delta Force 2: Don't (explitive deleted) with Chuck!" Norris plays a man possesed and bloodthirsty, taking out every drug poisoner in sight. His nemesis: the one, the only Billy Drago who as we all know was only three short years away from his breakthrough performance as Denton Vachs in the B zenith "Death Ring." Drago was great in this one too. He doesn't try to do too much with the role and stays pretty much the same in Death Ring. It's not bad acting, he just knows what to do to put meat in the seats.

Meanwhile, lets get into what makes this movie worthy of a go from Sid The Elf. It is extreme B! There is limited dialouge(most of the movie is fight and training scenes which are wonderful, and the most explosions we've ever seen in a B action, which is what gave ith the nod for 5 stars). I mean, there is roughly a 20 minute sequence with nothing but a helicopter shooting missles at a village. Beautiful! And when Norris does deliver lines, they're pure gold. Who can forget the famous "lessons" sequence with the Spanish Gallagher? Another B hallmark was the fact that we counted the same mexican warrior was killed off 5 seperate times, count them 5!

We would like to announce this is Chucks first movie in our list of reviews due to his sons captivating role in our critically acclaimed "Death Ring." Does it get the Sid the Elf Seal of Approval? You bet your sweet a-- it does, Seal of Approval- Did her. If you do yourself one favor this year, prove that Christmas doesn't only come once a year and check out Delta Force 2 and Death Ring.
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