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Chicken Run 2000

When a bird "flies" into a chicken farm, the fellow chickens see him as an opportunity to escape their evil owners...

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:fresh: Chicken Run is one of the best animated features I've watch in my whole life, it is entertaining, funny, takes the reality of the chickens, dramatizing it and this is terrific. A original story, as good as Shrek and the best of all is that this film counted with Mel Gibson's talent who gave the film that action spirit and created a great adventure. Short film but evective for all ages.
Another dedicated-movie night with horror-drama-comedy in the first rows. It started scary with Dead End and ended funny with Chicken Run, a movie that I've missed in 2000 when it was in theatres and saw it 5 years later... last night.

There were several memorable quotes to which I laughted to tears. With a little help of IMDb, here are few:

Ginger: Ladies, please. Let's not lose our heads.
Bunty: Lose our heads? Aaaahh.
Nick: The exits are located here and here. In the quite likely event of an emergency, put your head between your knees...
Fetcher: ...and kiss your bum goodbye!
Fowler: Increase velocity!
Babs: What does that mean?
Bunty: It means pedal your flippin' giblets out!

A fine animation comedy for all ages which is quite different from Pixar productions.
A satisfying film with many unlikely gags. The clay-mation is extraordinary to watch.
A fowl Great Escape.
Chicken Run is a comical, 'The Great Escape'-like film featuring claymation chickens. The chickens need to escape their prison-like hen-house. They are led by an American rooster called Rocky and a hen with an English accent named Ginger.

Chicken Run is packed with action, comedy, and likeable characters. It is a film for all ages. Adults can also enjoy the other film references to 'The Great Escape', 'Braveheart', and others. The animation is also very good, and it's much better than what computers can do. (I suppose that it's so easy to complicate computer animation while this claymation technique is kept simple, not over-worked, and has a more aesthetic and not-so-perfect appeal.) Technique aside, Chicken Run is a very clever and witty film.

This is a highly recommended film for any age or gender. Sit back and enjoy the humor and imaginative story that unfolds in claymation form.
Good but not so good movie... hmm... what can I say.. had a lot of funny parts, but it wasn't as entertaining as I had hoped.. :eek: .. good family movie, but I would refer you to another movie that I have rated pretty high like at a 7 or more, and I have rated quite a few.
Ok to watch, not as good as it is claimed to be though.


This Ain't No Chick Flick


Chicken Run is an animated movie that tells the story of chickens that are in a chicken farm (where else?). Ginger is a chicken who desperately wants to escape, but her escape plans (great homages here to The Great Escape) fail.

Hope comes in the form of a rooster, Rocky (Mel Gibson) who escapes from the circus. The chickens hide him and in return he promises to teach them how to fly and escape, but Rocky is just a "chicken cannon"...


Superb animation, great slapstick and excellent voices add immensely to a great screenplay. Add in some homage to classic movies like "The Great Escape", "Indiana Jones" and you have a winner.


The only minor issue i had was that most of the voices had a british accent and may be tough for everybody to follow.


Superb, Simply Superb! Two thumbs up, way up! :up: :up: What else do you expect from the creators of "Wallace & Gromit"?

MY Rating: 10/10 :fresh:
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