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Con Air 1997

A newly released ex-con and former US Ranger finds himself trapped in a prisoner transport plane when the passengers seize control...

Release Date:
June 6, 1997
115 min
Simon West
John Malkovich, Danny Trejo, Joey Miyashima, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action ...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 6.8

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I know this movie is corny as all get out...but this is one of the NC movies I like...lots of great action and good actors.
Had the dis-pleasure of watching "Con Air" today.:rotten:
Quite an entertaining action movie, though not likely to stimulate the brain cells any time soon.
John Cusack is solid in almost every movie, and Malcovich is the quintessential villian.
But sadly....its mindless trash.

Steve Buscimi as a weirdo? thats casting

This movie has been on at TBS for quite a while and it's one of my favorite shows. So there ain't too many thoughts I want to share any more since I have already seen it a couple times. The only thing I'd like to add here is that the ending song is very touching. The song's name is "How do i live without you" by Trisha Yearwood. Too bad that song was born at the same year when Titanic came out otherwise I think it might has a pretty good chance to win an Oscar award.
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Con Air
Lots and lots of action. It's about a guy name Cameron Poe who went to jail for killing a guy but he killed the guy because he was defending him self so it wasn't intirely his fault but he still did time for it. Eight years past and it's time for him to go home to see his wife and daughter he never met. Cameron went by plane with other prisoners but the plain gets hijacked by the prisoners and it's up to Cameron to save the day and go home. I thought it was OK, recommend it and I'll give it a 7/10.

(SIMON WEST, 1997)
Comments pending.
Several topics to touch on today, beginning with my pet subject, MAGIC: THE GATHERING card game. Nowadays, i only play magic online via apprentice, and hardly ever touch the paper version. In recent months, i have begun to feel more and more alienated to the new directional changes of magic. They are , specifically the 8ED card border changes, the introduction of equipment (which i am actually neutral about but what i am angry is how equipment seems to come at the expense of enchant creature spells), the reshuffling of the color pie and the aggressive neutering of blue, as well as terribly botched attempts to revive white weenie. But, to drive yet another nail into the coffin is the new Legends ruling which is as such-

420.5e If two or more permanents with the same name have the subtype Legendary, allare put into the owner's graveyards. This is called the "Legend rule". If only one of the permanents is legendary, this rule doesn't apply".

WTF!!. This is a great departure from the old rule, whereby if a legend was already in play, other copies of the legend that subsequently came into play would be destroyed. I dislike the new rule. On another note, the Sept Banned/restricted list is here. While i applaud some of the T1 unrestrictions like Fork, Earthcraft and Braingeyser, i question the wisdom of unrestricting Doomsday. Also i disagree with banned metalworker and skullclamp in 1.x. Splitting the 1.5 Banned list with the T1 restricted list is something that should have been done a long time ago, but banning new cards like Mana drain and Land Tax in 1.5 is just fucked up. It makes 1.5 too much like the old extended format, although i agree with the neutering of Workshop and WGD in 1.5.

Finally, a look at the card previews from the official magic website. It seems that CHAMPIONS OF KAMIGAWA (CHK) while flavourful, with some truly kickass art, has some really bad rares, if the previews are anything to go by. Anyways here's my take:

CON AIR is a sevicible, but unimpressive action movie. The plot is absurd, and Nicholas Cage just don't cut it as an action hero, as much as i enjoy his work. Luckily there's enough explosion to satisfy the majority, but seriously, this is just a sub-par action movie. Wtach only if you really have nothing to do.

IN ADDITION, I HAVE DECIDED TO UNINSTALL WINDOWS XP SERVICE PACK 2 because the problems it gives > advantages of the service pack. ALso, i probably won't ever install it unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

Con Air (1997, Simon West) -

I don't care for Simon West. He's not that good of a director, from what he has shown. His first film, Con Air, isn't that good. But... but... I... still love it. I can't help myself. It's so much fun! The cast is a big part of the why of this. Nicolas Cage stars as Cameron Poe, a US Ranger sentenced to prison for killing a man, now on his way home to be reunited with his wife and daughter. John Cusack is US Marshal Vince Larkin, and he's constantly at odds with DEA Agent Duncan Malloy, played by Colm Meaney. John Malkovich is Cyrus The Virus, Ving Rhames is Diamond Dog, Danny Trejo is Johnny 23, Steve Buscemi is The Marietta Mangler, and Dave Chappelle is Pinball. It's just a great cast.

The premise of the film is perfect action movie stuff: a group of prisoners are being transported on a plane to a new detention facility, and one of the passengers (Poe) is actually an ex con, a free man, simply bumming a ride home. The prisoners take over the plane, and when Poe's friend is in trouble, he stays on board to save the day. What the script does right is develop a colorful, interesting cast. With a great cast of characters, and great actors playing these characters, the film is just a boat load of fun, full of many great character relationship dynamics, witty scenes, and highly quotable lines. West does a competent job delivering all of this: he may not be a great director, but he manages to handle the cast and make it work.

The screenplay is actually pretty bad at times, however. The set up in this film is downright terrible. Some random punks at a bar decide they want to pick a fight with a US Ranger and take his wife. Sure. Then, they decide to attack the US Ranger in an alley. Sure. Then, one of them pulls a knife and threatens to kill Poe and attacks him. Poe defends and kills him. So he goes to jail for ten years. Sure. It's quite contrived, and even though it does get the ball rolling quickly, I couldn't help but roll my eyes. It was just stupid. The screenplay tosses in a few other annoying contrivances, such as getting Cusack into the actual action, sending all the cops through the graveyard, etc. It can just be a really lame script at times. What does work, however, are all the gags it tosses in. The film has plenty of good and well earned laughs, especially the final scene. It blended action with jokes quite well.

The action in the film, the meat and potatoes, so to speak, is well staged. But again, Simon West isn't a great director. The shoot out in the graveyard wasn't as well filmed as it could have been and was just an uninvolving random shoot out. The execution of the film, on the whole, never really rises above perfunctory. Still, it's enough to make the material work, so it's fun. But it's not enough to set it above the norm, so it really isn't that good of a movie. But, yeah, I completely enjoy it. So it's a guilty pleasure. I mean, it's just so much fun. Dave Chappelle is tossed out of a plane, John Malkovich threatens to kill a bunny, Colm Meaney demands the situation be "unfucked" and winds up with his car getting totalled, Steve Buscemi relates to Cage how he drove through three states wearing a girl's head as a hat, etc. And the climax? Holy shit! They crash a plane in downtown Las Vegas, then there's a chase, then an over the top battle sequence on a fire truck. That shit is just brilliant. Con Air may not be very good, but damned if it isn't a blast. Great replay value, this one has.
Now even I will admit that this movie is pretty dumb at premise but its that sense that makes me love this movie. Unlike many action movies trying to be too smart for their own good this one actually takes to hearts its dumbness. Never in this entire film does it try to have greater meaning or a meaning for that point. It just gives you "he good, he bad now kill" attitude that makes you laugh and enjoy yourself. It also brings in several over the top characters that make this movie not only funny but very exciting. I know that this movie will never be a classic but who cares. This film is fun, thrilling, funny, and overall well concieved. I recommend you rent this movie, especially if you want to see things be blown up.
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