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Casino Royale 2006

Armed with a licence to kill, Secret Agent James Bond sets out on his first mission as 007 and must defeat a weapons dealer in a high stakes game of poker at Casino Royale, but things are not what they seem...

Release Date:
November 17, 2006
144 min
Martin Campbell
Caterina Murino, Richard Branson, Richard Sammel, ...
Thriller, Crime, Action, ...
UK, USA, Germany,

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Solar rating: 8.2


Imdb rating: 8

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Great James Bond film, though I think I like Skyfall of the Daniel Craig as Bond films the best so far. Spectre is in the filming process also. Even though Eva Green is one of my favorite actresses, I would rate the Craig as Bond films as 1.) Skyfall, 2.) Quantum of Solace, 3.) Casino Royale. But by no means does that mean it's one to skip. If you're going to skip any set of Bond films, I recommend pretending the Brosnan films simply don't exist like most other Bond fans do. Haha.
Casino Royale = 8.5/10
One of my favorite James Bond. I give a 8/10
Daniel Craig is the best James Bond. Great movie.

daniel craig is amazing as bond

Video Not found, seems it was taken down.

I would call it my new favorite Bond film
:mad: :rotten: Where is Sean Connery or the other smoothe, handsome 007s when we
need them? I had to go to 31 Flavors and have a jamoca almond fudge
sundae to calm my nerves after viewing Casino Royale where at least 100 people, 100 cars, trucks, buildings & an historic building in Venice were destroyed. No fun, no humor, no sophistication, lots of blood, lots of mysterious unsolved situations and lots of blood. Ugh!
So, I've seen the new James Bond film.

It is ever more the adventure than I could have expected. After all the last minute hype for Die Another Day, on reflection it really on was a two out of four star movie, trailing GoldenEye by league's.

But Martin Campbell is back. And he has yet another new Bond. An even better one? Well, let's just say I've accepted Brosnan's day are over, and we can all rest easy on Craig. This is a different mold altogether.

Reading over the reviews, I'm surprised to see so many complain about the final act. Unlike the start, while impressive, the last act is the one that holds all the weight and caring. Then again, I'm one of those that thought the last act of Batman Begins was strong. MAny don't agree with me there.

Batman Begins, as noted, is the perfect example of where this Bond was headed. I was a fan of Campbell, but I didn't know he had this nuance in him.

This is the film of the 2006 Holiday season. See it all costs.
This movie does not know what it wants to be. A few good action bits, great at times. But Daniel Craig was boring. Gotta be the directors fault he killed in Layer Cake. Here he falls flat.

The theme song sucked royally too. I also don't like the changes made to the graphics.

Don't know what this was, the whole experience was disappointing. From the girls-Green has looked better- to the gadgets -there aren't any.

Way to long, we could'nt wait to leave. There really isn't much story. A depressing experience all the way.

I can't be excited for sequel to this movie. Not a James Bond you can be proud of.
I just saw this film...and it is definitly one of the BEST Bond films yet! The Bond acting by Daniel Craig is absolutely superb! The plot was totally awesome! This was even better than the Brosnan films! A definite MUST-SEE!!!
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