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Courageous 2011

When a tragedy strikes close to home, four police officers struggle with their faith and their roles as husbands and fathers; together they make a decision that will change all of their lives...

Release Date:
September 30, 2011
129 min
Alex Kendrick ...
Kevin Downes, Kevin Taylor, Renee Jewell, Alex Kendrick, Ben-Ryan Davies, Ken Bevel, Renata Williams, Dwan Williams, Amberly Marquard, Dennis Erickson, Daniel Simmons, Rusty Martin, Jose Rodriguez, Luke Bowers, Chad Warbington, Dee Kelley, Robin Bushnell, T.C. Stallings, Rusty Martin Sr., Matt Hardwick, Eleanor Brown, Robert Amaya, Lauren Etchells, David Milliner, Taylor Hutcherson, Angelita Nelson, Donald Howze, Evan Zapata, Christian Dozier, Louis Guillebeaux, Ellie Zapata, Ed Litton, Brent Griffin, Marie Keefe, Ben Davies, Jessa Duggar, Joy-Anna Duggar, Daniel Simmons, Jose Rodriguez, Kevin Taylor, Roger Russell, Patrick Millsaps, Jason Benham, David Benham, Dan Howell, Joshua Kendrick, Karis Kendrick, Damien Horne, Mark Glow, Marie Anna McWilliams, Stephen Ostrander, Coleman Bailey, Lauren Atkins, Brandon Morgan, Anna Sanders, Fred Broom, Bill Douglass, Kaleb Bevel, Zachery Hutcherson, Faith Atkins, Brett Kirkland, Jimmy Broyden, Troy Kimsey, Bill Shafer, James Byrd, Jacob Rodriguez, Joshoua Mattox, Logan Dorminey, Bethany Kimsey, Mark Willard, Brenan Williams, Steve Willimas, Scott Dawson, Donatavious Brown, Ryan Canidate, Mike Peachey, Charles Hill, Amy Wooten, Peter Sharber, Toni Smith, Vincent Hutcherson, Katie Willard, Chad Evans, Jaleel Horry, Derinique Daniel, Travius Reed, Dennis Hill, Steve Cox, Bryan Barnes, Alan William Brock, Emily Zapata, Meyer Gotlieb, W. Alicia Garcia, Cheryl Douglass, Lonnie Mathis, Montrell King, Chuck Spencer, Ramona Higgs, Mark Walker, Amber Dominque, Kamy Lawson, Phillips English, Ashley Mclearn, E. Darren Akins, Courtney Carter, Jason Miller, J. Craig Dodd, Becky Williams, Chuck Mitchell, Garrett Grubbs, Debbie Glow, Cathy Loudenbarger, Terrance Burnette, Macy Mager, Joy Spencer, Brian Phillips, Chris Ponte, Tasha Milliner, Ovbiye Idemundia, Daniel Wilbanks, Kristi Cheshire, William Dozier, Bobby Boone, Joi Hutcherson, Micah Hutcherson, David Roberts ...
Drama, Family ...

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Imdb rating: 7

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I fail on several points. Thanks for your review, saved me 129 minutes. Hope I can do the same for you some day =)
To enjoy this movie you need to be a 40-50 year old christian male police officer struggling with family life if you don't fit that category you have little to no chance in watching this movie to the end i rate this movie 1/10.
What a wonderful movie! So inspirational and really makes a parent think about the role they should be playing in their children's lives. A great cast with an excellent plot. You have to watch the entire movie or you will miss some pretty fantastic gems.
10/10 one of the best ones i've seen
i laughed i cried, it's real and heart felt
just an amaizing movie
great acting too.

Awesome movie! Great movie for anyone to watch, Christian themed,cried on several parts.

Good movie. It is a christian movie so if that is your belief system you will love this movie.

Good movie. Excellent link!

I was finally able to get out for a couple Hours and My Wife and I watched this Movie. You were correct, I was way off in my conclusion. This is a Very Inspirational Film. I think ALL Fathers and Husbands should see this Movie. It's definitely an Eye Opener as well as Heartfelt. I Cried and it made me feel Pretty Good.

I just tried to think of what it was by the Trailer. I can't get out to see it, as I am Disabled. I have seen Fireproof, I actually have had it about 6-8 mos., I Hope someone puts up a Link so I may watch it. Sorry about the Msg error. This is a Have to See.

WE NEED Links on this Movie Please. It is a Very Heartfelt Story of where the Officers Protect US, and find that GOD Protects Them.

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