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some how i'd kinda call this a "classic". seems it's very comic book stylish...ahead of it's time.
I can't believe it's taken me all these years to watch this movie. Great movie. Neeson in top form. Loved the Bruce Campbell cameo at the end. I admit, it made me laugh
Man I am bored........ Anyways more ratings.

Also, does anyone know when Batman Begins comes out?
I've been seeing alot of Sam Raimi movies lately haven't I? Oh well. Darkman's first half was very boring but interesting. But the second half was really good. Giving me action and supense. Sometimes the acting was a bit off, but still that did not really affect anything. But overall, Darkman is an enjoyable film. This movie gets a 8/10.

Comments pending.
Quick ratings.

Sorry, but this was crap overall.
Night of the Living Dead - George A. Romero's beginning to his zombie film comes off as a much weaker film than Dawn of the Dead which was filled with some great social commentary, wit, and straight-up fun. In this film, which has inspired a number of other movies' plots (the idea of being trapped in a building with no way out), the zombies are outside, the people are inside, death is somewhere inbetween. The films' main issue is that events take too long to occur, and I'm saying this because when I looked at the time an hour into it, what had happened felt like it should have happened in thirty minutes, for this leaves little time left for things to happen. However, other than this, the film is chilling at moments and overall, just good filmmaking.

Postmen in the Mountains - This little film from China gives us some great insight into the similarities of generations. Through it's beautiful cinematography, we're told the story of the Son as he goes on his first post route (done the old fashion way, by foot). The Father feels obligated to show him the ropes, and in their time together, the Son discovers a new love, a father he never had, and a purpose in life. The aesthetics alone are enough to recommend this wonderful little film.

Collateral - Michael Mann gives us a great action flick that's real action lies in the cab, not in the clubs and dark alleyways. We're given Vincent, a character that will be remembered in the history of movie baadasses, and he's not your normal serial killer---he thinks and justifies what he's doing through nihilism. He makes some truly good points about our society, and Foxx's Max is that society---going through the daily routines and delusions until something big hits them. The use of digital cameras gives it a more realistic feel, and its a nice break from the norm. The soundtrack is one of the best of the year; however, the staind song brings it down a notch. This film will surely give you a heart-pounding time while also interrogating your deepest societial beliefs.

Darkman - This is a light piece of entertainment from master entertainer Sam Raimi. Its main flaws are its miscasts Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand as its title characters. The real reason we're hear is to see the expirimental special effects of the late 80's and early 90's, like when 'Darkman' starts raging and we see the world surrounding him break apart in flames. It has the visually interesting style from Raimi mixed with some bad writing and some marginal acting, but because the real star here is Raimi, it turns out good (yet forgettable), in the end.

Darkman is one of my personal favorites. It's an original super hero action film from Spider-Man director Sam Raimi. It stars Liam Neeson as Darkman himself, who use to be a happy scientist developing artificial skin for burn victims. However, an evil tycoon has his gang of goons destroy his lab and kill him in the process, but the combination of dangerous chemicals, electricity, flames, and an experimental nervous system operation performed on him in a hospital proclaiming him to be a John Doe leaves him with heightened adrenal levels, super human strength, and lots of anger issues.

City of Heroes is a really good MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) that allows you to create and customize your very own super hero from the ground up. You learn new powers, gain new costumes, earn rewards for defeating super villains, form supergroups, etc. It will suck your life away.
Well, I picked up 'Darkman' at the Wal-Mart for 5 bucks a while back and I just now got to watching it. I must say, I enjoyed it. It's what you would call a 'guilty pleasure' surely, but it's still a great film, just for the Sam Raimi style of film making.

Darkman tells the story of a scientist who's basically in the wrong place at the wrong time. He gets exploded, horribly scarred, and takes revenge on the criminals who blew up his lab. Oh, I should mention that he was working on an artificial skin that only lasts 99 minutes in the sunlight. He never gets it to last passed 99 minutes, so whenever he uses the stuff to impersonate certain people, he only has 99 minutes to do whatever it is he wanted to do.

That's basically the plot, him getting revenge against those who exploded him. Yes I know 'exploded' isn't a correct way of saying he was blown up, but it's funnier. I mean, say this out loud, "Aunt Diane was killed in an explosion last night.." Not too funny right? Now say, "Poor Aunt Diane got exploded."


Anyway, the movie takes itself seriously at points, but for the most part it's a lot of camp. Not to say I don't like camp, because I do. It works for this movie, and I love the effects. Very reminiscent of "Evil Dead," another Sam Raimi movie.

Overall, it's no Batman, no Superman, and no Shadow. Actually, I thought it was trying to be more Shadow than Batman. Almost the same attire, same voice.

Liam Neeson stars in this movie, which means it'll appeal to a lot of people if they knew Liam Neeson starred in it. That's like saying, "Well here's this week old carton of milk but it comes with Bruce Willis."

So definitely see it if you're into the anti-hero genre. If not, and you can't get passed the fact that none of this could ever happen and he'd die of a horrible infection before he stepped out of the burn ward, then skip it.
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