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Casper 1995

A paranormal expert and his daughter bunk in an abandoned house populated by 3 mischievous ghosts and one friendly one...

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Imdb rating:6

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ahhh great memories.i still remember watching this when i was a excited i was.that haunted mansion,lovable Casper and his 3 unwantedly friends,sweet Wendy and her dad,ginormous basement, i just love has some great laughs also has warm touch that can gives you guilty pleasure tears.and ending, that give us sweet smile with wanting more.i wished for a Casper for myself.such a heart-warming movie.
it's one of my childhood favorites.will never outgrow this.i still think this is a great movie to watch for any age.
@Xetrof i was just thinking the same thing xD
Wow. Has this website REALLY been around for 10 years? I'm amazed, for some odd reason.
again another childhood classic, just like matilda, andre, ect
Decent enough.
Great Kids Movie. An excellent Halloween Movie to get you in the mood for the season! Really good for someone Jeremy's age. Bill Pullman is so adorable. He can play the same dopey character every time and I still love him. Only because he's so cute!!! Animation in this movie was really a step forward for animation!
My God, that was bad. I had seen 'Casper' as a little kid and I always thought of it as an entertaining, slightly dorky movie. That was when I was 3. I hadn't seen it since then, and if I hadn't had a little reunion the day before Holloween this review would've been more positive(I would've given it a 6)than this one. All of the negetive reviews it got made me want to see for myself. I realize now how rotten this movie really is. Abdominal diolauage, terrible acting, and a story that has fewer brains than George W. Bush make this mess. Lines like,"Who ya gonna call, someone else"(that was supposed to be funny)and my all-time favorite description of what dying is like from a ghost,"dying is like being born, but backwards".BOMB.
Casper: 5/10

Christina Ricci.
A sweet kids movie that doesn't overdo the kiddy parts or the crazy villain. Everything works well enough to make it enjoyable enough that I have no problems watching it once a year or so.
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