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Chandni Chowk to China 2009

An action-comedy about a simple cook from Chandni Chowk mistaken for the reincarnation of an ancient peasant warrior Liu Shengh by residents of an oppressed Chinese village...

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no links????????????
CC2C as it is called is a fun filled madcap journey from the busy streets of chandni chowk to a rural village of China.The lead actor(Akshay Kumar) plays Sidhu who is a simpleton who wants to get money,fame and women without any hardwork.This character is essayed with ease by Kumar.No doubt in his comic timing.Deepika has done a splendid job with her double role.
On the whole th film is great fun.
Quite a freneetic fun watching this movie..!!highly recommended..!!
Chandni Chowk to China is a fun fusion of Bollywood kung fu. If you are a fan of either genre, it is definitely worth a trip to see this film. The musical numbers are a hoot. Just when you think they are following the generic script, a bit of Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton is thrown in for spice. Chandni Chowk does not aspire to be a great film a la Lagaan, but it is an enjoyable ride in the style of Stephen Chow. Our star is a lovable Indian Daniel Day Lewis lookalike. He has an excellent capacity for comedy yet doesn't go too far over the line. One feels empathy for him and the audience cheers him on. For aspiring actors, this film offers "crying on cue 101" by all of the leads. The leading lady is gorgeous, and joins in the kung fun playing dual roles. Chandni Chowk is a good natured, loopy film. The title song musical number is worth the price of admission alone.
It truly was irritating to sit through the whole movie. It plot made no sense and the story had so many flaws it is not even funny. Even the humor was badly done.
so much money
big banner
big star cast
& same old comedy
depika is so much costly in free also
then double role
only 1 song i like
TERE naina
but that song they made with umbrella using as perashuit
ha poor director
Akshay Kumar has done it again. I only like this movie because of Akshay's humor.
Chandni Chowk To China is about a vegetable cutter who is lead to believe he is the reincarnation of a great warrior. He ventures off to China unknowingly expected to kill the village's evil ruler. This film is a martial arts comedy with a heartfelt center. There is a good moral about hard work buried deep within the film as well. The film is very enjoyable. There are laugh out loud scenes and there are scenes that will have you in tears. While this film is uneven and not quite classifiable, it is a great film and tons of fun.
It is really a dumb movie.A very dumb direction by director of 'Kal Ho Naa Ho'.A movie is a mess the screenplay is so untidy.It could be some better but screenwriters seems to be wrote the script while sleeping.Only few scene are enjoyable.The plot is good but screenplay killed the whole movie and rest of things is killed by thrashed direction by the nikhil advani.Akshay is more than average but he fails to save the movie.Worst of 2oo9 bollywood movies.
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