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City of Angels 1998

Inspired by the modern classic, Wings of Desire, City involves an angel (Cage) who is spotted by a doctor in an operating room. Franz plays Cage's buddy who somehow knows a lot about angels...

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Imdb rating:6.7

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Still one of the best emotional movies. Brings alot of feelings out if you have a true heart.

decent movie, had me crying at the end

Hey guys, I'm back:D
The practise was quite rough..but I survived:P

Now I'm watchin City of Angels....for the 10th or 11th time:)
I think it is absolutely THE BEST film of all breaks my heart u know.
It's just so sad and beautiful....
*What does a pear taste like to you?*

And i hope u know the scene, where Maggies is dying and says the most beautiful thing ever..."When they ask me what i liked the best, i'll tell them it was you."

But then again, it might not be the best movie of all times...maybe it's just that it reminds me of somebody I've loved for 2 years already....
I'm so madly in love with him but he doesn't love me...actually he even didn't give himself the chance to get to know me...:'(

There were only 9 times we actually did smth together...we played volleyball. Yet, these were the best 9 days of my life...
I'm afraid that he thinks of me of smkinda psycho, who keeps following and trying to abuse him...but there's smth I've learnt over those 2 years..I love him unconditionally. That means I love him even when he doesn't love me...and actually I'd be happy if he was just a friend, if he was just there for me....that's all I need.

Do you believe in love from the first sight? I started believing when I first saw him...

All my friends are telling me to get him out of my mind and give a chance to other guys who have been after me, but who I have rejected. But there's this one thing that keeps bothering me....first of all...I love him more than my life and he is the world to me...and secondly, there was this wise guy who put all the truth in just one sentence...
*It's hard to find good in somebody, when you've already found the best in somebody else*
I just got finished talking to a so called bisexual friend. I told him to call me. Here was his reply. "I won't, I have better things to do."

Then he says "I'm sorry, it's the truth" yeah like that's going to make it any better! For a kid my age, I should be dating, and having fun. It's kind of the other way around, and I guess that's what you get for being gay, I dunno.

There is hardly anybody out here in Northern Utah who is gay besides me, and if there is anyone they're claiming I'm not their type. I've been rejected dozens of times. This one guy after rejecting me said, "There is someone for everybody." ...That, is not a fact. I haven't kissed another guy for nearly a year now, and what do you think I'm supposed to do, let it go?

You can't turn a gay man straight. It's just plain simple. This last year has been the lonliest ever, and so far, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It seems like the end, sometimes.

Other gay guys at my age had their boyfriends, and the time of their life. But what about me? Hah. I suffer an anxiety disorder, a servere case of ADHD, and ADD. I also may have Diabetes...which would even make my life worse.

So what am I supposed to do?

What can I do?

God won't help me because God hates gay people. Even if he "loves" us he hates gay people. If I kill myself, my pain won't be over. So I'll just suffer as if I were dead...
Wim Wenders' 1988 film Wings of Desire is one of the great oddities of recent films: it is extremely manipulative, sentimental and some might say ludicrous...but it wins us over because of its devotion to its themes, and its willingness to explore all of the story's implications. Conversely, the movie City of Angels, which was "inspired" by Wenders' film, attempts to change the story into little more than a sappy romance, and as a result, the poweful themes of sacrifice and mortality are not conveyed as successfully. Nicolas Cage plays Seth, an angel who can oversee the city of Los Angeles and begins to grow fascinated by a heart surgeon named Maggie (Meg Ryan). Seth soon falls in love with Maggie, but it becomes clear that the love is doomed unless Seth is willing to give up his immortal status as an angel and accept the mortal world of humans. Is he willing to take this chance and face the possiblity that Maggie might not reciprocate his love? Director Brad Silberling milks this sentimental story for all it is worth, yet somehow City of Angels never really takes flight and touches our hearts. Nicolas Cage is solid in the early scenes in which he is shown to be passively observing the monotony of humans' day-to-day lives. Yet later in the film, when called upon to combine innocence with strong emotion, Cage is terribly unconvincing. I did not sense any potential for chemistry between Cage and Ryan, and so the angel's decision had no dramatic interest. One of the few bright spots in the film is Dennis Franz, who plays a human who used to be an angel. Franz brings both humour and wisdom to his role, and whenever he is on the screen, we forgive the previous missteps of City of Angels. Unfortunately, it does not take long for the film to return to its cloying heavy-handedness whenever Franz is absent. This is a sweet, well-intentioned movie, and I wish that I had been able to enjoy it. Yet in the end, City of Angels has a saccharine style that is more similar to the television series Touched by an Angel than to the odd, unforgettable tone of Wenders' film.

City of Angels is a romantic story sans any type of chemistry between the two leads. Meg Ryan is such a cold fish, such a terrible actress that this one is sunk from the time she hits the screen.

It's an interesting story involving an angel (Cage) who wants to be human after somehow falling in love with Meg Ryan. He gives up heaven just to live with her. This works on paper as a story about ultimate sacrifice for love.

Cage is good in the role, but you've seen him better. It's hard to really care about him because he's just so bland and emotionless throughout the film. Don't get me started on Ryan again. She only works well with Crystal or Hanks...her abilities are in question with anyone else.

There are a few things I like: the sequences where you see Cage as an angel helping people and the camera work are amazing...this film just is a waste of time for viewers and Cage.

"My idea for a tagline for this film: 'You will believe that an angel can have a boner.'"
-- Widgett Walls, NEEDCOFFEE.COM
this is definitely a cry movie...i think i cried about the last 15 minutes thru...but that's not unusual for me.

this movie was's surprisingly uplifting, especially in a time where all movies are cynical towards God. i'm not into the whole "fallen angel" thing, but it was incredibly sweet. i looked to my suitemates (who were also crying hard) and was like "you know they put those sentimental lines in there just to make us bawl like this!!!"

there really isn't much else to say about seems a lot shorter after you watch it...but the plot seems thin at times, especially since the premise under which the love story is seems too, i don't know, rushed? like it happened so fast it was confusing.

cry movie. definitely a movie to watch at 2 in the morning when you want a good cry with your buds.
Romance / Drama / Comedy

This was one of the best romance/comedies I've seen so far.
And it was damn funny too.
Not a great film, but it's professionally done. Meg Ryan is fine in her role, but Nicolas Cage just does not quite work in his role. I am not into films with a fantasy element, but this is one of the better ones.
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