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Oh forgot about the cool cars and classic rock from the era :)
A flashback from my past. A descent enough flick with a lot of good humor and just the right amount of cheese. Whats not to like it has a young Milla Jovovich and Joey Lauren Adams.
Not much happening here. A movie you don't have to think about. But worth a watch if you've got nothing better to do 6/10
I love this movie, I can watch it again & again and it's still funny every time! :)
A likable enough group of teenagers living small town life while smoking dope and guzzling beer in the 70's. It was a nice trip down memory lane for me. Lots of famous actors back when they weren't so famous. Around an 8 out of 10.
About places to be, and wishes to see,

"Closed doors for humble pockets."

The standpoint for most of the ironies in life is like the one stated above. Too bad we do not get too see cinema of any depth anymore. The movies of today do not deliver us anywhere, we are merely planted in our seats wishing. I raise another toast to seeing some good cinema around the corner.
I have no idea why this movie has gained so much popularity. It has a bit more punch and reality than American Graffiti, the movie it most closely resembles, but it is hardly any better, from my perspective. Perhaps this whole sub-genre just flat out doesn't appeal to me.

Relative to the other Linklater's I've seen, this is depressingly simple and bland. Whereas Waking Life was about liberation, and School of Rock was about rebellion, Dazed and Confused's theme is initiation. Initiation into a society where people just sort of hang around, having miniature dramas, romances and comedies. The film is an exploration of this teenage society, but there's just nothing about the exploration that I find attractive. The characters range from the mildly appealing to the grotesque. The humor never has any bite to it, and centers on the old cliches of young nerds trying to escape bullying, or stoners, or of the bullies getting their comeuppance. All of it never escapes a dull sort of complacence, whether that complacence is with film technique or High School Society.

On the plus side, it's slightly less grating than American Graffiti.

NOT my cup of tea AT ALL.
I'm bored so I decided to spend time with my journal. Maybe change some colors and create some lists etc.

I also turned 20 a few days ago. Yay. I had lots of fun while dying of boredom.

I'm also rating a few movies here that I've seen lately. Hurricane was really touching in my opinion and even though it wasn't a perfect movie in any sense I still liked it very much and have to give it 9/10.

Maybe 9/10 is a bit too much for The Big Empty, but I really really loved it. Especially Sean Bean and Rachel Leigh Cook performed very well in this one and the movie was really "uplifting" in a weird kinda way.

Shade is in my opinion the best con movie since the Ocean's Eleven remake which I also loved. It's also Stallone's best movie since Cop Land.

Tad Hamilton = pathetic movie. 3/10, but only because I like Topher.

10/10 for a non-perfect movie might sound a little weird, but I absolutely love this movie. It's my most watched DVD and I often watch it 3-4 times in one week. Dazed and Confused is just so... real to me, I guess.

That's all they allow me to rate in one entry. Well, maybe I'll be making another entry before summer if you're nice to me.
The American Grafitti of the 90's. Very entertaining.
This is a good movie to just throw on while your hanging out with your friends. It's a simple movie about simple times.
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