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We will miss you so much Mr. Williams....
It was beautiful! I cried so much!
And now Robin Williams is dead. That is so unfair!
Very moving picture , 10/10 for this boy RW did it again
One of Robin Williams best dramatic performances. I remember seeing this in the movie theatre when it was first released and I cried at the end. 10/10
Movie Ratings:
Minority Report - :fresh: 8/10
Even though I don't usually like these action/science fiction/over-the-top mainstream movies, this one appealed to me because of the storylone- it's intriguing, to say the least.
I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, and thought his acting in "Minority Report" was pretty average, but Colin Farrell was (unusually) good, (except for that really annoying, really loud gum-chewing).
The writing was superb, as were sets and casting. The blue filtering used pretty much throughout the film was great and really added an extra dimension to the film.

Dead Poets Society - :fresh: 7/10
Although predictable, this movie was made enjoyable by the excellent acting, mainly from Robin Williams and Ethan Hawke.
Some shots are so beautiful and enthralling, especially the sequence where the boys are sneaking out to start the dead poets society.
The music and casting were very good, but some scenes seemed unnecessary and very melodramatic, like when Neil's father (in slow motion, yelling "no!" - tried and true melodrama!) finds his son's dead body.

Stand and Deliver - :rotten: 5/10
Although it contains a great (if somewhat brisk) performance from Edward James, and reasonable writing, the direction seems to be lacking, and the over all production is less than perfect.
Most of the acting is below average, and music was a let down as well.

I first saw Dead Poets Society on, I believe, the Fox Movie Channel (one of two channels I get that doesn't edit for content or have commercials after they start a movie). I fell head-over-heels in love with it on the spot :)

First of all, the acting is great - not just from Robin Williams, but all the people give real, believable perfomances. Especially Ethan Hawke. Of the boys, I think Robert Sean Leonard gave the best show. Not every character was likeable (other teachers, Neil's father), but they all were great acting-wise.

The story is awesome - practically everyone who sees it will go around saying "Carpe Diem!" for a week, lol! Plus, I think the kids will relate to its main characters; they think their parents are always on them because they're mean assholes.

The ending of my favorite film moments of all time. I get choked up when I think about it.

Dead Poets Society is a GREAT, GREAT movie. And you know, I've gotta say it...

CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wanna be inspiring!! I realize now why people compared The Emperor's Club to this movie... but honestly, I don't believe they're really that much alike. Inspiring teacher, powerful ending, etc... but... For some reason, Dead Poets Society carries so much more weight to it. Perhaps it's Robin Williams performance, or even Ethan Hawke's... but I think it's certainly a combination of everything together - performance, script, and the visual aspect of the whole thing.

I'm not one for coherent reviews... so I'll just say that if you haven't seen it, or if it's been a while since you saw it last, take a look - it's definitely worth it.

This is a very interesting film.....
Peter Weir's drama is sometimes cliched, but is usually a great movie.
Tonight I watched Dead Poets Society. I didn't like it much at all. The whole film felt like a corny after school special. It didn't touch me, it didn't feel important, it didn't feel inspirational, nothing. It was a bunch of kids sitting in a cave singing and reading poems, bleh! The only parts of the film that were interesting was Robin William's scenes. Whenever the movie explored the boys' lives (which they do frequently) it just felt too corny. I didn't like any of the characters except for Robin Williams' character. It just felt like it was trying to teach you something, when the lesson isn't worth being taught. Big meh from me.

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