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Christmas with the Kranks 2004

With their daughter away, the Kranks decide to skip Christmas altogether until she decides to come home, causing an uproar when they have to celebrate the holiday at the last minute...

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Christmas with the Kranks

The most recent entry into the I'd-rather-they-just-retire-it Christmas genre is the year's biggest holiday offender yet. And when Surviving Christmas is in play, you know something's gone disastrously wrong. Christmas with the Kranks is a joyless, why stop there, tortuous reminder of what it means to celebrate Christmas, which isn't surprising; however, the opportunity to make a statement through extremes about people deciding to make a radical, outside of the box choice, only to be met with such unanimous dissension has been squandered (an idea the source novel, John Grisham's Skipping Christmas, does indeed touch on). The story is too weak and over-the-top to take at face value and clearly, subtext is absent here and was apparently decided not to be one of the movie's goals from the beginning. I mean, why actually make the movie good when you can make it marketable? Jamie Lee Curtis is shrill and one-note; Tim Allen is forced into a character arc with zero development and performs proportionately to the level of material. The movie throws useless, seemingly random plot elements in almost as a means to keep the movie from ending, prolonging this audience member's near trance-like apathy.

If you're feeling the Christmas spirit this season, give The Polar Express a try, if not, there are plenty of bad, non-Christmas movies you can waste your time on, too.
Hmm, I went into this movie thinking I would hate it. My expectations were right. I pretty much hated the movie. All the jokes were cliche, their neighbors were portrayed so exagerated that it was annoying, and the acting of some I must say was lousy. One bright spot in the film was the way Roth portrayed the community between the neighbors. Despite their ruthless tactics of trying to keep their neighbors from skipping Christmas they helped them in their time of need in the end. Maybe go see it if you want to see a movie with your family, but overall steer clear; I felt more Kranky after I saw this movie, than before I saw it.
oh no tim allen why just why did you do this horable movie just god why
This was a VERY funny movie. I laughed as well as my whole family the entire duration of the film. Jamie and Tim were hesterical!

Go see it, despite the reviews. It will make you laugh and get you in the mood for Christmas!
Could possibly be the worst film about Christmas ever. Christmas With The Kranks, is without a doubt, the worst film I have seen this year. I mean it was just so stupid. The film takes place in a small town, where these two people want to skip Christmas so they can go on a cruise, this includes no lights, no tree, no party, nothing. Now, for some reason this is suppose to pass as an interesting catch, but it is far rom it, and also for some reason, this is a big deal with the neighbors, and they get mad at the Kranks. When their daughter calls to tell them she is going to come home for the holidays, instead of just telling they are skipping Christmas, which isn't that hard, they say they are still having the party, so now they must rush to get all the Christmas stuff up, not very logical, as a matter of fact, the whole film is not logical, and I pitty the poor soul that sets in the theater, watching it, so don't!

Just about every review I read didn't like this film, but I have to disagree, I thought it was very funny, pretty clean, just a pleasant movie to add to any christmas collection. I will say that it's not the best christmas film I have ever seen, but it was worth going to see. There were lots of laughs and it seemed like the whole theater liked it too. I really liked Jamie Lee Curtis in this, I haven't seen her in something in some time, and I tend to forget she's a funny actress. This was also a good show for Allen to play in, he's getting allot of christmas movies under his belt, but I thought this was a good role for him. So if your in the mood for some chirstmas cheer go see this film, it's not awesome, but it's worth seeing.
Even though I gave Christmas with the Kranks what is technically a "rotten" rating, I have to say that even though I saw it as a five--the movie was not as terrible as people have chalked it up to be. It could've been completely okay if it were not for the ridiculous and drawn-out ending.

Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are a couple suffering from empty-nest syndrome as their daughter Blair leaves the day after Thanksgiving to join the Peace Corps in Peru. What ensuses is a lightly comical journey as the Kranks decide to "Skip Christmas." No tree, no buying presents, no Christmas Eve party, no Frosty.

So they decide to go on a Caribbean cruise, which does not sit well with their uber-decorated neighborhood and their overtly busy-body neighbors--headed up by the manic Dan Akyroyd as the neighborhood social director from hell.

I suppose the bottom line is that it was an amusing movie that tried a little too hard at the end to be heart-warming. It wasn't bad, but it isn't as re-watchable as some of the latter day modern holiday classics like Elf, The Santa Clause, or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

I'll be back soon to review Snow Patrol's album, Final Straw.

My God, what hath man wrought... THIS time? Why do such ostensibly good people make such incredibly bad films? This is a one-note song performed on a broken ukelele by a man bereft of senses. You can even tell WHEN the writers are losing interest in the proceedings, at which point they take another look at their pay-cheques and wisely put their noses back on the grindstone, recycling that old (but dependable) Tim Allen schtick for the undemanding Holiday cineplex crowds.
I didn't want to see this movie....if you remember from an earler post-the principal at the school takes the kids every year, blah blah blah. We had to see this one.
Christmas with the Kranks was basically a made for tv movie with a bigger budget and bigger "names". It was predictable, sappy, and boring as hell. I was in the theater with 4th and fifth graders -9, 10, & 11 year olds. There was not a whole lot of laughter. They laughed when someone fell, or when the cat got frozen, and EWWWWed when they showed Jamie Lee Curtis in a bikini and Tim Allen in a speedo.(course, I 'bout EWWWWed too) The kids- who are fickle anyway- said it was funny after it was over. But a few pratfalls does not a comedy make.

overrated tv movie. don't waste your time. I am going to have to rid my mind of the images of that movie by seeing Blade Trinity this weekend.
Vampire gore- that'll do it.
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