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Well, the Oscar nominations were announced and to no one's surprise, including mine, Return of the King got the most nominations. I tell you, if this doesn't win for best picture, then I'm going to seriously consider never watching again. It would be a travesty if it didn't.

It also seemed that "Cold Mountain" got snubbed, notably Nicole and its director. From what I've heard about the movie (I did not see it), I'm not surprised. It seemed far more distant than it had to be, maybe if it had been more of a love story rather than a war movie, it may have done better. Also, people like to see good things happen at the end. It may not be realistic all the time, but hey, people like it!

I heard that Beyonce Knowles is being considered for the Lois Lane role in the new Superman movie. Whaaa...??? Is someone actually serious about this? I really really hope this isn't just some effort at political correctness. I mean, really...get a grip guys. You are alienating your most loyal fan base with decisions like this one. And Jonny Depp as Lex Luthor??? That's at least a little easier to understand but still. It seems to me the current thinking in Hollywood is "lets get someone that's hot right now and stick them in a role just so that people will come out to see it!" Well, that is just not going to work every time, in fact it fails more often than not.

Saw "Daylight" this weekend. A Sylvester Stallone movie about a disgraced fireman who has to rescue people from a tunnel collapse in New York. Of course these days any disaster movie set in NY is going to come under some scrutiny, but this was so by the numbers it couldn't possibly offend anyone. I mean, every cliche in the book somehow found its way into the tunnel when the punks ran their car into the truck carrying the toxic waste that blew up the tunnel...mysteriously on both ends!!! There was even a dog in it, and we all know what happens to dogs in disaster movies! Anyway, it was fun to watch, and I give it a 7. Plus, it had Stallone, so that in and of itself is worth at least a couple of points!
this Movie had everything a movie could have how do you give this movie a rotten rating
There is a genre of movies that kida have gone to the wayside over the last couple decades. And that is really a shame. They are the military comedy movies. I think that there is probably one person on the planet who hasn't heard the old "Military inteligence is an oxymoron" joke. I grew up on movies like Operation Petticoat, McHale's Navy, Father Goose, The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell.... Taking humorus looks at the military, something that just isn't done any more. Everything has to either be 'hyper real', or over the top crude. And that's a real pitty. There are two flicks that have come out in recent years that buck against this trend. The Remake of "McHale's Navy" and "Down Periscope"


This is perhaps my favorite Stallone movie. I'll get this out of the way up front. I don't particularly like Sly. I'm not a big fan and never really liked the rocky movies. The two flicks of his that stand out in my mind were this one "Daylight" and "The Demolition Man". This one tells the story of what happens when one of the tunnels connecting Manhatten with the rest of the world collapses and the people trapped within try to get out.

Let me state right up front that there are problems with this tale.
1. An explosion at the middle of the tunnel "colapses" the tunnel at both ends. hrmmm how conveniant.
2. The fireball wave that kills 98% of the people in the tunnel. With a tunnel over a mile long, there would be hundreds of people if not more. And of them, twelve survive. One whole family of three and no less then 4 convicts. Everyone else didn't stand a chance.
3. The lack of smoke, toxic chemicals. They tout the explosion and materials that caused it to toxic waste...but that concern is tossed right out the window once the story is set. And that whole wall of flame thing..Burning up the air and not producing smoke that would rise and fill the place with the smoke of death.

Those bigger items out of the way, I actually enjoyed the movie in the way of disaster flicks. It was a nice little romp. and for those Lord of the Rings fans did you see Viggo Mortensen? When the oil truck rolled over and the big round cylender went rolling I was shouting at the screen "Run to the side! Run to the side!" Why do they always run in the direction things are rolling? Like in cartoons. A tree falls and the character runs as fast as they can and still get hit by the tree. Why didn't they run 5 feet to the left?
Action / Nature

(ROB COHEN, 1996)
Daylight: 5/10

This movie has recieved some warranted criticism from critics when it was first released. However, I feel that their main complaints are that the movie didn't make any sense or that it was too unrealistic. However, I enjoyed the film. I thought that it was thrilling in many scenes where I was on the edge of my seat. The explosion was very well done. Yes, there are cliches here, but they didn't get on my nerves, although they may get on others. Overall, a very entertaining and enjoyable movie.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 6/10
Direction: 7/10
Special FX: 9/10
Dialouge: 4/10
Overall: 33/50=66=7/10 FRESH
Daylight is a movie of somewhat actual events. During the late 1940's, truck with toxic chemicals ran head on into traffic in the Holland Tunnel which fire only sealed one end of the tunnel and not the other. This movie is pretty much movie about courage and togetherness. Though most of the film was not filmed in New York, some of it was filmed in New Jersey. The movie has somewhat of New York style in it, and heavy on the accent. These are one of the movies that keep you on the edge.
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