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Center Stage 2000

A group of 12 teenagers from various backgrounds enroll at the American Ballet Academy in New York to make it as ballet dancers and each one deals with the problems and stress of training and getting ahead in the world of dance...

Release Date:
May 12, 2000
115 min
Nicholas Hytner
Ashley L. Anderson, Luis Jose Lopez, David Schneider, ...
Drama, Music

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Solar rating: 9.9


Imdb rating: 6.6



i love the song 'if i was the one' by ruff ends .. i love the movie as well ..

This movie, while slightly on the cheesy/melodramatic side, is a fun, upbeat view into the world of ballet school and those who attend.
I really didn't enjoy this movie that much. It's not that it's bad but it's just too boring. I only enjoyed the end of the movie which is the dance show. Amanda Schull acted good and is an amazing dancer. I'll give the movie credit for that.
Don't you love that giddy feeling you get when you go to Best Buy or Barnes and Noble and you have a bunch of money to spend on DVDs or books? Sigh. I bought "The Thomas Crown Affair", "Center Stage", and "Something's Gotta Give" today with some of my birthday/graduation money. Eclectic taste as usual. Love them all, though.

I also smell like Versace Versus: Time for Pleasure, because I finally bought the perfume to go with my lotion/body wash. Mmmm.

I still have money, and I still have movies that must be bought. Not to mention those 60+ ones on my have to rent must be bad when movie watching becomes a chore. So I'll have to choose which ones I watch carefully. I'll start with something sexy, like "Y Tu Mama..." or "Lolita". It'll keep me fueled for the slower or more serious ones like "Beautiful Mind".

Don't have much else to say, except...I don't have school tomorrow! Why? Because I am a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE! :D

God, that feels good. I'm so ready. SO ready.

I have this urge to go to Pier 1 and start buying home accessories. For a travelling adventurer, I am going to be such a homebody in my own place.

I should write. Ha, that wonderful conversation about grasshopper pie I heard last night between two stoners. Or they were just retarded. Probably a little of both.

Off to soak my feeties in the tub. Mmmm.
The Terminal was good. There were many places that I thought they just said it is because we say so, neh. The acting was great, the directing was great, it was a heart felt movie. I really enjoyed it, despite the holes.

Center Stage was a ... a movie. Good dancing, but fell into the genre it was fit for and did not have much in originality.

Aswang was a hooror movie, what more do you want. It was not very original, I thought they had an original villain, and yet at one point they are back to using chain saws, why? It is more than disappointing and looking at the topic, my Phillipino friend who bought it told me about the history of the character and yes they did tell their children about these guys. But it was a horror film so it was raised a couple of points just for being fun.

The Stepford Wives was surprisingly funny. Unfortunatly humor was all it had going for it . The movie was not at all scary. The special effects were stupid. And is it wrong for me to want the Nicole Kidman character to die? The humor though was not that of a satire, but that of a comedy so was never that black or original. On the whole a bad movie. The men, though coming from places like NASA are idiots. I really hate the Kidman character. Predictable and pointless. Women suffrage is not in need of this film. Women are no longer fighting the house wife stigma, for the most part, and this film would have been more fifty years ago, you know when the first one was. The grade is so high because the humor was at least enjoyable on a non important basis.

Life is confusing. Jenn and I have been doing well. Nicole and I are going in between good and bad. It is hard staying as close as we are with signifigant others getting in the way. I feel a mixture of happiness and remorse over the fact I think I have made Matt and Paul jealous. Joy because I should never make any one jealous. Remorse because I don't want to do that to Paul. Fuke Matt.
I love this freaking Movie. Cuz Ive got canned heat in my heels tonight baby!!!
:) i absolutely love love love this film, i think it has great choreogrpahy in the 2nd ballet, its new and somehting a little bit different 2 freshen up ballet. i think it makes it alot more fun 2 watch. plus there is 2 very cute guys in it lol


Center Stage
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