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Charlotte's Web 2006

Wilbur the pig is scared of the end of the season, because he knows that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches a plan with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure that this will never happen...

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Visually beautiful. Good voice over. Dakota Fanning is excellent, as usual.
This movie was the same film as the origional and nothing was special or new. Good family film but if you need to see this movie, get the original, its shorter too.
Nice movie that we have seen before and read. Follows the traditional story for the most part, with better computer graphics when it comes to the animal interaction. I would have waited for this movie on DVD and not paid the 10 bucks but when you take the kids or grandkids it makes it worth it.
There is a difficult battle in the worlds of animated films and films with talking animals. You have to make the film realistic, so you can believe the animals are actually talking. But you don't want to make it overwhelm the movie. The same goes for casting the voices. When you book a celebrity for the vocal roles, you want them to be recognizable, and to match their personalities. But you don't want the viewers to sit there the whole time picturing the star. It's a tough battle, and one that even good films in those genres do not always succeed in. In the ideal film of this sort, the audience will sit there for the first part of the movie and be impressed with the realism of the animals yapping, and feel heppy hearing familiar voices. But then, all of that will go away because the film just sucks you in.

Charlotte's Web nails it. The animals looked great while talking, and the celebrity voices were dead on. But about a third of the way through, I was so caught up in the film that I barely noticed again. The story is a classic. I read it in elementary school. The animated films is also a classic. So it took guts to tackle the work in a live-action style. With Babe, we saw that you can make a pig cute. And the standard sheep, horses, cows, and geese all work well. But the challenge came from the fact that two of the main characters were a rat and a spider.

I don't know about you, but I hate those two animals. They give me the willies. So, trying to make a rat look cute is no easy task. Making a realistic spider look nice is virtually impossible. So, the film took America's sweetheart Julia Roberts and gave her the challenge of making that hideous creature appealing. And she did just that. I felt like the old work horse Ike as I watched the movie - he hated spiders, but he learned to love that one. Don't get me wrong, I still am going to stomp on and/or spray any spider that wanders near me. But in the movie, the spider became, dare I say, cute. Most of that was due to Roberts' matronly tones. Some of it was due to absolutely incredible animation.

The movie was sweet and nostalgic without being sappy. It was funny without being slapstick. It was dramatic and touching without being maniuplative. And it brought back the innocent world of an America of years past, and it made it relatable and relevant again. Most of us can remember days when county fairs were more than just a gigantic money pit. We remember a time when we talked to our neighbors. And we may even remember when simple wonders of life were more important than celebrity trash and reality shows. That is the timeless appeal of the original work of Charlotte's Web. It reminds us what it was like to be a kid before the realities of death and debt weighed us down. We remember what it was like to be so convinced that something was right - even though it was illogical and ridiculous. And we honestly believed we could change the world - if not the whole world, then at least our little part.

I watched my son as he watched the film. He is still in that stage - where he is in wonder at things I drive right by. And he so enjoyed the film. He liked the talking animals, the funny stuff, the cute pig. But he also was sad when the inevitable demise of Charlotte happened. When I asked him his favorite part, he said it was the end - when Charlotte's three daughters stayed with Wilbur. That makes sense. He loved the hope that it brought - that Wilbur would still be happy with triple the friends, even though the circle of life was very real. And I liked that part too. It was a good reminder that tough times don't last forever, and that things are often just for a season. And it was a good reminder that we CAN change our little worlds. I needed both of those lessons.

It was a sweet, funny, enjoyable family film - harkening back to those days when you could show your kids a movie that they would love for years, and not worry they were going to learn a negative lesson or see some damaging image. That's my kind of movie - when the worst thing my kid is going to see is a spider or a rat. And they got to learn some important lessons as well - and so did I. It was a well-spun tale all around. (golly, what horrible puns)
This movie gets the "10" because it was the funniest movie I've ever seen.
Did you see the microphones at the top of the screen in every scene without animals? There was yellow microphones, red microphones, shadows of microphones, and maybe a camera-man or two. The movie had a production budget of $85 million; couldn't they edit out the microphones? Or did all the money go towards paying Oprah, Julia Roberts, Dakota Fanning and the rest of the cast. Thank you and good day.

