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Death Race 2008

Ex-con Jensen Ames is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in our post-industrial world's most popular sport: a car race in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory...

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Imdb rating: 6.4

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Pretty fun movie to watch. It keeps you on your toes for most of the movie through the racing parts.
Great movie to rewatch. 9/10
fun and entertaining movie.
Thought that the warden killing off the contestants was really stupid.
I guess it just saved time.
I gotta see the original version by the man Roger Cormen.
First I want to say that I thought this movie was going to be horrible and I was a little worried about renting it. To my surprise I enjoyed this movie much more than I thought I would.
I'll start with the story. What can I say, it was simple but it worked for some reason. There isn't much charecter development, not even with Jason S's charecter so it was shallow in that department.
The acting was ok but what do you expect from a movie called death race.
The racing scenes were well done and there was alot of cars being destroyed. I really liked the design of the cars in this movie. Much of the movie takes place on the track so there is plenty of action for all of you action junkies out there. My only real complaint with the action was there wasnt a real sense of speed with the cars. That took away from the overall feel of the action scenes.
The ending of this movie was a bit cheesy but i wasnt expecting much by the end anyway.
Overall this is a decent action flick that you should at least rent once to see the action scenes.
A great action move
I know death race has been getting slacked pretty bad by critics, but for a 14 year old boy...this is all you could ask for. Big guns, gory death scenes and girls in tight clothes, quite frankly, its a very good combo. Although, if your not in the 14-18 age range, youll prolly be finding yourself not quite liking to unique atmoshphere fo death race.
i think this movie was a good movie with a good story line and plenty of violence
A great action packed film that people should see!!!
Action from beginning to end. It's basically a guy movie. There's not a boring moment in this movie. It's fast, it has fight scenes, lots of explosions and crashes and of course, a lot of car/vehicle action. It's clean enough to watch with family or company. There's no nudity and very little obscene/vulgar language. However, it's totally not appropriate for anyone under 13 or anyone who attends Bible class. At the beginning of the movie, there are a few intro lines that say that in the year 2012, the US economy collapses and the explosion of crime causes jails to have to be run by private corporations for profit. Death Race is a way for Terminal Island prison to make a lot of money by selling internet broadcast subscriptions to the event. Hennesy, the female prison warden has created an unbeatable racing character called Frankenstein. The gimmick is that if the racers make it alive through five races, they win their freedom. When Frankenstein is about to win, Hennesy sabotages his win through a beautiful female co-driver from the female prison. Frankenstein wears a mask, so she can change the driver. Jason Statham is a former ace driver who Hennesy sets up for killing his wife and child to get him into her prison and become the new Frankenstein. He wins over the female co-driver and on the last part of the race, she is supposed to sabotage his win, but she tells him. He plans an escape and along with another inmate called Machine Gun Joe, they escape. It's an exciting, fast, action packed heck of a good movie. I highly recommend it.
Even though it is probably not the most amazing movie of all time, I really enjoyed the action, the acting, and the characters.

At first I didn't know how clishe' it would be, but I changed my mind as soon as soon as the opening scene came up.
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