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yes this may be cheesy but it is a classic... fun for all ages plus they don't makem like this anymore

aw, shucks.

watched this in form 1 at st josephs and have never forgotten it for my children now. imagine. i bought a copy which my friend in teh USA borrowed for her children and she never returned it.

One of my childhood memories was really liking this movie. I should have left well enough alone.

Bad story, dreadful writing, horrible songs....the only thing this pile of dung has going for it is Dick Van Dyke's performance, especially during the dance sequences. He seems to have bones made of rubber.
I forgot that I watched this film as well. I got the Special Edition of it for my birthday and finally had time to watch it on Saturday. I knew that Ian Flemming had written the original story, which I read somewhere at one time. What I didn't remember is that Albert "Cubby" Broccoli, who has produced all of the Bond films, produced this one as well, and the director was of Casino Royale. What really shocked me is that the guy who played Baron Bomburst was Goldfinger. Next time I watch it I can go, "No, Benny Hill, I expect you to die."

I love the birthday party scene with Truly as the clockwork doll. My favorite part. Apparently, the car is still around, and the guy who owns it is crazy.
;) I remember watching this movie when I was little....I remember not really remembering a lot from it except for the beginning cuz it was too long. I also used to get scared from that children catcher....That guy with the big nose scared the hell out of me when I was little. But I still enjoyed the movie cuz I liked the the gadgets that the guy made and the king and queen singing parts...Hehe. I also liked the King's birthday party part. What I don't like is how it all became just a dream cuz I've been thinking about how it could have been a dream....It just doesn't make sense. I thought the romance was boring too. But it's still a good old fashioned movie that I grew up watching. I also liked the candy part.;)

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(KEN HUGHES, 1968)
As far as I can remember, Chitty was my favorite childhood film...or at least it lead a fair dispute with Mary Poppins. Now I know the latter has definitely more flair than Chitty, I dare anyone to dispute this film's charm: transforming a rusty old car (neverthless, embeded with glory) into a most delightful, fantastic vehicle which bears - inevitably - histories of its own or of its owners. A great concept played down a bit by the actual plot is still of great value due to several moments of sheer brilliance: the country of Vulgaria, the childish magic of a fine story, the exccentric grandfather and the brilliant main theme.
'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' is another typical and original Disney story encompassing the magic and music that was so common in its films. One of the best aspects of this film has got to be the music. The tunes are catchy and memorable. Although the film is pretty good, it isn't the best Disney film. And, the theatre production is much better. (Unfortunately, they have stopped showing this in London now, but the theatre production brought the story to life much more than the film ever did and ever could.)

Overall, not a bad film, but I wouldn't recommend it over some of Disney's other films. However, I have and would continue to recommend the play in London had they not stopped showing it.
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