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Cliffhanger 1993

A botched mid-air heist results in suitcases full of cash being searched for by various groups throughout the Rocky Mountains...

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An above average actioner starring Sly, Maggie from Nothern Exposure (where did she go then?) and a good psychotic villain by John Lithgow, although spoiled somewhat by a laughable 'english' accent.

Directed by Renny Harlin, responsible for such classics as Driven and Nightmare on Elm Street 4, although to be fair he's also popped up with Die Hard 2 and Deep Blue Sea. He can also usually be relied upon to have exploding helicopters in his films, and even did an exploding jumbo in Die Hard 2

The general premise for Cliffhanger is good, and the execution is surprisingly taught and well paced. The characters don't have much depth, and there's too many "nooooooooooooooooooo, he's dead!!! (or is he?)" type scenes, but the mountain settings provide scope for plenty of thrills and splills and these are present and correct.

Exploding Helicopter count: 1
Film score without exploding helicopters: 5
Film score with exploding helicopters: 7
I decided to stick with my genres and for some reason "mountain movies" jumped into my head! Go figure?? :rolleyes: I actually thought of five movies I feel worth viewing....

The Mountain rates this high solely because of Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner. They interact wonderfully. An interesting story and beautifully filmed - the vistas are breathtaking.
K2 is action packed and never stops. A bit thin on story but the cinematography makes up for it and I like Michael Biehn alot. The kind of movie you can watch again and again.
The Eiger Sanction is a mountain movie that immediatly came to mind because it was a very different movie for Clint Eastwood. Its also very beautifully filmed but the story is a bit slow and I lose my interest at times, still worth a look if you like espionage films.
Cliffhanger is one of my favorite movies. The opening scene is so thrilling and awesomely filmed it just made me sit on the edge of my seat. The special effects were just terrific and of course Sly is at his ass-kicking best. The story is a bit predictable and the bad guys get it in the end but who cares? Turner was the weak link here and can barely act at times but still a really good movie.
Vertical Limit just blew me away when I saw it in the theater and you MUST see this movie on a big screen. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie. The opening scene is even more thrilling than Cliffhanger!! WOW! :eek: The story was very nifty and the cinematography stunning. Chris O'Donnell is pretty good and Bill Paxton plays the evil, greedy ceo to perfection. The supporting cast were a real asset to this movie and I enjoyed watching all of them, especially Scott Glenn. This guy is terrific. Some people might say this is just a "mountain rescue" movie but for me it was exciting and thrilling and totally entertaining.

I am angry, bored and frustrated with life, so to escape my world for 2 hours I watched Cliffhanger, the 1993 action thriller starring Sylvester Stallone, John Lithgow.

It is a complete escape, although now that I know the plot, twists and turns, it has lost some of its impact.

A few points:

The photography is stunning-I assume it was shot in the Rockies-Does anyone know where in the Rockies?

I wish I had seen this film when released on the big screen. It, together with the Terminator films, are ones that I regret not watching in the cinema. Has anyone seen it on the big screen, and how does it compare with being on TV.

John Lithgow is incredible. How can you reconcile the ruthless Quaylen in this film, with the nutty alien professor , Dick Solomon, in 3rd Rock from the Sun. Can anyone think of an actor seen so convincingly in such diverse roles?

Whatever people may think of Sly as an actor he is fantastic in this film. The escape sequences, stunning leaps are a credit to him, the stunt team and whoever else did this. I am glad I never say a 'How they made Cliffhanger preview' it would takeaway a lot of the magic of escaping into another world.

The afternoon dawns better make use of the 30oc (90oF) day and take my nephew down to the park. I would love to go to the beach but they are upgrading some machinery and so closed the railway line for 36 hours. It is too long to sit in a bus, cramped and sweaty.

There are a whole lot of American sailors in town, USS Kittyhawk, so the public transport between Perth and Fremantle may be pretty full. It is also the last day of school holidays, so to cool off I will have a cold shower.

That will at least wake me up, though I do not think it will stop me thinking about what men most think about-that's right sport.
Troy: A very bland war flick. Brings nothing new or interesting to the genre.

The Hot Spot: Really 5.5/10. Almost good, but I remained disinterested throughout the movie. (Special note: I couldn't be turned on by the Connelly nude scene knowing she was sitting next to her sister.)

Cliffhanger: Cheesy but entertaining action flick. Nothing I'd watch again though.

Catfish: A good movie with good acting all around. The interaction between Asian and African-American cultures was interesting, and Sanaa Lathan is my 3rd wife in line.

Gerry: I appreciate the experimentation, but it was boring. Very boring.
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Cliffhanger: 7/10

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