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Compliance 2012

When a prank caller convinces a fast food restaurant manager to interrogate an innocent young employee, no-one is left unharmed. Based on true events...

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Wow! Are people really that stupid? When he said, "I need you to address me as Sir." I would have said, "I need you to address me as the person who is gonna sue your balls off for trying to violate my civil liberties. Oh, SNAP! Can you say Humongous Lawsuit." If I was either the Manager or employee, I would have called the ACLU and the cops before doing or saying another word. Come On People - Know your RIGHTS!! Your 5th and 6th amendment rights are listed in the Miranda Warning. Learn it! Live it! Be Free People!!!
Are americans really that stupid thinking it was a drama and to find it happens alot i'm like wow can you really be that stupid, good watch.
I agree with you bettedivas1, a must watch.
A must watch for everyone. This film should be mandatory. A very uncomfortable and shocking watch as we all recognise a few people in our lives who could of done this. Its not about the acting, which I think is very realistic, its a message and a lesson about blind obedience.
A true story that doesn't surprise me at all... I deal with people just as stupid on a daily basis....
Ya know, I'm fairly conflicted right now. I'm torn between a feeling of awe for the way this movie was filmed, and one of disgust for the subject matter. Ok, so Compliance is a sick film, and terrifying since it was based on true events. But the director, the screenwriters, the actors..they were brilliant.
And the acting wasn't unbelievable. If fact, it was so close to how people actually behave, that watching the actors play out this plot made me uncomfortable. Almost as if I were watching people that I knew personally. And it made me wonder if my friends, family, or aquaintances would do the same or similar things in that situation. And you know what's messed up? I'm pretty sure, that of the people I know, I can pick those with personalities similar to the characters in this movie, and I replace - in my mind - the actors with the people I know. When I do that, I see same the same chain of events, without much if any alteration.
Needless to say, I'm probably not going to watch this movie again. But to anyone currently riding the fence: just go ahead and watch it. Compliance is...brilliant, it's just brilliant in a way that'll make you hate yourself.
A twisted, original little thriller that is at times uncomfortable viewing. The claim that it is "inspired by true events" makes the story even more astonishing. Oh, and with reference to some of the previous comments, the acting is just fine.
Thanks for letting me know =)
Was it worth watching, or did you end up with ''omg why am I watching this'' moment? Seems like it's based on a social experiment of sorts, but many people are knocking the acting skills? Would you watch it again?
@moviegirl1234 I wish I had read your comment first. :(
You hit the nail on the head exactly. I just couldn't help myself I wasted erm 40 minutes I WANT IT BACK! Can we erase what I saw?? pls lol
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