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Crossover 2006

A naturally talented basketball player, Noah Cruise is determined to become a doctor using his basketball scholarship to UCLA pre-med, rather than succumb to the lure of former sports agent...

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yo dis joint is tite. dem critics is wack. you got yo ballas and ya playas and ya honeys. what more could a gangsta want? shoot if you dont dig this vid den you racist!

you best cross da street to your local theater to see crosover

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Isn't wayne brady funnier than this? THIS MOVIE SUX!!! ZERO STARS!!!
Periodically a film will come along that makes you want to go back in time. Why, you ask? So that instead of walking into the theater you can make a wiser decision and skip the film altogether, at least that way you can have those wasted two hours back. That was the feeling I got when I left Crossover. I was actually quite astonished by the nature of the film. It was the total opposite of what I had expected. That is not to say that I had expected the film to be good, but I had expected it to be severely more focused on one genre than what it ended up being......

Read the rest of Joel's review @ is coming Thank you for your patience
September 1, 2006

"Crossover" sells itself on being a movie about basketball, or at least an inflected form of it called streetball. I was expecting a "You Got Served"-type picture with basketball instead of dancing. But the number of scenes that actually take place on a basketball court is unexpectedly low. I thought, could "Crossover" actually be a movie about characters and story and not just fancy basketball tricks?

Yes, the movie is surprisingly devoted to the people in it, but that doesn't necessarily make it good. It's mechanical and moralistic, and I admire writer-director Preston A. Whitmore II's intentions, but his executions are less than praiseworthy. The story is stale and amateurish and the acting is laughable. "Crossover" feels more like a student film -- it doesn't seem professional enough to have graduated to the mainstream.

The story centers on best friends Tech (Anthony Mackie) and Noah (Wesley Jonathan) in a small section of Detroit. The two play in an underground basketball circuit that doesn't obey the typical rules. It's headed by the slick, fast-talking Vaughn (Wayne Brady), who's even got the local police taking bets.

Let me break it down for you: The first team to 21 wins; each basket is worth one point until a team scores 19, after which each basket is worth two; players can improvise moves (dances, Harlem Globetrotter-type juggles, etc.) to psyche their opponents out; and fouls or arguing with the ref are grounds for disqualification. My question is, if the baskets are worth two points after 19, why not just play to 20?

The game exists mostly for local groups to show off their pride. Well, that and a whole lotta gambling. Vaughn, who used to be a sports agent in Los Angeles, also uses the league as a platform to recruit new clients in hopes of scoring a percentage of their contract should they make it to the NBA. Tech is all about the game, but Noah has other things on his mind, like attending college and obtaining a medical degree in California.

It seems Noah has more brains and game than Tech. He's on his way to a brighter future and has better luck with his new girlfriend, Vanessa (Eva Pigford), while Tech struggles to earn his GED and maintain a good relationship with Eboni (Alicia Fears). In the end, it's not hard to predict that one friend will help make things all right for the other.

"Crossover" promotes positive ideals like friendship and education. It also gets by without succumbing to violence or overusing the "N" word, two conventions of movies about African Americans. Whitmore obviously likes his characters and, in a way, we come to care about them and hope they succeed. But the movie just isn't all that interesting and the way it's told feels terribly mediocre (it was shot on high definition video, which I found a tad distracting).

It's funny, but I wish the movie had been more about the streetball. These scenes are convincing and fun to watch, just like the dancing in "You Got Served." Pure eye candy would have sufficed for 90 minutes. By trying to imbue simple-minded substance, I'm sorry to say, the movie falls short.
Amateur hour. Feels like it was shot by a film student at best. Laughably bad at times.
could have been better.
Skeet Skeet Homies! haha! After finishing Crossover, the only feeling I got was to hit the b-ball courts and tear it up! This inspiring film about dedication, perserverance and admiration really hit it off with me. Not only did it have one of the best written scripts in decades, but the acting was so spot on and perfect. I must admit, when I first heard about Wayne Brady doing a dramatic film such as this one, I was a bit skeptical. Wayne Brady is one of the funniest, most versatile men out there, and he really proved himself in this work.
After viewing this film, I traveled to a local streetball court to ask the players there what they thought of this film. After shooting a few hoops with "my boys" there I finally asked them if they ever thought about medical school like Noah Cruise did in this film. The main response I got, I'm afraid I should not post on Rottentomatoes due to explicit words and racial slurs... However, one black eye later, i learned to love this film even more, as it is a glimpse into a rare case of responsibility on the streets. I give Crossover a 10/10
I can't believe the critics rated this at a zero percent. While this is definitely not a blockbuster of the year, this movie was actually refreshing based on a lot of the black films that have come out! While it had some cliches like black folks playing basketball, I was actually pleasantly surprised to see the unexpected twists of education and loved being treated seriously. I've seen all too many promising black films descend into tired cliches of violence and thuggery hugging tightly to the altars of ignorance and buffoonery.

I liked the character development afforded the main characters. When Cruise (Wesley Jonathan) finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, he mans up and asks her to marry him. He doesn't do it out of a feeling of obligation, but out of love. His best friend Tech (Anthony Mackie) also turns out to be a much more complex character than it may seem at first glance.

The climax was predictable and a little weak, but, I liked the fact that I couldn't predict every plot twist in a movie that didn't benefit from a huge budget. For instance, the pregnant girlfriend seemed a bit fast, but, I didn't expect her to be the real bad guy in this movie! Tech also really rose to the occassion and, though flawed, wasn't as one-dimensional as even other characters in the movie thought he was.

There were enough positives in this movie to recommend this as a DVD rental if you don't have any Friday night plans. I could easily watch this again over a movie like Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror. I reserve zero percent ratings for movies like Norbit.
I remember watching the trailers for this movie in 06, I was only 16, my mind still weak - play-doh able to be shaped by the perpetual media machine. The NBA was lame, the cool kids played on the streets! Still, I wasn't too enticed by the premise of this movie. That's why when my friend called me up one day(this was when people still used cell phones for talking, not texting) asking if I wanted to see "Crossover", I was hesitant. "But Tim, It has Wayne Brady!" Alas, it does have Wayne Brady, the spontaneous singer of "Whose line is it anyway?" fame. "As much as I want to see Wayne Brady cross some young-punks over, I just don't have enough money" I replied. "Tim, Tim, I'll pay for this one, and don't worry about paying me back." Wow - going to a movie for free? Who could resist a lazy afternoon at the local movie theater with a few friends? I decided to go along, cautiously enthused. I don't remember the any exact details, I have since tried to erase every shred of memory from that experience, so if you're still reading this drawn-out narrative you're probably pretty pissed there is not much of a review here... Imagine a made-for-TV Disney movie crossed over(pun intended(I'm sorry!)) with a poorly-written, non-documentary, version of "Hoop Dreams". Now Imagine a movie that's one-quarter as good as the one you were just thinking of. Wayne Brady doesn't even have a major part! Not even a minor Part! If you enjoy watching predictable, poorly-acted, disasters of movies, then you might, I repeat, might, enjoy this movie. I would say It's a feel good movie, but it's just so hard to "feel-good" when you're watching a movie as terrible as this. I saw this movie for free and I was still offended, I'm surprised my friend, who paid $14 for this movie, isn't in the nearest insane asylum right now.
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