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Cujo 1983

A friendly St. Bernard named "Cujo" contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror on a small American town...

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Ok... some random thoughts for today...

Adventures Of Baron Munchausen - loved this movie. It was quirky, bizarre, fascinating and probably one of the most "colorful" (in all kinds of ways) movies I've ever seen. You simply cannot watch this movie once - you have to watch it several times to catch everything. Its so fast paced and intricate and upside down at times - you don't want to miss a thing. I think one of Uma's more interesting roles - she was breath-takingly beautiful in it! Terrific storytelling

Cujo - this movie scared the hell out of me. Took me three times to actually watch it because I was attacked by a large dog when I was around twelve and this brought back the stark fear I felt afterwards. Dee Wallace Stone is very good at portraying that fear so she was perfect in this movie.

Same Time Next Year - Enchanting. The concept of two married people meeting at the same place at the same time each year and having this "affair" once a year and discovering over a period of twenty years how their lives changed. Alan Alda and Ellen Byrstun made it seem real and not cheap or tawdry. I absolutely loved the recurring song sung by Johnny Mathis, "The Last Time I Felt Like This", of course music by the great Marvin Hamlisch.
True Grit - I think my favorite John Wayne film although that is a tough, he made so many great ones. I also love Kim Darby, practically in any movie. This was just a great story with great location. The cinematography was terrific. Rooster Cogburn a classic character and the supporting cast of Robert Duvall, the great Strother Martin and up and comer Dennis Hopper is just a treat as well as the rest of the cast.

The Fog - another creepy movie and I don't like "fog" to this day. Not a great horror classic but more of a B-movie and a little cheesy but just as enjoyable. I'm a big fan of the scream queen and she was decent in this but no award-winner and the supporting cast, especially Adrienne Barbeau just made it scarier.

:rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: :rotten: I got to a point where is was rooting for the dog because I just wanted this to be over.
Cujo: 8/10

Donna Trenton is a confused housewife and does not know what she wants. On one hand it appears she has the perfect husband, perfect son, and overall perfect family. On the other hand, she is sleeping with a good friend of her husbands, a man considered the catch of the town. Unfortunately for Mrs. Trenton, her husband learns about her affair during her transition out of it. In the mean time, a neighborhood junk-yard Saint-Bernard named "Cujo" is bitten by a rabid bat in his chase of a rabbit. While Donna's husband is off on a business trip, while also contemplating his marital status, Donna and her 5-year-old son, Tad, take her Pinto for long over due car repair. Little does she know "Cujo" has made a full transformation due to his deep infection of rabies. He has already killed and tasted human blood and now there are two sources of food, Donna and Tad. The two of them are stuck in a broken down car with a dead battery and no sign of help on the way.

Lewis Teague (The Jewel of the Nile, Cat's Eye, Navy SEALS) directs Cujo. Having watched this film for the first time in many years it was a lot better then I remembered. I placed this film originally as kind of run of the mill average King adaptations. That would place it in the same category as Dark Half, Carrie, and Misery and just behind Needful Things and IT, and far below Silver Bullet, Children of the Corn, The Stand, and Night Flier. After watching Cujo again I would definitely place it just a step below the greats, along the lines of Night Flier and Needful Things, but ahead of the category I had originally placed it in.

Teague did a fantastic job of developing the characters in this film. In King novels he pain staking develops characters, usually for the sole purpose of killing them. This aspect of his novel most disturbs the readers, King has no problems with killing an extremely likable character. Teague uses a major portion of the film to develop the history of the family, the on-goings of the family, and why you should feel sympathy towards them. Viewers may just want to see blood and guts, but like Kings books, you have to wait until the end to see the bloody details.

In conclusion, I believe Cujo is a very entertaining film and very much worth viewing. Is it the best adaptation of a King story? No. Is it scary? Yes. The make-up, or whatever the used, to make Cujo look the way he did was amazing. That yellow streak going down his face was not nice. It is a nice addition to my DVD collection. I would recommend watching before purchasing; as it does come across as a DVD you may only watch once.

"Yes or No?"

Grade: B
A great entry in the horror genre that shouldn't be dismissed.

I give this film a 8.4 out of 10.0. This is an awesome movie, but sadly it just didn't end the way I wanted, and for all the things it does right I was a bit disappointed. I've never read the book, but I'm sure if you have you will have one or two things to complain about with this adaptation. (don't all snobby book readers?) (...that was just a joke.) But in all honestly this movie has some very powerful character interaction, stuff not even many dramas can compare to. See it!
Beautifully acted, wonderful screenplay, and one of Dee Wallace's best movies!
The dog might be a large size, but it wasn't as vicious as I thought it would be. The movie dragged at most parts. There was no real logical explanation how a bat could turn a dog so evil. The acting performances from the two main characters were believable, which did not make my whole entire movie experience that worse or that great either. The direction was too overwrought(overdone) to feel any excitement or thrills.
the book was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!! what a surprise....

a mediocre script, mediocre acting, and mediocre suspense make for a mediocre movie and nothing more.
whan i was finished the movie, i was scared of dogs for three days! yah it was spooky. but i read the book, and it was nothing compared to the movie, which is depressing at times. stephen king is an excellent writer, and his movies usually turn out ok.
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