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This felt like being on drugs the entire movie...
Worst movie ever.
This was a great movie.Jason Statham was the usual cool,sexy & very funny.I loved it 9/10 :)
That was a fun watch, Jason Statham acting and part was great in this, had a few comical moments...7.75/10*...
My expectations werent to hihg for this movie, i just wanted a fun, action movie for me and friends, and I was not dissapointed! Jason strathom, (death race, bank job) played his role extremely well. This movie was chalk full of action and laughs, which is makes it perfect for a guy like me.
A rasant Action Movie with a great Jason Statham the best Thing about this Movie is that it always move on and never get boring
This is very entertaining movie. It's silly and incredibly stupid but entertaining
Whenever I see a film with total randomness, I'm thinking "These filmmakers were clearly on drugs!". This time around, it's the character that's on drugs, and I actually accept the randomness, which makes Crank a drug-induced thrill ride that shouldn't be taken seriously.
It is very entertaining. It wasn't made to be taken seriously by no means. It is witty, stupid, and funny. It is a pretty good movie in my point of view.
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