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I love this Tom Hanks of his best.
One of the very few American atheistic films...and a great one.
WILSON! WILSON! everytime i watch that scene I'm reminded of "Bridesmaids" when Wigg is on the couch feeling sorry for herself just before mcarthy arrives. One of those good depressing movies!
hahahahahaa!!! @TankGirl
lol the first clicktoview link is X-MEN last stand. Ended up watching it anyway
Great movie. Tom Hanks plays a man who is in a plane crash. He has to learn to survive on items washed ashore from the plane and living off of the land. His best friend is a volleyball who he names Wilson. The movie is mostly Tom Hanks. This movie proves what a wonderful actor he is.
Only Tom Hanks could carry a movie all by himself.
This movie is an absolute gem. Only an actor of Hanks' caliber could pull off this complicated role, that of a confident, likeable, somewhat obsessed man thrust into the worst of possible scenarios.
After being stranded on an island in the Pacific following a FedEx plane crash, Hanks' character, Chuck Noland, must come to grips with his plight, struggling with survival techniques, depression and a host of other problems during his four years in isolation.
The employment of Wilson is brilliant. The volleyball gives the viewer glimpses into Noland's inner-workings, which are at times humorous and at times downright heart-wrenching. What would have essentially been a silent movie for most of its length shines as a study in a man's drive to live, while the very real likelihood of dying alone stares him down every day. Wilson provides us with a verbal accounting of this struggle.
The ultimate loss of Wilson marks the point where Noland finally succumbs to what he has long felt his destiny to be.
His unlikely rescue on the open ocean spins out into the story of Noland's second, more profound loss.
The image of the butterfly, first appearing on one of the salvaged FedEx packages, is Noland's symbol for hope...not just on the island, but after his rescue, as he tracks down the sender of the package. And leaves the viewer with hope as well, that he can find happiness after his ordeal.
Short script, little to no soundtrack...I can't deny this movie made a whole lot out of a whole lotta nothing.
Heartwarming and Breathtaking is how i would describe Castaway. Tom hanks moving and brilliant performance is an acting masterclass. There are so many moments in the film where there is no talking what so ever, But we are so connected to his character that we follow him on this incredible journey.
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