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Casablanca 1942

Set in unoccupied Africa during the early days of World War II: An American expatriate meets a former lover, with unforeseen complications...

Release Date:
January 23, 1943
102 min
Michael Curtiz
John Qualen, Paul Henreid, Jack Wise, ...
Drama, Romance, War ...
English, French, German,

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Solar rating: 8.6


Imdb rating: 8.6

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you will love this movie.. Rick is as smooth as they come..
he has the F the world attitude and cracks it up!

If you love great classic movies.. try Dr. Strangelove. & Young Frankenstein.. both excellent black & White Classic's!
@PlanetEarth Thanks for that comment.
Was watching something yesterday and it ended up on the birth of the trench coat and they spoke about this film.He was the first non-military to wear one then the trend became.Now seeing it in the comment section made me remember,funny coincidence.I know it's a classic but i never saw it yet,on watchlist.
great classic from the 1940's, still worth watching...!
I love Rick's
I never did like Casablanca. I thought it was boring. I thought We're No Angels, and African Queen was much better.
love this flick! I particularly enjoy Bogart's characterization of a morally ambiguous antihero.
@moviegirl1234..and how many have experienced the "this is where we came in" aspect of movie-going?? can still get a dose of that in a quentin tarantino flick..f'rinstance - what is the last scene in PULP FICTION??..not the scene AT the end of the movie but the scene that IS the end of the story??..when this question occurred to my friends and me, we had an intense discussion and then had to watch the flick again to determine..any of you solar students of film know the answer to this one??..huh?? ya??..huh??
A truly timeless masterpiece. So, round up the usual suspects and check out this one. And if you've seen it before, play it again.
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