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I don't care how long it's been, I'm still hoping for a sequel! I was freakin' ecstatic when I saw the tv series pilot...then bummed because episode 2 never came the following week....then, around 6 months later I guess (not sure-TERRIBLE with time), overjoyed AGAIN when NBC picked it up for a full season. Season 2 gets pitched at the end of this month...I'm going to be so bummed if it gets cut. I don't think I could take it after already losing Witches of East End. :'(
Fingers crossed!!!
Great movie.
@marielymhv Check under your local rock (ie: inbox) Link is going there soon... ;)
@oldshuntr there is a tv series???!!! O.o I didn't know that!
Or is it only ugly not jumpy
is this one of the "jumpy" movies?
very cool movie ...defin. one of my fav's
That is what I would call a wild ride! Easy to see why the TV series is so good.
One of my all time favorites. The storyline is unmatched/one of a kind!
Definitely one of my favorite movies....
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