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recommended this flick to someone and then had to watch it again myself.. it was good again.. clive owen delivers.
in the first three minutes i knew it was gonna be good...been studyin' clive owen...this is a good one...everybody has an angle...thanks, plague.
Very good for a british independant film. Although not packed with action, this movie has a very good story narration and it lets you know the character very well.

pretty much this movie is about a writer/card dealer who never gambles and always plays the odds. He starts to write a story about a croupier that ends up becomming himself. He is a straight dealer who accepts money for a one time job and all he has to do is to be a straight dealer. The odds work well for him, so he takes it. The story is about this croupier and his life, very well put together.

A few random scenes are the only things that could have a little more explination. As far as the story telling goes, it's very good. A narrative story is much better, i think, when you want to feel like you are the character. Clive Owen does an outstanding job and i want to see him in more movies as a star role. A secondary role in The Bourne Identity doesn't give him justice. The only thing that i have seen him in, other then this, is the BMW Films which he does an amazing job in also. Rent this movie for 2 bucks, worth your time.
Caught this on Channel 4 last night. Not often I watch movies on TV but as an old casino hand (ahem) I couldn't miss this. Not too bad either, despite the continual Stella Artois ads interrupting the flow. Stella Artois - ugh. HT
Well, I gotta hand it to British filmmakers. This is one clever movie. Usually when I think of casino and gambling, Vegas immediately came to mind. But this one took place in the Great Britain. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), a calculating croupier who wants to be a writer was looking for some juicy to get going in his writing. He narrates as 3rd person who thinks he can stand outside of his own life, control, and turn it into novel. He has a girlfriend who tells him that she "want to marry a writer, not a fucking croupier." The other characters are also very well-drawn. Plot is better than I expected and it's not about plot... it's all about the character and atmosphere that pull you in.

I'd give it about 9 out of 10 because I didn't expect to like it. So, it's a nice surprise and I like good surprises.

The pity angle really works well...whine long enough and you'll get anything. Oh yeah...I'm good...damn good. So, now that ya'll paying attention to me...I will proceed to annoy with dumb nothings. Enjoy.
Croupier (1998)
Clive Owen as a casino dealer, or croupier, who is drawn into a plot to rip off the casino. A clever but somewhat dry thriller.

Ned Kelly (2003)
I found this version of the story of Australia's outlawed Kelly gang to be a little disappointing. It's a good story, but the characters could have been better delineated and the pace improved. Nice performances from Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts and Geoffrey Rush, and possibly the best I've seen from Orlando Bloom. This movie just somehow failed to really draw me in.

The Kid (1921)
Charming gem from Charlie Chaplin. The little man finds and grows to love an orphaned child, then struggles to keep him. Chaplin was so good. Artful mix of comedy and pathos.

Not a bad movie, but could have been a lot cooler. A little slow.
Along with 'Blade Runner', I rented this movie again. As you can probably tell, I love Clive movies! With one exception, I love them. I haven't seen them all, or the tv stuff not out on dvd, but I know I will love the rest. Unless it's like the one with Halle that's just awful.

Okay, the movie. It was interesting (go blond again!) as I live near Atlantic City and have an outsider's knowledge of casino life. You know, just what I hear from the people who do work there and what's in the news. It's always interesting to hear who's in town (what doesn't make it to the media) and what's happening. It's never been that much of an attraction for me, when I turned 21, I don't even think I went there for a while. If anything it's brought better entertainment here, versus having to go to Philly. I know, not such a long drive and not everyone comes here but it's still nice. It's also brought some pretty crappy stuff here, entertainment-wise, at least. I won't even go into everything else it brought. Although the HBO doc last night on 'AC Hookers' was kinda weird. I wondered if they showed it across the country, and I found it on HBO West so I guess they did. What a postcard for the town, huh?

I digress. Again. It was interesting for me to hear his views on gambling. How he emphatically proclaimed he didn't gamble through out the movie. Maybe I missed something, a prior addiction problem, although I thought it was because the father had raised him and worked in casinos also. I guess I don't understand gambling or addiction really. I would say I'm addicted to shopping, if I had to pick one thing. I can't say I'm addicted to movies, because it's entertainment and I really don't need one to get through the day. On that note, I don't need to shop to get through the day, either so am I really addicted to shopping? I think my problems are more deep-seated (ooh I spelled it right!) than that. I won't go there because that would use up too much of the old hard drive.
Croupier is a good movie.
Man. I'm way too busy. I have a presentation to do next week (haven't started). I have a 10 page paper due the week after (haven't started). I have 24 papers to grade by monday (haven't started). I have to read the first half of Invisible Manby monday (I'm 50 pages in). Mix that in with planning lessons for the next week, and trying to find time to spend with MC, and you've got one busy Greg. If I make it through these next two weeks alive, I'm going to celebrate very, very hard.

Watched Croupier the other night with Sarah and Joe. It wasn't as good as I remembered it being. I saw it about 4 years ago at Gonzo. Clive Owen is really good in it, but then again, when isn't he good? I dunno. This time around it just felt like a really good made for TV movie. It's worth a watch.
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