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Chariots of Fire 1981

Two British track athletes, one a determined Jew and the other a devout Christian, compete in the 1924 Olympics...

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Nice film about Olympic runners in 1924 that speaks to universal values of honor and courage pluis it has a great soundtrack. I enjoyed watching it again. Thanks for the link, Plague

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This is certainly one of the blandest of the best picture winners. It's a good story with fine acting, good production values, subtly directed. But it just isn't best picture material. The period detail and flavor is commendable.
Full review to come.
I continue renting and rewatching past Academy award winners for Best Picture. In this edition Ordinary People and Chariots of Fire.

The winner for Best Picture for 1980 was Ordinary People. The other nominees were Raging Bull, Elephant Man, Coal Miner's Daughter and Tess. Other notable films include The Stunt Man, The Great Santini, Resurrection, Private Benjamin, Fame, Melvin and Howard, The Empire Strikes Back and The Shining.

Directed by Robert Redford, Ordinary People is a drama about an upper middle class familycoping with the loss of a son and brother in a tragic boating accident. On the surface, it's a perfect family, but each person deals with the loss, and each other, in different ways. Teenager Conrad (Timothy Hutton) blames himself for the death of his brother Bucky, and after a suicide attempt ends up in the hospital. When he gets out he becomes more distant. He has a cold relationship with his mother Beth (Mary Tyler Moore) as she often acts like nothing happened, seeminly more concerned with maintaining the family's social status than anything else. His father Calvin (Donald Sutherland) remains patient and very supportive of Conrad, encouraging him to reach out for any help he may need. Eventually Conrad enlists the services of psychiatrist Dr. Berger (Judd Hirsch) who offers Conrad an ear, but no easy solutions. Conrad has trouble integrating back into school, distancing himself from old friends and interests. Eventually he seeks out an old friend named Karen he met while hospitalized. She seems to be doing much better than him. He also finds one supporter at school, a classmate named Jeannine (Elizabeth McGovern) who helps him feel normal again. However Conrad's fragile world is shattered when he learns his hospital friend Karen has committed suicide. Things become more tense between Conrad, Beth and Calvin.

Ordinary People is an intelligent family drama that touches on the issues of loss, depression and suicide in a highly insightful fashion. The film is as topical today as it was 25 years ago. Robert Redford's direction is excellent as he never strives for cheap melodrama. The film's realism, this could be anyone's family, and strong performances makes this film work. Although Hutton's character is the focus of the story, the terrific performances by Donald Sutherland and Mary Tyler Moore anchor the film. You feel like you know these people. Obviously one can argue Raging Bull or Elephant Man for best picture of 1980, but Ordinary People is no slouch.

The winner for Best Picture for 1981 was Chariots of Fire. The other nominees were Atlantic City, On Golden Pond, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Reds. Other prominent films included Absence of Malice, Arthur, The French Lieutenant's Woman, Das Boot, Excaliber and Body Heat.

Chariots of Fire,directed byHugh Hudson, was a surprise winner of 1981's Best Picture. The drama, based on a true story, is set in the 1920's and focuses on two very different young runners and their quest for Olympic gold. Harold Abrahams (Ben Cross) is a Jewish Englishman attending Cambridge. Eric Liddell (Ian Charleson) is a deeply religious Christian from Scotland. They compete, they train, and they contemplate the meaning behind it all.

To put it bluntly, Chariots of Fire is a snooze fest. I was hoping I could gain some new appreciation for this film after rewatching it for the first time in years, but it's beyond tedious. Although the film does contain a highly literate script, it's totally lacking in drama, which is confounding considering competitive sports as a movie subject generally supplies ample drama, although not always a good film. Instead I found the film pretentious and the acting (aside from Ian Holm) flat. Instead of the triumphant climax, the film sputtered to it's end and I never felt anything for the two main characters or their stories. The best part of the film was the opening slow motion sequence of the runners on the beach set to the music of Vangelis. The film stayed in slow motion the rest of the way. Chariots of Fire is a contender for worst ever Best Picture Winner in my book.

I am still baffled as to how this movie won best picture, but after last nights Oscars I'm not surprised. The movie is about two different runners from different countries and different religions. They are both suuposed to be the best and there goal is to go up against each other in the olympics.
The only good performance in this was Ian Holm which really isn't surprising to me. The two main leads in this I don't even know and neither one of them were very good. The best way for me to describe this movie is mediocre in all areas. Everything about it just ok, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
even in the 80's there were crappy movies
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This beat Raiders of the Lost Ark for Best Picture?

Yeah, right.
25 years later like people are awaiting the next installment of Chariots of Boredom?
Chariots of Fire
Directed by:Hugh Hudson

This is my first Buster Keaton film.

It's definately solid slapstick, inspired gags and all.

But seeming as how they had a big arguement over him in 'The Dreamers', I'd have to say I fall on the Chaplin side of the arguement, if this is a good representation of his work. While it's got all the joke brilliance of Chaplin, it doesn't have the heart.

Still, fun, funny, and I'd like to see more. The DVD has some shorts on it too, I'll watch them soon.


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