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Catfish 2010

Young filmmakers document their colleague's budding online friendship with a young woman and her family which leads to an unexpected series of discoveries...

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Imdb rating: 7.1


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oh the internet full of surprises. this is a good flick and a real good real life story.
@panty_hampster...ain't it so. i think it infected me. reinforces a soldier's general approach to any situation - "i don't KNOW excrement from apple butter except that i'm somehow being deceived"
I like how Nev approached the situation with sensitivity. It gave a humanistic view of the parties involved. I've started watching the TV episodes of the show now. In his own way, by the end of each show, the people were able to resolve, reach closure or expand these connections with others. He doesn't look to create dramas - i like that about Nev.
Yea, I know I already commented on this movie. But after watching it last night, I can't get this flick out of my head. So many different emotions on so many levels. Not for everyone. Look at the whole picture, and not just the individual pieces of it. There are happy people, and sad people. Good people, and bad people. Lots of friends people, and lonely people. And we're all in this big pond together. Happy fishing.
MMMMPH.(my comments, while possibly interesting, would prob'ly get me banished into outer darkness. so i muted myself.)
What a great documentary. I was even more surprised that it was totally real. Very sad, very happy, very well handled in the end. It could have been very devistating. Sadest part was the fact that Nev has a tramp stamp.
Yes @brye2323
WOW! I just watch this movie/documentary & it was really good. Then I watched the TV show catfish (the episode with Sunny & RJ/Jamison) Something is really wrong with some people. WTH? Im glad the same guy Nev is doing a TV show now. I cant wait for more episodes. If you watch this you will definitely trip out. This is reality.
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