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Okay, I'll admit that Catwoman isn't a great movie. The acting seems awkward, character development is all but missing and the special effects are noticeably fake. But this movie reminds me of another film this year, Van Helsing.

Both of these films took a famous character from books... one being comic books and the other being from a classic novel... and twisted their storyline around to create basically a new character baring the same name. And both had bad acting and included awful special effects. But Van Helsing worked for me in the end. It was bad, but the movie moved fast, and it was easy to forget the movies flaws.

And the same goes for Catwoman. I felt embarrassed at times for everyone involved in the movie. The huge lack of chracter development made most of the characters seem wooden. And the large collection of outdated one-liners make the movie seem foolish.

But the movie works if you suspend any belief that what you are seeing is logical and realistic. And it helps if you push away any idea of the Selena Kyle's Catwoman storyline. I know that people are mad this isn't her, but you have to understand this one thing. Michelle Pfeiffer didn't want to do the movie without Tim Burton. So why cast someone else in the role of Selena Kyle? Everyone would be up in arms over that as well.

Halle Berry does her best in this limited role. She eats up each scene she is in, and it was hard for me to hate her. This might be due to the fact that I wanted to like this movie. That I had a belief that it was a great movie, and no one was giving it a fair chance. But the movie is a good B-Grade film.

Compared to Spider-Man 2, Catwoman seems like a cheap cash in on the whole superhero craze controlling the box-office. This movie will probably go the way of The Punisher, and I would understand why. But if you like to just be entertained, and don't always care for logical storylines, give this movie a try
Catwoman was like the retarded kid of comic book flicks. It was tolerable, but damn did it really let me down in a sense. I thought it would have a much stronger story, but it didn't. I guess that's what you get when you make a movie about a villain from another comic book movie, Batman.

The action scenes of the movie were quite spectacular. Watching her fight bad guys in that bouncy Spiderman style was extremely entertaining to me. Watching her kick ass in a very sexual manner was worth seeing alone. Too bad that is the only good thing about this movie.

The most fun parts of this movie were watching our heroine, Catwoman, beat up the bad guys, while she strutted so calmly and sexily around them with her cocky grin. The sexy outfit she wore, hell, everything about her was sexy. It was sexy. It was great to get the hormones flowing.

Is it worth the ticket price? Sure. Hell, I may go see it again just because even though it was bad, it was actually exciting. It was also THAT sexy. Too bad it wasn't rated R. Seeing some bare breasts and maybe some kitty fur would have done me some good.
That movie was horrible. It had no plot, no humor, and featured a horrilbe Halle Berry performance. Halle Berry was absolutely terrible in this film, maybe it was the failure of the script, either way, the movie was a flop. Not worth a cent.

I'm giving it a 0 not to over exaggerate, but to truly emphasize the atrocity of this film. Rotten!!:rotten:
Holy shit, this is terrible!

And yet I like it...

I'll give you a recap to the best of my abilities:

Halle Berry will be playing the salacious Catwoman, as well as the annoyingly meek Patience Phillips. Speaking as a formerly anxious person, her portrayel of Patience bothered me: how did this woman win an Academy Award? Any half-witted actor could have played the cliche bumbling, nervous girl that she did. And any sex-idol could have been the vicious vixen, Catwoman. The solution? Hire a porn star.

Benjamin Bratt stars as the token justice-seeking cop. All heart and no intuition. Oh, swoon...

Sharon Stone plays the amazingly homely ex-supermodel and mislead villian. Her acne-cream of doom has given her skin a diamond-sharp quality making her impervious to pain. Which is good because you wouldn't want her getting any uglier during the otherwise messy fight scenes...

Theres also that pseudo-French guy from the Matrix. All I remember was his large nose. He was bad. Or something.

Ok...Credits open, showing Catwomen through the years. Aka, horribly superimposed pictures of kitties on Egyptian hyroglyphs, woodblock prints and the like.

Patience: Pardon me while I accidently bump into every single person on my way to work! I am so meek-I mean late!

Miss Swan: Hey honey-pardon me while I make highly annoying and unfunny comments about my attraction to the opposite sex. Oh look-a man!

Token Gay Guy Coworker: Comic-relief doesn't get any better than this, right? Oh look-a man!

Evil Company Director: Patience! You miserable fuck! Everything you do is wrong! Fix it all by midnight tomorrow or be fired! I yell a lot!

Patience: Gee wiz, I'm sorry. I'll go home, paint a terrible picture, and save an angry stray cat from a third-story ledge.


Mr. Heartthrob Cop: Hey lady, don't jump from the ledge. We'll save your magical invisible kitty and everything will be alllllll right.

Patience: Golly gee! Late again-everything goes wrong for me! I'll have to drive it up to the wharehouse at midnight to drop it off, unintentionally overhearing the horrifying secrets of the beauty-cream of doom. I'll run into a sewer system, being the genius that I am, and be flooded out into the river in an attempt to protect the company's secrets! Oopsie-daisies!

Cat: I breathe unto you the magical cat-breath of life!

Patience: Well, now that I'm the sleek and sexy Catwoman I've got to rip up a leather outfit and show as much cleavage as I can. Not to mention steal a motorcycle, sans reason, and rob a store of its priceless jewels.

Eh, I'll finish this later...
First off I planed on going to see the Bourne Supremacy. Of course my friends were late and we missed it. So we went to see CATWOMEN

Now as much as I wanted to walk out of the theatre hating this film, I just couldn't.

