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Daddy's Little Girls 2007

A mechanic (Elba) enlists the help of a successful-but-lonely attorney (Union) while trying to wrest custody of his three daughters from his treacherous ex-wife and her larcenous boy friend...

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I just saw Daddy's Little Girls last night and I was more than impressed. At first I thought it was a typical African American film with the same remixed plots, actors/actresses in the same roles, and the same 'ole execution, but it wasn't. It was a fresh twist to what is reality for a lot of people in the black community.
For once you see a Black man who is not just "trying" to do the right thing but is actually working hard at doing the right thing. He has earned the respect of the people in the community because of his good nature and hard work and as always, there are other thugs in the community who try to take over with drug dealing, guns, intimidation, and corruption.
What was so great about the movie was the fact that it drew emotion out of you no matter whom you are; white, black, male, or female. It made you feel compassion for the "Monte" (the positive black lead role actor) and root for him to take back custody of his mistreated girls. It also made me at least feel anger because that type of thing happens all the time. A mother trying to keep kids away from a father just to get back at him or a step father or new boyfriend that is abusive or sexually abusive and the mother doesn't notice it or is scared to bring it forth.
The movie also played up on the fears that a lot of men in general (not only black) who care about their kids have when they're kids are being raised by another man. No man who cares about his kids wants to see another man raise his kids even if it means staying through the struggles with a women to see your kids grow.
I guess from a critic standpoint the execution could've been better as with any movie and the message has been done before but not quite like this.
Not many movies would I recommend spending $10 (New York prices) on but this is one. No matter what race you are you will feel some kind of connection or emotion to the movie and that is the mark of a great movie.
Daddy's Little Girls (2007)

This is like your typical indian movie with a start where you empathize the poor hero and ends on a happy note with the heroine in his hands. Not to mention the drug peddling villain and the heroes ex-wife who seize every oppertunity to humiliate the hero..There is nothing much to write about. If you wish to watch an indian movie but there isn't one playing near your place then watch this movie :D
Wow/Tyler, I truly enjoyed this movie the characters were so real. I got a chance to feel what it is like to be daddy's little girl. I enjoyed my girl Tasha Smith, what a performance she kept it real, that woman is something else. I'm going to see the movie again tomorrow. Tyler you are my man when it comes to movies and plays. God Bless You my brother.
Hi TP. Just want to tell you to keep doing you. I saw the movie yesterday and I was totally pleased. I guess I shouldn't be surprised about the critic reviews but I am. These movies are mad for us by us and I just feel that many critics just don't get it. We need to see every aspect of our culture good and bad(we constantly see the bad). It's refreshing to see the positve. So...I applaud you and your efforts. Thank you.
I went to see the movie. I really like the movie and I would go see it again I love all your work.
Excellent movie! It depicts black culture in all facets of life. Well done Tyler Perry. Keep bringing it to hollywood.
This is now my favorite movie!!! Love Jones is put to the side for now. Def a must see.
The movie was amazing. The characters felt like they were real cause it's not that many fathers out there wanna raise there children(from my experience).Great family movie,ramarkable and alittle sad but Tyler Perry my man keep it up
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