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Cheaper By The Dozen is about Steve Martin as Thomas Baker, a dad of 12 kids, as he struggles with dealing with them all. There's Hillary Duff, Piper Perabo, Tom Welling, and a bunch of unknowns. But then he signs for his dream job as a college coach, and the kids get all bitchy about it. So they move to Chicago where their oldest daughter, Nora (Piper Perabo), lives. She lives with Ashton Kutcher, who plays a very crappy actor and a dumbass. Life imitates art.

The acting in this movie was pretty good from everyone. The main little kid, Mark, looks like a young, skinny Harry. Piper Perabo was hot as always. Tom Welling kicked ass. The unknown kids weren't all that great, but they weren't horrible. Then there's Ashton Kutcher. Finally he gets Punk'd! The kids totally fucked him up! They certainly are great kids! Steve Martin was a very good casting choice, he was much better in this than in Bringing Down the House or Looney Toons: Back In Crap.

This is the best family movie of the year, and I reccomend everyone (including those who hated the trailer, like me) to see it.

Oh, and I almost forgot: They showed the Garfield teaser. This is gonna be absolutely disgusting! The dog they used for Odie looks in no way at all whatsoever like Odie. It said at the start, In The Summer of 2004, get ready for some "frisky" business! And then Garfield danced in his underwear and ruined his reputation in the process. It looks nothing like Garfield (or the Garfield poster for that matter)!
Looked pretty funny w/ Steve Martin, I just might has to go see it.

I was pleasantly suprised by this one since it didn'y look good at all and it had a horrible Tomatometer. Funny with great characters. A good family movie.
Great movie. I thought it was alittle cheesy, but over all it was good. Steve Martin plays a dad that is on his last end watching his 12 kids while his wife is outta town. I like this movie. Very funny, the theater was laughing through the whole movie.
i liked cheaper by the dozen despite all the reviews...:fresh:
I went and saw Cheaper By the Dozen last night. It was really cute, nothing like the book, but really cute. Bonnie Hunt did a wonderful job with Steve Martin; they were hilarious. Some of the kids' pranks were predictible, okay all of their pranks were, as well as the plot, but it was still funny.

Favorite moment: Mark is trying to catch his pet frog, Beans (whose mother is Pork :D), whom he finds on top of the lamp above the kitchen table, while the family is just sitting down to eat. He begins inching his net up toward the lamp, and just when it's about there, his dad yells, "Mark, NO!!" Too late. The frog jumps off and lands in the scrambled eggs, which go flying. The whole family is now covered in eggs. The frog proceeds to hop through all the food while the whole family tries to catch it. Everyone's a mess. The mom and dad corner it. Steve Martin has the net and rushes forward to get it, but slips on some of the food and lands flat on his back. The frog jumps, but Steve makes a miraculous catch with the net and tells Mark to take him back to his cage. Mark takes the net, turns, and knocks all of his mom's glasses and teacups onto the floor. Bonnie Hunt stands there with her eyes closed and asks, "Are they all broken? Everything? The nice teacup with the roses?" Very funny, and very realistic, if you have 12 kids.

All in all, it teaches good family values and is hilarious in the process.
This movie is one of the best movies I have seen this year! If your looking for a funny, heartwarming tail this is the movie for you. You will laugh throughout the whole movie! It's a well written, family story, that will just blow you away!
Movie was better then I thought but ehh.. it has its touchy moments. Kinda boring at times too but it was funny. Anyway I just finished my novel for English.. its called April Morning if anyone ever read it. Its not that bad though I didnt like the ending much. well I guess thats it..
Totally loved it!!! We will buy this DVD when it comes out!
i really liked this movie. jared padalecki was in it!
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