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Chasing Liberty 2004

Anna Foster has never had an ordinary life. At eighteen years old, she is the most protected girl in America; she is the First Daughter. Frustrated with her overprotective father, the...

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 6.1



:fresh: :up: They say that Chasing Liberty is pretty rotten but they havent gotten everyone's opinion about the movie.
I havent seen the movie yet but I like Mandy Moore and I think that she is a good actress and I think that the movie is going to be great and even if it is not what I expect it to be, Man give her a chance it is only her second movie. I mean have you seen A Walk To Remember? That was great its
probably not what the critics wanted but because they want to see killing, sex, and drugs all the time but it was a good movie for a couple to sit down and watch maybe try to get your boyfriend to cry or maybe you just feel like crying, but either way I think someone will end up crying in the end even if you are not the crying type.

Well that's my journal for today, I'm Hotchilly07 and have a great day
First of all... Thank you so much to my wonderful friends. I honestly thought you guys would just ignore this stupid stuff but I see that you have checked it out so... hoff! I was really excited when I saw your comments, I actually giggled my pants off! I am so excited... That's it... Hahahaha...:D

Ok... Last week I saw this trailer of Mandy Moore's new movie, CHASING LIBERTY, and I was really excited. 4 years ago, if you told me that there was a new Mandy Moore flick out, I really wouldn't care... I didn't like her, she looks so whiny and b***chy in that mtv of her song "Candy". But somehow, that really changed. Weird...but I think she really changed into a better person over the years. And if I think she was really "vomitotious"- to borrow from her vocabulary" - in "Princess Diaries", I now think that she's the rose in her new movie "chasing liberty".

I don't want to make this the "hail" mandy entry but going to watch this movie, I'm going to be expecting a usual teen "chick"y" flick. But I'm going to be partial in criticizing it. Not just 'coz its a mandy movie but because it's a teen friendly movie. How that adds up, up to you...:confused: But I'm gonna use both reasons. I like her and I absolutely think she's better at acting than Britney -:down: in Crossroads- or Beyonc
I liked this movie even though im not a teenage girl. I thought mandys acting was good in this role. It is a teen movie though and is predictable almost from the start. I would say this film is better than the first 2 films she had a lead role in weather or not the box office will reflect that is yet to be seen. It shouldn't be hard to pass up her last film how to deal which left the theatres still in the red. You can see though that mandy has the talent to go far in the movie industry.
Ok, if so many people out there don't like Mandy Moore, then why are people paying money to go see her??? And they keep offering her roles, cause they know the young people out there like her. I thought this was a cute romantic movie for people of all ages. I thought the acting was good, the story was good as well as the settings. I also liked the music that was played in the movie too. So for all those people out there that didn't like this movie, there are those out there who keep going to see her on the screen, and like her work.
Oh my God...I just saw chasing liberty...and Matthew Goode is so frigin hot I mean incredibly hot its scary how hot he is..and its such a good movie i love mandy moore shes awesome. so i'm 16 and I guess I should tell you now what boys are on my top five list..hrmm well theres Chad Micheal Murray, Shane West, Matthew Goode, sean william scott, and John yes I enjoy So if you ever hear me talking about them you'll know I'm also a sucker for accents which could explain my obsession with Matthew Goode...:D hehe yea but anyways i'll talk to you about more movies later..night night
I have no idea what I'm doing, I just wanted to rate some movies. Chasing Liberty (which got :rotten: )was the last movie I saw. So I decided to rate that. It was pretty good, maybe just because I'm a teenager, and the guy was hot, but I thought the point of the movie was good for a romance. I like Mandy too, I think she is a good actress for these types of roles. And just because it has her in it and her character is a young woman looking for freedom, doesn't mean its a bad movie.:up: :fresh:

Also, I don't get the point of critics, they get paid to watch movies and give their opinion. Everyone has a differnent opinion, especially when it comes to movies, a lot of people like a movie bacause of the way it was made, effects, writting, etc., but some people like certian movies becasue they can relate to them, or they like a character, or something that is personal like that. Now, if critics just stuck to whether the acting was good, the script was written good/poorly, and thematic elements, them I might like them, but they put too much personal thought into some of their work.:rotten:

Directed by: Andy Cadiff
Writing credits: Derek Guiley and David Schneiderman
Duration: 111 minutes

Date Watched: January 20, 2004
Brief Summary:
Anna Foster (Mandy Moore), a young and beautiful adolescent who, just like any other teenage girl, thrives on thrills and new things. There is one aspect of her life that sets herself differently from the rest; Anna is President James Fosters' (Mark Harmon) first daughter. Anna feels deprived of her freedom as her fathers' civil servants and secret agents are constantly watching over her. While she is accompanying her father on a political campaign in Europe, she persuades him to allow her one single night alone without her guards. But when Anna discovers his promise was broken, she sets out on an escapade and runs away heading to Berlin, only to meet the love of her life on the way, Ben (Matthew Goode). From there, the two start their journey through many parts of Europe and soon discover their growing love for each other.

I have always appreciated Mandy Moore as a musician and for her down-to-earth personality. She is one of the very few teenage girls who have not been subjects of society's ways of portraying the "idealist" pop star; that in mind I must continue to comment the movies overall performance. As for story, I found it some what mundane, there isn't anything original about the idea or interesting for that matter; I did however, find the subtleties of contemporary romance to be a little enduring which I love. Mandy Moore does an excellent job in teeny romance films but I do hope to see her in something more mature, maybe something of drama.

Score: **/***** or ***/**********
Score System:
1 - Horrific
2 - Bad
3 - Mediocre
4 - Good
5 - Brilliant
Darn it to heck, being the First Daughter blows! You can't even date! Forget about the exclusive privileges or political possibilities, the desideratum for Anna is to live freely, if only so that she can spout repetitive cant about, well, living freely. In the world of Mandy Moore, secret service agents exist as extensions of untrusting parents, keeping tabs on her to make sure she doesn't do anything naughty rather than protecting her from those who would compromise national security. At least the sinecure affords Agents Weiss and Morales a little flirtation time in a subplot that attempts to add an adult romantic sensibility but proves just as childish. The script is the usual boilerplate about attractive people who affectionately squabble and aren't entirely honest with each other, and the film jumps from one pretty locale and one European stereotype to another. Moore is her standard perkily fake self, always ingratiating, her line readings and comportment just too precise and rehearsed to be (as was her obvious intention) spontaneously cute; Matthew Goode, as Ben, the Brit agent-cum-love interest, seems to be channeling Rupert Everett through a block of wood.
Chasing Liberty is one reason why I don't know why the movie industry doesn't understand that the audience feels fooled for their money. This movie sucked quite a lot. I mean, for a bit of entertainment it's enough, but the story was weak, the acting was weak, the soundtrack was weak, the whole idea was weak. I didn't even finish watching it, I have better things to do.
Alrighty I didn't watch any movies today so I'll tell about some I've already seen.

:fresh: How To Deal was a good movie. It's a little depressing in the middle but that's life for you. I think people expect too much from movies these days. This movie went for the teenage Mandy Moore fans and that's who identifies with this movie.

:rotten: I can't describe how much I hated this movie. I don't even remember what I thought was so horrible about it but I think I was expecting a little more comedy or action. Either one of those and it might have been better.

:fresh: Let me tell he was a hottie. There are no words to describe him. I love a man with an accent and he has one so there you go.

:fresh: The same that goes for this that went for How To Deal. This movie was better though because even my mother liked this. I think this is the new generation's Parent Trap or whatnot. You know those family movies you remember watching forever. Like I'll never forget watching Free Willy five times in a row.
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