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Charlie Wilson's War 2007

A drama based on a Texas congressman Charlie Wilson's covert dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with the Soviets have some unforeseen and long-reaching effects...

Release Date:
December 21, 2007
102 min
Mike Nichols
John Slattery, Carly Reeves, Spencer Garrett, ...
Drama, History, Comedy, ...
USA, Germany

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 7.1

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La quimica entre Hanks,Roberts y Hoffman dan un buen toque ademas el argumento inteligentem,ente adaptado mejorado con un toque de comedia sarcastica a unio de los acontecimiento actuales de mayor importancia en el dia de hoy.

Es excelente de todos los puntos de vista
A great movie, both in subject and style. Funny and irreverent, with a great set of characters and parts. Tom Hanks was superb as Charlie and Julia Roberts was wonderful as the beautiful Houston socialite. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was a great fit for the CIA agent role and was thoughtfully played. One of my all time best movie picks!
Every time I see it I find more wonderful little thoughtful items placed strategically in the movie to improve the humor and tie it together as a package. Bravo!
A must see movie.
Charlie Wilson's war is a movie about a playboy congressman who finally wakes up to the seriousness of war that is plaguing Afghanistan, so he aims to do something about, he plans to launch the biggest and most secretive covert operation in history.

This was a film I like form the opening scene it was fresh, smart, original, daring, funny, heart warming and dare I say it. Inspirational. This movie was very good in the way it played out and it convinces you that even the most self-centered and non ambitions person can become a hero to many(too bad it was to a nation that later attacked us.) It's premise is something new that hasn't been done quite this way before, it turns an egotistical, playboy, have a good time, congressman into a real man instead of the man-boy he was in the beginning.

Tom Hanks turns in an impressive and dynamic performance as the real life Charlie Wilson and Phillip Seymour Hoffman follows right along with him but is even more dynamic and astounding then Hanks is. The only let down in this films is Julia Roberts, her performance was awful and quite annoying but still actually good. Amy Adams who I thought was great but should have had a bigger part she brings an innocents and grace to this films sexual and sometimes Violent themes(I have zero problem with violence) but she gives the film a spark of style and charm and really brings up this film in a very positive way.

As for the story, the story was amazing Mike Nichols brings out the parts of this odd ball sequences of events and turns into an even more odd ball dramedy that is both eye and mind candy. It's a glorious exultation of grandeur and style and of one man's journey form being a nobody to being a somebody and how you can change things around you if you just give it a shot.

It's a great zero to hero story that you can enjoy again and again and each time you see it you'll have the same feeling of patriotism and glory that Senator Wilson felt. It's a film that you can't overlook. All in all Charlie Wilson's War is one fight you want to be part of.
It is hard to appreciate this movie when you realize the modern day implications of handing the USSR its own Viet Nam.
I don't need to state about the performances of all the 3 actors out here, they have and will be A class. Tom, Julia &Philip star in this true story about, how some one develops humanity over a war going on in a third world nation and as the rest of the world doesn't care about it, only to find out you were helped only because someone made all the moolah!

VeRDiCT --- Hey! I always mentioned, I like movies about true stories and where people and we can make a difference!
Good one ****
another hard to watch film
Many people still dont get it. They and most of us, the general public (not to be confused with Joe the Plumber) are normal rational decision makers, while Politicians represent the fringe characteristics most of us identify with as... crazy (for lack of a better word).

Of course this movie plays out like political satire, what do you think most Politicians lives are like? Hanging out in airport bathroom stalls getting your strange on, fighting against immoral behavior while paying call girls for happy endings, selling your damn President's Senate seat...list goes on.

So, critic au gatin what is strange about this movie is that it wasnt more over the top. Stop yanking my chain!
A rather boring movie that could have been much better especially with the wonderful cast it has.
Based on the novel by George Crile, Charlie Wilson's War tells the true story of a laid-back congressman, a Texas soicalite, and a CIA agent secretly funding Afgan freedom fighters being invaded by Soviet troops. The genre of the film is not always apparent, sometimes playing out like a government satire than a serious political drama, with a sharp,funny script and the subtle bashing of the American government. The movie also boasts great performances from lead players Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Phillip Seymoar Hoffman, and Amy Adams. It's also interesting to learn the story of how the Soviet Union fell. However, there are a few annoying problems, especially in the narrative, which doesn't always seem to give the full story. Also, Mike Nichols direction seems too fixated at times,particuarlly a scene in which the camera focuses on Amy Adam's ass for 15 seconds. It never fails to entertain, however, so all of the flaws could be ignored. Should you see Charlie Wilson's War? Some may find it boring or underdone, but it is one of the better films of 2007.
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