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Creepshow 1982

Inspired by the E.C. comics of the 1950s, George A.Romero and Stephen King bring five tales of terror to the screen...

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Definitely a classic! Love this movie, one of my favorites by far. Really like the Horror anthology type films & this movie is the reason why! I like all the stories in this, but "The Crate" is absolutely my favorite.
my number one, late night, go to film when bored... it is a CLASSIC!!!!
This is my 3rd favourite film of all time.

I first saw this in the cinema back in '82/83 when this baby got released. I remember being extremely tense through Father's Day at the time and now I've fallen in love with near about everything in the film from the scary King kid at the beginning, the fantastic (should of gotten an award) hand drawn titles at the beginning, the cool music and cheesy sound effects (my personal favourite being the synth at the end of the 'Tide' section), to pausing the video to read everything in the comic when you see it!

The lighting comic book effect is great. Although being really dissapointed with Creepshow II, I would love to see a Stephen King influenced Creepshow III.

You'll never have so much fun being scared? Sums it up.
Stephen Kings creepshow was pretty damn cool. It had been a long time since I had seen it, but it still holds up pretty good and a very interesting movie. Tales from the crypt before tales from the crypt more or less.

The effects from master Tom Savini are awesome and the story's range from slapsticky to creepy as hell.

A intersting mix of Comic book style horror and dark humour. A fun flick that you can pick up for around 6 dollars. Well worth the price. Still quality after 20 plus years since its release.

I'm tired of typing reviews. I shouldn't do 5 of them at the same time, really. My girlfriend is now listening to the olympic game's show. Torch bearer. Yeeesh. Have strippers and dwarves carry it instead.

Anyway, this is what I like to call a prison flick. Guy goes to jail, endures hell while there, gets thrown into the hole, the box, whatever, his spirits gets broken. Sort of.

Paul Newman turns in a solid performance and the directing is also solid.

This reminded me of that Jack Nicholson movie where he plays a rapist stuck in a nuthouse. Everything is fun until a certain something happens and then things start to suck. Yeah, I know, exact same stuff. It's a solid movie. What's interesting is seeing how the other convicts leech on him. Beside that, I fail to see how this movie could be #121 in the IMDB top-250. But then, The Elephant Man is #131 and the movie I'll rate in the next entry is #21, so what the fuck do I know, obviously.

I swear, sometimes I get the idea that people call a movie classic simply because it's old.
"Awesome! If You hate it,You suck."
Creepshow was good cheesy fun. All the tales were quite funny and were fun to sit through. The acting sucked, but that really didn't stop the movie. It was more suspenseful than scary and I chuckled a few times during the movie. The ending though was awesome, it teaches you not to slap your children. (I won't spoil it for ya anymore now..) Overall, Creepshow is good, cheesy fun. This movie gets a 7/10.
Star Wars Episode III:
Revenge of the Sith

Directed by: George Lucus

Well, apparently 'Sin City' isn't the first film to go overbord trying to imitate, EXACTLY, a specific comic book.

This film even has little comic boxes occasionally.

Anyhow, this is a very mixed experience for me. Romero has done much better work, but he's done worse too. Some stories were better then others, and some parts of every individual story seemed stronger then others.

Yet I basically enjoyed the zanyness of it all and the rediciously self-aware tone, and thought some of the stories were at the least creepy.

Barely fresh. Barely. It's the kind of film that's certainly fun to watch in a certain mood, even when you know it isn't great.

DVD Second Viewing, 5 Romero films seen

Creepshow is exactly how I remember it when I first saw it probably twelve years ago. None of it really scared me, but I understand how it would terrify someone who had a phobia of something that these short horror stories explores. Back to cleaning my room...
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