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Child's Play 3 1991

Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy that defeated him and has since become adult...

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hey if andy kills chucky then he will be free

not much fun left in this one. but good for a boring saturday afternoon.

I'am a big fan of the Child's Play series. This movie provides a few laughs here and there. I'd say its the worst Child's Play movie but its still watchable. Child's Play 3 can be popped into the DVD at anytime and be watched. The main reason this movie isn't as good as the others is because it doesn't really bring anything new to the table. Now Child's Play 1 was the original. Child's Play 2 brought some comedy into the picture and built up Chucky's character. Child's Play 3 is much of the same and falls short on story. Bride of Chucky introduces a new character "Tiffany" and Seed of Chucky introduces Chucky's son. For that reason this movie isn't as good as the others. Fans of the Child's Play series will still like it but it just doesn't really have anything extra that we didn't see in part 2. Still, its an okay entry into the series but it feels a little dull.

Rating- 5.5/10
Movies from Memory Monday (Movies done from memory that may later be changed.)

With this movie you can see the the scary version of Chucky is getting old. I was able to watch this when I was younger, but the more I think about this movie, the more I don't like it. Having Chucky chase Andy once again just doesn't make sense. Other things didn't make sense either, like the change from blanks to live rounds. Did no one honestly check? I don't know, maybe I remembered that wrong, but what ever. If I ever see this again, I'll update this review.
Child's Play 3 (1991): 2/10

Child's Play 3 (1991)

Child's Play 3 was just a horrible idea and is the worst of the first four movies. Even though it was released one year later it was set about 10 years in the future and had a terrible plot. It did have a few funny moments but it was still a horrible idea. There were so many other directions this movie had gone but setting a sequel in the future is horror movie suicide.

Dina Araz (Shohreh Aghdashloo)... Best voice ever

The final part of this mini-series about the trials, traumas and triumphs (hmm, not really) of the people within the exciting, fast-paced world of 24.

:eek: 6. CTU Go Boom! - Season 2
As if Season 1 wasn't exciting enough, the writers obviously wanted to kick it into the next gear by doing something drastic and totally unexpected. In just the third episode of this second season, a group of terrorists targeted the Counter Terrorist Unit and blew most of it up! Their aim was to cripple it's investigation on the impending nuclear bomb. It was something nobody could have prepared for or guessed: CTU is the safe-haven... Besides the ocassional mole, it is one of the only things that viewers could trust that it will still be there amidst the drama! Bombing it was an awesome move. Although not all of it was hit (about half of it was wiped out) and the casualties were only around 30, this showed that Season 2 was going to be explosive in ALL senses of the word! *sigh*... I love you, Season 2!

:eek: 5. Kim's Revenge - Season 2
And while we're on the topic of just how sensational Season 2 was, another highlight in the series was when Kim finally showed some balls and killed someone who was giving her shit. She has been in perpetual peril in BOTH seasons, particularly in Season 2, where, at the start of the day, she was a simple nanny for a seemingly normal family, but this all changed when the father Gary (Kim's boss) assaulted his wife and later murdered her, and chased Kim after she fled with the daughter! In episode 22, when it seemed Gary was gone for good (he said something about going to Mexico?) Kim returned to the house with a cop escorting her. It was a case of REALLY bad timing, because Gary showed up at the house aswell... He quickly offs the cop and then proceeds to attack Kim! After a rough fight, Gary ends up unconscious, and a terrified Kim calls Jack. Jack is left with no options... "Shoot him," he says. "I want you to aim the gun at his chest and pull the trigger." Kim obeys reluctantly. Gary goes down but doesn't die... "Shoot him again," Jack says quietly. Kim, in a state of utter shock, murders Gary. This was such a tense and brilliant moment. I could watch it over and over again. Plus, Gary was a total ass.

:eek: 4. Dina The Bitch - Season 4
This isn't really a particular moment, moreso just the presence of this woman... Dina Araz (played by Shohreh Aghdashloo), a merciless terrorist posing as a suburban housewife, will go down in 24 history, if for nothing else but that voice of hers! Seriously, you have got to hear her speak. And on top of this, she was such a bitch! I guess the point when everybody knew that she would stop at nothing to acheive their terrorist goals was when she murdered her son's girlfriend by poisoning her cup of tea! My jaw dropped during that scene. So out of the blue! As the season progressed, we really felt for her as her maternal instincts kicked in and she put her son's safety above the plans to destroy America. A remarkable character.

:eek: 3. Sweet Teri... - Season 1
24 is famous for it's ultra-awesome endings that shock and bewilder all viewers. The most memorable season conclusion was the death of Jack's innocent wife, Teri, who was shot by Nina Myers within the walls of CTU. It seemed like the season was going to end nicely, without a hitch... Nina was captured and sent away. Jack returned to CTU to find his wife, and he did eventually find her... tied to a chair with a shot to her chest. Jack burst into tears and cradled his dead wife in his arms, stroking her hair and hugging her. Although it could be perceived as vicious to kill off Teri, I thought it was a perfect ending to a remarkably innovative and unpredictable series.

:eek: 2. Marie Revealed! - Season 2
Damn, I love when a traitor is revealed. In the middle of Season 2, viewers were trying to figure out who was the one working with terrorists: was it Bob Warner, or his future son-in-law Reza Nayer? They both seemed very suspicious. We thought eventually one of them would be outed as the traitor, but the writers are not stupid! They would not let it be revealed that easy. At the rear end of one of the episodes, the traitor was revealed to be... Neither of them! Instead, it was Marie Warner, daughter of Bob and fiance of Reza! This twist 100% blind-sighted me and loved them for it. And this girl meant business... In the same episode, straight after the shock revelation, Marie shoots Reza and kills him! Thanks again, 24, for not being so darn conventional!

:eek: 1. Nina The Bitch - Season 1
It was a tough decision, trying to figure out what would get the coveted #1 spot. I finally decided that this special moment deserves it most. It is in the final seconds of Episode 23, when Nina Myers, a highly trusted employee at CTU, and good friend of Jack's, was exposed to the viewers as a terrorist. This was revealed through a phone conversation with the murderous Drazen family. We couldn't see who was talking to them, and they were speaking in another language. All we did know was that some serious shit was about to go down. Finally, after a gruelling minute, the phone conversation ended and we were shown a shot of Nina hanging up her telephone. It didn't seem real. It was like an illusion. How could this be happening?! Nina's a good girl! She's trying to protect the country, not ruin it! Wrong. Wrong. WRONG! Definitely the best surprise in the history of 24 surprises.

After reviewing these top moments, I can only say one thing in conclusion: Thank God for 24! Without it by TV life would be so dull, and mindless. Never has a program been so adventurous, daring, controversial, surprising and so perfectly acted, written and directed. I advise everyone... EVERYONE... to catch up on the past 4 seasons of 24 and watch Season 5 when it comes out. Support this wonderful show.
(** 1/2)
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