Charlotte's Web (2006)
My Rating: 10/10

I never read the book. I've never seen the animation. So I came into this movie fresh. And I was not expecting much and I came out from it feeling like I got my money's worth. We rarely get to go out to the theater. And we actually had to drag the kids to see this as they would rather bum around at home. I guess the thought of sitting in a theater where you can't walk around, grab something from the fridge, play a game and bug each other is a waste of time. But they survived and downed a large bag of popcorn in the process.

Charlotte's Web is well acted as far as Dakota Fanning is concerned, but the heart of the story is the story. Plain and simple. The friendship Wilbur and Charlotte make. The sacrifice, the dedication, and promises. It's heartfelt, it's warm, it's sad.

I wished we saw this before Christmas. I bet it would have put me in the Christmas spirit a little bit more. But I'm glad I saw it. And I'm giving it a '10′. A '10′ because as a rated "G" film its perfect for the family, it's perfect for adults who want to reminisce about an old book they read as a kid, it's perfect because there's nothing wrong with watching a movie with such a good message about friendship, hope and promises.

An afternoon well spent. And I'm sure it'll add to some future evenings of the same feelings once it comes out on DVD. A definite 'must-own' and a definite family outing -- while you have the chance!
Charlotte's Web is a children's movie and the book was rated as the most popular books all of times during the 70s. This was enough for me to get interested and go and see the movie.

The movie is about a girl's love for a pig -- after she saves it from her father's intention of killing it for pork. Soon the pig is put in the neighbor's shed where the pig develops friendship with all the other animals -- horse, cows, sheep, rat and a spider. After knowing that it is a spring pig and won't be alive to see the Christmas snow because it would be killed, he requests the spider to help him. The spider builds its web to showcase the pig with new words -- words selected by rat's help -- so that the pig would be called special and be saved. There is a competition and our pig wins the best pig medal that helps him to survive and see the Christmas snow.

I have not read the novel but to me the movie seems to be a good adaptation of the novel. The main problem with the movie is that the direction lets it down -- in not providing anything more interesting than usual stuff that is expected from such movies, and that is its biggest drawback. The movie does not hold interest. Children may enjoy a basic story stuff.

(4.5 Stars)
the cast couldn't have been better.
A top-notch adapatation of the beloved children's book, featuring great performances by Dakota Fanning and the rest of the voice actors and live actors. The voice casting itself is a real coup, featuring the likes of Robert Redford as an old horse and Kathy Bates and Reba McIntyre as the cows. It stands head and shoulders above most kids' movies, and is well worth adult viewing. I have really only 3 complaints with this version. One is that the geese are somewhat awkwardly animated, and look rather fake. The second is that in trying to portray her Charlotte as somewhat realistic, gone is some of the femininity of the older, animated version. She looks much more like a simple, hairy spider. For me at least, there was a significant degree less emotional investment and attachment in and to her... and the movie was not as affecting as a result. My final complaint is that in the penultimate moment of the movie, Fern leaves Wilbur to ride the ferris wheel with her new potential boyfriend. It's obviously a conceit to get her on the ferris wheel so that shots of her riding it to the top can be juxtaposed with Wilbur's victory... but it's so out of character for Fern to leave Wilbur at that moment that it really knocks the wind out of the finale of the film. Still, these are all relatively small quibbles, and the movie is definitely solid and a keeper.

This was one of my favorite books as a kid, so of course I loved it! I thought this was a cute movie, for all ages. Yes it's really for the kids, but I think everyone could walk away having enjoyed this film. I thought the acting was decent, the story was good, good script, the animation on the animals was good also/ See this film
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