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City Slickers 1991

On the verge of turning 40, an unhappy Manhattan yuppie is roped into joining his two friends on a cattle drive in the southwest...

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Everything was going so ankle was healing, I was flirting with having a social life again. But then the weekend hit and my ankle started feeling terrible and taking my knee with it. I had to miss work today so I could go back on the Percocet and ease my pain. I may have to miss it tomorrow. I cant really afford to be doing this. Its nice to have a break, but rent doesnt get paid that way. Student loans dont go away either....

So the local chain of Fred Meyer stores (alaska's answer to wal-mart) were having their annual summer DVD sale. The one time of year that Freddy's is the better place for movies than Best Buy. Once again I used the sale to pick up some flicks I wouldnt normally pay regular price for. Like Seven I got for $7.50, Bowling for Columbine for $7.50. But I also used the prices to go out on a limb and try a couple of interesting-looking titles. I got Romeo is Bleeding with Gary Oldman (1994) for $7 and it tuened out to be pretty worthwhile because Gary Oldman is brilliant. I also picked up City Slickers. I had never seen the first one, I saw the second one back in the day and disliked it even at age 13 so I didnt bother seeing the first one. But I thought for $7, how can I go wrong? I was more than pleasantly surprised to find it was not only good, but great. A hilarious comedy but one with a great plot with a great ending that ties the whole feel-good package together. Billy Crystal at his least annoying, Jack Palance at his most menacing....I had a wonderful time and that wasnt the narcotics talking! It almost makes me want to revisit the second one and see if maybe I would like it better understanding the first one. But its not high on my list of must-sees.

Recently I also picked up Higher Learning. Released in January 1995, its directed by John Singleton back when his movies had something to say (Rosewood, Boyz N The Hood, Poetic Justice) other than "I'm making madd money y'all" (2 Fast 2 Furious, Shaft). Its about racal tensions exploding at a university named for one of the most racist men in history, Christopher Columbus. It is both a serious commentary and a knowing satire of our times. I especially liked the moment that we find out that a prominent black activist character's last name is "White." With a cast like Jennifer Connelly, Omar Epps, Ice Cube, Laurence Fishburne, Kristy Swanson, Michael Rapaport, Busta Rhymes, Cole Hauser, Adam Goldberg, Tyra Banks and wont be business as usual. Its a very intense movie whose motives are not always clear, but the message is one of tolerance and a head-shaking one about how far we have come, and how far we have yet to advance. If I were a political science professor, I would show this movie in class and assign at least 2 papers based on it.

So I saw Fahrenheit. Bottom line: very interesting and informative. I am not a huge Michael Moore fan and this was not as good as Bowling for Columbine, but it was good and I got a lot out of it. Its been discussed enough so I wont go into it.

Saw Kill Bill 1 and 2 back to back at the Bear Tooth. So much pizza, not so much beer for me because Kurtis drank most of our pitcher. But I would say that with all that I spent on the evening, I got a lot out of it. The big long fight scene near the end of 1 played better than it ever has in theaters or on DVD.

Not so much on the personal life front. Still waiting for news on that job prospect, and also found out that I do NOT have to interview with the lady that doesnt like me. But then again, without an interview, she cant see through her prejudices and understand I am not as evil as she makes me out to be to herself and others.....

Time for bed.....guess what!!! I just looked out the window and its DARK at 1AM!!!! The days are getting longer and the damn light is going away sooner. Actually feels like time to go to bed. Gotta love the AK.
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Hollywood's biggest baseball fan enters the Wild Wild West!

Billy Crystals prime-time career has passed, and he reached his hight in City Slickers.

Playing Mitch, a soon-to-be middle aged husband, father of 2 and tired of his job, are sent on vacation with his friends in Colorado, on a mission...given to him by his find his spark again...his smile!

Billy Crystal is a funny guy in this movie, and Jack Palance are EXCELLENT as Curly.. The evil-eyed, hard to break, prototype cowboy.. Giving Mitch and his friend a hard time, herding a flock of cows.

It's warm, it's very funny..and it has moments of true humanity.
Very funny and touching movie, Billy Crystal is at his best. Very nicely written with a clever story line and believably presented. A good example of Hollywood taking a great story and actually makes the most of it. Good support from Jack Palance.
City Slickers: 7/10

City Slickers (1991)

I always really enjoyed this movie. I'm a huge fan of Billy Crystal, Daniel Stern and Jack Palance so it already has it going for that. Even though it's about middle-age I still feel like I identify with it. I will watch this movie any time it's on.
I normally like Billy Crystal. This movie was pretty bad, though... an uninspired cliche comedy. It's one of two movies I've ever walked out on. The other one was Red Dawn. I almost walked out on the Pink Panther this past weekend, but my friends seem to be having a good time, so I stuck it out.
I'm beginning the rather lengthy task of entering into the database every film I have seen, at least those I have a decent memory of. Some may have the briefest of reviews while many will just have a number. Those films that I consider personal favorites and/or those that have some historical signficance I will add later when I have time for more lengthy reviews.

City Slickers
Director: Ron Underwood
Stars: Billy Crystal, Jack Palance, Daniel Stern, Patricia Wettig and Bruno Kirby.
Synopsis: Popular lightweight comedy didn't make me laugh enough.

Conspiracy Theory
Director: Richard Donner
Stars: Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart
Synopsis: Decent idea, but poorly executed.

The Cable Guy
Director: Ben Stiller
Stars: Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Leslie Mann, Ben Stiller, Jack Black and George Segal.
Synopsis: Dark comedy is sometimes engaging, sometimes just annoying.

Clay Pigeons
Director: David Dobkin
Stars: Vince Vaughn, Joaquin Phoenix, Janeane Garofalo, Georgina Cates.
Synposis: Indie crime comedy with a good performance from Garofalo, but little else to recommend.

Director: Frank Marshall
Stars: Laura Linney, Joe Don Baker, Dylan Walsh, Tim Curry.
Synopsis: Jungle adventure. One of the worst films of the 90's.
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