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Charlie Wilson's War 2007

A drama based on a Texas congressman Charlie Wilson's covert dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with the Soviets have some unforeseen and long-reaching effects...

Release Date:
December 20, 2007, UTC
102 min
Mike Nichols
John Slattery, Carly Reeves, Spencer Garrett, ...
Drama, History, Comedy, ...
USA, Germany

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Solar rating:8.2


Imdb rating:7.1

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Felt like it was thrown together, dragged in parts, then rushed in others. Who picks these movies for awards>??? Idiots.
Nudity and the "F" Bomb in the first 25 minutes sent me out of the theatre. Not impressed.
OMG....this movie is awesome!! By far the best movie to come out this xmas season. Love the story about the debonair congressman and the role he plays in defending our great Nation. I never knew Pakistan played such a huge role in defending our freedom and bringing down the Soviet Union in the 80's.....much like they are doing right now fighting the war on terror for us. Julia roberts was great! This movie is a must see for anyone. Im even going to buy the book too now..
Well done movie. The movie was fast paced, and very witty. You have to pay attention and listen closely to catch most of the jokes. A lot of nudity, somewhat gory images, so do not take the kids. I was pleasantly surprised to find that although the overall message was somewhat "critical" (for lack of a better term) of USA policy, it was definitely not even remotely close to an Anti-American movie (something that I was afraid it could have turned into). Overall: great message, witty, entertaining, good movie! Definitely something I think people should see.
Could have been a really good pic. Hanks and Roberts, in my opinion, could have phoned in their performances. Philip Seymour Hoffman was GREAT as usual and deserves his GG nomination.I dozed off a couple of times and was not even tired. Just bored! The buzz in the theatre was more of a communal shoulder shrug!DID SOMEONE SAY THE FANTASTIC ACTRESS, EMILY BLUNT, WAS IN THIS MOVIE??? MUST HAVE BEEN WHEN I WAS DOZING!!
I am sorry to say that my husband and I were bored with this movie. It could have been a great movie if we could have connected with the characters. It seemed all surface and gloss and talk, talk, talk (politics). I do understand that if a person likes to learn about history...this certainly was a historical movie. But it was still boring. The acting was excellent...but the actors did not delve into the personal lives of the main characters enough to make it personal to the audience.Sorry I don't love this movie as much as many of you did.
Very timely topic with Pakistan on the front pages...or is that Afghanistan...anyway...great acting with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts (would have liked to see more of her). Very entertaining if you like a real storyline that requires some thought. Some sarcastic comments could be missed if you are not paying close attention.The politically incorrect aspects were most appealing. Charlie says "You can teach 'em to type but ..." (go see the movie)Love that line...Happy Viewing...Auto G
I just saw this movie and i must say it was good, but it could have been so much better! I mean it could have been so much more entertaining. Please go buy the Book "Charlie Wilson's War" you will get the real picture... the movie doesnt do it justice.What the movie didnt show you was the real war in Congress at the time and nothing about Pakistan was real. They could have at least filmed it there and shown the real Pakistan as well as included some Pakistani actors. Also they didnt show the Stinger missiles or the CIA director William Casey or how the freedom fighters were striking inside the USSR. There was nothing about the C-5 flights to Islamabad landing in the middle of the night disgorging untold amounts of weapons and war supplies..or Wilsons battles in Congress to secure AID against the vile india paid US congress (Democrat of course). The movie also failed to capture the real struggle of the afghans against the Soviets.Also...some footage of Reagan would have been appreciated..after all he was our cold war hero! I think Charlie Wilson should REMAKE THIS MOVIE !!
Besides being entertaining, you will learn a little bit history. Proves that we do not really know what is happening today until years from now.
It's so typical...when a liberal (both moral and political) Democrat spends billions of tax-payer dollars in an un-declared war, which BTW trained and armed the Osama bin Laden's of the world, it is hailed as being patriotic. Yet, when that same party denigrates President Bush for going to a real war, with Congressional approval, he is accused of war-mongering and worse. Typical Hollywood B-Spin.
Good story and well acted. Philip Seymour Hoffman was great!
I did not realize this was based on a true story..very interesting.I enjoyed the acting, it was a little slow in the middle, but most movies are like that, but truly interesting what our country did, but also SAD at the end. The fact that our government can start a war, kill so many people and destroy their country is bad enough, but for us to now walk away and not improve the country once we devestated it. That part was and is sad, as we still do that..a must see though.
I generally don't like Tom Hanks movies. Usually far too hokey or (God forbid) to preachy ("Philadelphia").But this one is top notch. Another Oscar contender for sure. Hanks makes Charlie Wilson come alive.Good work.
Highly recomended by a friend,my wife and I were completly disappointed of this movie.We think that the cast was not the appropiate for this movie, although great actors and actres did delivery, they lacked to conect dots between audience and caracters.
I loved every amazing, and comical, and entertaining scenes in Charlie Wilson's War, All Three Oscar Winners delivered such best, and worth-watching performances. Especially for Roberts who hasn't been in a movie since she won her Oscar for Erin Brockovinch, She really played the role in the movie with so much grace, class, and worth-watching. Hanks made the leading role so worth-seeing, and Hoffman simply did his performance worth-comical and worth-seeing as well. I simply would say this movie was good.
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