And here's why...

The movie did not start off nearly how I expected it. I thought it would have some cheesy opening sequence of how Hale becomes Catwomen. Instead the film goes back and fourth between past and present until coming to a conclusion. It certainly doesn't take itself too seriously and makes things flow nicely.

You will probably find that the most likable supporting cast character other than in the film is Alex Borstein who plays Sally (Hales Co-worker). She was the comic relief and you all may know her as Mrs. Swan from Mad TV.

The plot of the film was ok... meaning not excellent but interesting. Catwoman must fight a superhumanly strong woman (Sharon Stone) who got her powers from the effects of cosmetics. It does seem rather corny, but give it a chance because I found myself at some moments getting really into it. It reminded me of the Resident Evil trailer because Catwoman must stop the company before it release a product that will deteriorate your skin if you stop using it. It was pretty nasty. Thrown in with this is a love story, revenge after the men who killed her, Catwoman framed for murder, and a mystical element on how cats were once worshiped. You can add a dash of nifty basketball playing, some spoon fulls of life saving, robbing j...ewelry, payback to neighbors for playing loud r...ock music, tuna straight from the can, and you got yourself a glass of Catwoman Kool Aid

Although they change Catwomans name and it has nothing to do with Gotham or batman, they really do stay true to a lot of the comic with split personality and ect. While most people may complain about the costume, it really does look different on screen. There's also a major slow steady shot of Hales entire rear end. But that's not the point....

CGI. Wow I was shocked. Some of the CGI in this film was really, really good. The only cheesy CGI I can say that was not that decent is when a CGI Catwoman jumps out a window in a off white jump suit. CGI isn't heavily used during any of the fight scenes, but alot during her building hoping (like most superhero films). There also no bullet time what so ever (which I say is a major plus) and most of the fight scenes are more of a hand on hand combat, Kung Fu-ish style.

The only real problems I had was a few of the cheesy one liners and cat purrs. It's not really Hale Bare who makes a bad performance. It's the supporting cast that brings the movie down which sort of gives Hale an uplift. Besides all the good fighting Sharon Stone doesn't make a very good villain. Yeah she has super straight and all that good stuff but in the end it she just doesn't pull it off to me. Other performances by Lambert Wilson (Matrix) were just plain cheesy. Benjamin Bratt, Catwomans love interest really comes through and brings the movie together. The two of them work well together and makes the movie much more tolerable.

So if you like leather, whips, handcuffs, guns, motorcycles, fancy flips, and decent hand to hand combat you will enjoy it. The film never takes itself too seriously at all, and there are some funny jokes thrown at you. I had very, very, very, very, very low expectations and they surprised me. Hardcore fans of the comic will probably not like this except for the fighting. But character and story wise its a reinvented Catwoman (and better than Batman & Robin or Daredevil).

OVERALL 7 OUT OF 10 (Sort of pushing it)
horrible movie. halle is over.
Come on people, what did any of you expect from a summer movie from a director with only one name. Normally a film that is this bad would only bore me. It is so agressivly pretentious, campy and unintentionally funny at times that I was entertained in a plan 9 from outer space MST3000 sort of way. Ok, I still would have only given it 4 stars except it had Hally Berry in a leather dominatrix costume.
If I can describe this movie in one word it would be CAT-astrophe. This movie was horrible from beginning to the end. The only thing that could have made this any worse was if Joel Schumacher was the director.

There were only two good things about this movie.

1) Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman plays a very brief and small cameo, that you really have to look to see. This was good as it links this Catwoman to the Batman movie franchise.

2) Halle Berry wearing a sexy outfit. Catwoman is supposed to be one thing, a sex symbol. Halle Berry does an excellent job in bringing this main aspect of Catwoman to life.

Now I can go on all day about what was bad about this movie, but I will point out only the main points.

1) No plot, no story. This movie just didn't do it for me. If it were not for Halle Berry wearing that outfit I probably would have fallen asleep. Frankly a lot of the aspects in this film have been done so many times in other movies that it just gets way to tiresome.

2) The villains. Frankly these villains DO NOT strike fear into my heart. The thing about the Batman universe is that the villains are always psychologically twisted. Joker thinks it is funny to kill people. Two-Face has two very distinct personalities that overwhelm him. Riddler can't commit a crime unless he leaves a clue. Scarecrow is obsessed with what makes people scared. And Ra's Al Ghul just wants to kill off 99% of the planet and repopulate it. So what about the villainess in Catwoman? She wants to put face cream on the market, that causes the mother of all allergic reactions. Please, if I ever ran into that kind of criminal I would just laugh in their face.

3) Bad actting. Don't expect any Oscars for this movie folks.

4) The special effects. The effects in this film were way to rushed. It was pretty evident that it was a CGI Catwoman running across the rooftops. Also I think I saw some wires on Halle Berry from time to time.

Face it folks here's another flop in the Batman franchise. There was nothing worthwhile about this film. I'm hopping that Batman Begins can find some redemption. If I was ever going to see this movie again, I would much rather have CAT-aracts, or at least be CAT-atonic. Just shoot me now.
Halle Berry was one of the few things decent about this film. The acting, actually, from all the actors were good, but it was the plot that wasn't enough to keep it all together.
Catwoman had a lot of action in it, kept me interested. It was done very well. Halle did her character justice, as did Sharon Stone.
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