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Cyborg 1989

A martial artist hunts a killer in a plague-infested urban dump of the future...

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This is a nasty rendition of the holocaust movie genre. The actors make it more than just trash.
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:rotten: 4.00/10
It's not painfully bad. It's a terrible film, but I kind of like during some points.

Cyborg (1989)

Even for a Van Damme movie this is pretty bad. The sad thing is that it actually had potential. The plot could have been worked into something much better and the set designs were pretty sweet, which were originally intended for Masters of the Universe 2 and Spider-Man back in the 80s before Canon went bankrupt and filmed this to at least get some money back. The acting is pretty bad and Van Damme doesn't even really speak much. Some of the scenes are pretty fun but overall it's just intensely cheesy. The villains are completely laughable and so is everyone else pretty much.
Now mind you, when I had first seen this movie I was but a child, an for what ever reason it had grown on me and now is one of my favorite classic flicks. Like a guilty pleasure that you dont want anyone else to know about. I find that this is one of Van Damme's better roles in the golden age of action films.

The plot is decent enough and the action is gritty and rough, perfect for a post apocolyptical world that it is set in. If your the type who enjoys a decent action flick with a light story that makes some sence with out being too overt the top then this is one film i suggest you try.

Good luck finding it though I had to inport mine from japan...
Cyborg is a laughable film with screams and martial arts.

Van Damme plays as Fender Tremelo, a slinger who kills pirates. A cyborg retrieves data that would save the world from the plauge. He helps her only to get shot. He moves along to meet a girl called Nady Simmons played by Deborah Richter. She then tags along with himto save the cyborg and possibly save the world.

The characters are uninteresting with weak dialogue. Thier roles are rather clumsy and the numerous henchmen are just zombie like gangsters who scream. Deborah Richter is just horrible in this movie and the only good thing was you got to see her boobs. A cast that was badly written to become tools to Albert Pyun films.

Cyborg is a horrible action flick that relies on Van Dammes action. The lines are hilarious and most of the time, thier just screaming. Whats to like about this film? Well Van Damme as he puts a decent show. This film is a downgrade from "BloodSport" and I question him why he would be in such a movie. Cyborg offers no thrills and actors/actresses that cant say a single line that wouldnt make me laugh. I did enjoy the movie, for being so hilarious. Cyborg should go back into the pass and never come back. Its a cheap version of the Terminator.
Van-Damme knocked a stunts mans eye out in this movie (got sued for it) another interesting fact is that the outfits had meant to be used in the He-Man Master of the Universe movie. But Canon lost the rights to it so they made this shit instead...To summarise the movie i will leave it to my favourite villain of all time ;- Fender Tremolo:

"First there was the collapse of civilization: anarchy, genocide, starvation. Then when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, we got the plague. The Living Death, quickly closing its fist over the entire planet. Then we heard the rumours : that the last scientists were working on a cure that would end the plague and restore the world. Restore it? Why? I like the death! I like the misery! I like this world!!"

This film goes downhill from this point onwards (PS this point is the first 5 seconds of this movie)
Give it some credit the sequel brought us Angelina Jolie in her first starring role.

Going back to the action guys of the 80's and 90's

MP Grade D
This is an awesome movie. One of my favs. Very very cool.
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