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Citizen Kane 1941

Following the death of a publishing tycoon, news reporters scramble to discover the meaning of his final utterance...

Release Date:
September 4, 1941, UTC
119 min
Orson Welles
Paul Stewart, Sam Steele, Morgan Brown, ...
Drama, Mystery

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Imdb rating:8.4

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My fren got enlisted today. :( Means no more hanging out wif him our our eating escapades. Thats one less after ol PIG went to lalaland. Reminds me of my first dae in tekong. The botak hairstyle, the sullen sergeants... Wish him luck

Anyway watched Citizen Kane. Now that's an accomplishment for me considering that its a seriously old film. And its black and white. But i was impressed by its production values and epic scope of the rise of an enigma and his subsequent detachment from society and from his friends and family. Cooped up in his Place-Prison Xanadu, it reminded me of my literature text "The Mayor of Casterbridge" by Thomas Hardy, of how its protaganist, Michael Henchard, like Charles Foster Kane eked out a successful career. Yet their propensity for self destruction was such that they eventually aliented those around them, so consumed by power and pride were they. I can see how Citizen Kane was so critically acclaimed at its time, though by 2003 standards it ain't as impressive.

Now at cold war with the fren who had saboed me prevoiusly. No longer trust him now after gettin backstabbed.

And the Celeb of the day is Tony Leung. Watched numerous HK flicks featuring this brooding thespian. Most recently Hero, In the Mood For Love and especially liked his dark melancholy character in Infernal Affairs. Stars in the upcoming Infernal Affairs 3, and i can't wait for it to come out,

PS: Tony Leung won best actor in the Golden Horse(Taiwan's euivalent of the Oscars) awards for Infernal Affairs. A well deserved win. In another relavent topic, Infernal affairs swept 5 awards, including best picture, best director best supporting actor (Anothony Wong) and Best Actor for Tony Leung. Oh and Megan won for best Newcomer for Homerun WTF! The first ever win by a singaporean in the Golden Horse! Unbelievable!
MOOD: About all of 'em!

Kathleen had company over at her house, so she couldn't come over, thus, no Deppathon! *sigh* oh well, she said we could next time.
Sunday, my dad woke me up and said "The Polk County (Polk County is a huge joke between my dad my brother and I) antique show is today, want to drive up old highway 99 and go?" It was 9 am, I was still half asleep "Sure, does Kathleen want to go?" "Yeah, is that okay?" "Yes, of course!" So we drove down there. I bought two new Starburst pieces! Both serving pieces. I paid $40 for both, so $20 each is not bad! My dad bought a Disneyland water transfer decal from 1958. My dad is kind of a Disneyland collector, but only of stuff from the 50s and 60s. Kathleen bought yet another cocktail shaker! I think she has like 5 now And now... I'm home! YAY!!! I missed home... But tomorrow I have school... NO!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to go!!! New classes, new people... both good and bad... We'll see. I think I just might watch PotC tonight... I've been deprived of Orlando-ness all weekend Also, there is just SO much to catch up one when you leave... pages of new posts, new thread... geez! So I better start! Cheerio! ~Aud
Song: The World Is Yours
Artist: Nas
Album: Illmatic

I understand why it can be seen as a classic. Welles' masterful use of deep focus photography (When Leland gets fired, when Kane loses his business When boy Kane is playing outside and we see him through the window), the meanings of the word "Rosebud", and the innovative use of special effects (it used more special effects than 90% of all films ever created, excluding those that use CGI) . I appreciate the film for the technical expertise that it is.

But the film kinda bored me sometimes. I know this film requires a second viewing and I'll give it one.

Sorry for taking so long to write one entry in this jornal (To the 3.5 people that read this journal). I've been kinda busy.
Actually, I loved a lot about Singin' in the Rain and Some Like It Hot. It was only Citizen Kane that really disappointed me.

Apparently, I have horrible, horrible taste.

I appreciated the cinematography. I noticed the shot selection. The acting was very strong, especially considering the period. The story was well-structured... the flashbacks and recollections were a great way to slowly draw the viewer deeper and deeper in to the story.

But, I just didn't enjoy it. Hardly at all. The 7 I rated it is more for respect than for love. Eh, whatever. I'll give it a second viewing sometime. I've heard from many that it takes a few to really appreciate the film, so I'll give it a go and see if my opinion improves at all. I just wish the film would've left me feeling something, and it didn't.

Anyways, Singin' was great, and I can't believe I've never gotten around to it before. I'm not much of a musicals fan, but every single number (except the long, drawn out, and, well, BORING "Gotta Dance" or whatever it was called) was enthralling. Good plot, good humor, good music, good characters = thumbs up.

Same with Some Like It Hot. I was impressed and annoyed that it took me so long to finally see this film. The only thing I didn't like was the framework for the plot- the whole "gangster" thing. The chases were neither exciting nor all that amusing to me. *shrugs* The rest of the comedy, though, was gold. Especially the scene on the yacht (you know the one I mean). I always thought Marilyn was beautiful, but I never really knew why she was so legendary till I saw this. Jeeeeebus. Sexiest woman I've ever seen on camera.

"Water polo? Isn't that terribly dangerous?"
"I'll say! I had two ponies drown under me!"

:D A-teeheehee.
Who says you need to wear headphones when watching a movie in the screening room of the library???

Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941) - ****
Quite clearly one of the most innovative films of all time; most of its technique is still heavily borrowed today. Even though Manter and I had to leave the library before the true meaning of rosebud was uncovered to us (for our lack of headphonage), it is clear that this is an amazing film. A very careful study of its very own Charles Foster Kane.
i also saw Secret Window....
i don't know how to rate 2 movies at once.

i loved citizen kane, it was amazing.

secret window gets a whopping


1 point for Johnny Depp
1 point for the 2-3 cool camera tricks
1 point for that guy from MR Deeds playing the villian.

-4 for the "corniness" factor...hahaha
-3 just because i just don't like it that much...

i am sure glad that i got in to see it for free....other wise i would have DEMANDED my money back.
this weekend was a crazy ride. most of it was good, alot of it was bad. I have tons and tons of crazy stories.

I will tell you one tomorrow...or you can just check my live journal.
I am thinking about not even keeping it...RT is my home and i love precioussssssss
I don't write reviews as it would take forever for me to type, so do not think the shortness of my film ratings are some sort of lack of appreciation of what i see.... Anyway, the film...

I like pretty much everything... the acting, the way the timeline crosses over itself and is interwoven as the characters reminisce.

As for Rosebud, i'm amazed that who/what it is has never been spoiled to me prior to today... Regardless, i worked it out quite early on but it was nice to be proved right... It was also good that the characters never find out.
Well...I'm officially done with graduation. Yes, it has been dragged out as much as I have dragged it out in these journals. This shall be the last occasion at which I mention it. My graduation party is tomorrow and for some reason I seem to keep forgetting about it. I didn't go to one of the graduation parties on Wednesday, but I'm off to one today. My cousins an duncle are over, so I probably won't have a lot of time on RT. I'll be back to discuss later
So it's come to this, "Citizen Kane", the big one, the critics' favourite movie. If you were expecting me to say anything bad about this film, then you're likely to be disappointed.

I'm generally not one to automatically side with critics, (for instance I thought "Moulin Rouge" was a terrible film) but I have to give them this one. It's an archetypal movie with great images , iconic performances and direction. There's no point me endlessly lavishing praise on this film, (I could go on for pages) but it's a genuine film with a great message even if it did get at the establishment when it was first released. It's such a shame that after a debut as brilliant as this that Welles was not allowed free reign to make more brilliant, ground-breaking movies.
I sat down one night to watch AFI's number 1 movie, Citizen Kane. I expected to see a movie that would take my breath away and leave me awestruck.

It did. I found it to be beautifully filmed and acted. I couldn't ask for a better movie. I will admit that at points I was bored with it and it took me two days to finish the 1 hr. 50 min. running time. But that didn't stop me from ultimately loving it. It isn't the most entertaining movie on the planet, but it is the most awe-inspiring. I do question how it got to number one, but I definetly think it deserved the top ten.

The movie begins with several long shots that get closer and closer to a famous mansion in California (I can't remember the name). We see the shadow of a man lying in bed holding a snow globe. He whispers, "Rosebud," and then dies, dropping the snow globe, which breaks. A maid who is tending him covers him up and we fade out.

This is my favorite part of the whole movie. The camera angles leading us to the house are beautiful. If you look at the mansion, you'll notice that there is a lighted window. Whenever we fade to a new position, the window stays in the same spot. It never moves. This opening two minutes is the best opening I have ever seen.

After the death, we are forced to watch a "News on the March!" reel, which tells us about Kane's life and how he died (Kane whispered Rosebud). After five minutes of the boring reel, it stops and we find ourselves in a newsroom, where reporters are watching. They all debate on Kane and soon decide to send the men out to find out what Kane meant when he said Rosebud.

The movie follows the reporter throughout as he unravels Kane's story. Charles Foster Kane(writer and director Orson Welles) is the child of a poor family. For some dumb reason or another, his mother gives him to a rich man and sends Kane away. Kane grows up in this man's care and soon gains his own wealth. He gains lots of power and women, trying to impress everybody, but he soon gets so old and fed up that his downfall is inevitable. He dies trying to make other people happy.

So I've given away the story, so what? Trust me, this does sound like a good movie, but I was either really tired, or it was told in a boring fashion. I can't tell which. But I have not spoiled the secret of what Rosebud is. Not even the most good-at-guessing-endings-and-mysteries people would be able to guess this. This is the sole reason I continued the movie, to find out what Rosebud was. And when you finally do find out what Rosebud is, you might scratch my head. My and my mom did. Then my mom realized what it was and she told me and all was clear.

Orson Welles does a tremendous, stupendous, extravagent job at playing Kane. If you've seen Gandhi, then you will see some things similar in here. In Gandhi, Ben Kingsley looked young and evolved into an old man so gracefully, you could hardly tell the change until you thought about it. The same thing happens here. Kane goes from a skinny young man to a chubby old man on his deathbed, and the aging is so beautiful it must have been a precursor for the Gandhi make-up crew.

Orson Welles is a master with the camera. The unique shots make all the more worthwhile. I especially like the opening sequence, which I could watch over and over a million times (well, maybe not a million, but a lot). Everything is seemless and defeats even Steven Spielberg at his camera work.

You wonder why Orson didn't turn out any more films following this movie. This movie went through a hell of a time. This movie destroyed Orson Welles and changed him. He was a genius, but he based the character of Kane off of a still-alive man. This man thought the film made him look bad, but Orson Welles was depicting himself and basing the characters actions of the man. Kane was depicted as arrogant, but I don't care. I'm not quite sure why this man got mad, but he destroyed Orson and eliminated possible movies that could've been made after.

So here is how I recommend it: If you like movies that feature great camera angles and has an interesting backstory, this is the movie for you. But if your looking to be entertained, you will probably get bored of the movie and watch the clock until the movie ends.

Bottom Line: A+

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