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Cannibal Holocaust 1980

A New York University professor returns from a rescue mission to the Amazon rainforest with the footage shot by a lost team of documentarians who were making a film about the area's local cannibal tribes...

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Meh, seen way worse, which was only in the last 10 mins of movie.
Acting and that annoying music 1/10
Movie 2/10
Both of you gajeel32 and melissah yuou guys have good stated opinions i like glad you both agree somewhat on how ridiculous this is and melissah you made a great point..there are MUCH worse things out there than some cheezy so called snuff flick..working on the field for that long i dont doubt youve seen enough to fill 10 lifetimes..but for those of us that havent experienced real life chaos and brutality this would make most people sick..and ptsd would very easily be triggered if someone had it bad enough..with that said watch if you must watch; as EVERYONE says your not missing anything important...And as for the green inferno..I CANT WAIT!!!! ive done research on that movie and i gotta say its nice to see eli roth really work on acheiving cultural insight into a tribe in the amazon jungle..unlike this movie which inspired roth, the story is going to have a much closer outlook on the natives and really explain their way of life rather than nonsensical violence and disturbing s#@t! that hardly makes sense...The green Inferno is going to be EVERYTHING that this movie SHOULD have been no doubt
Still not even close to being as bad as August Underground & it's two sequels i'd go as far as saying most F'ed up horror movies ever made don't go watch them for any reason Cannibal holocaust on the other hand hard as it may be to watch some parts i thought it was pretty good now gonna watch The Green Inferno here later since it finally came out the other day & was deeply inspired by this film.
@ImNotaCheezeNutt Yea, so I watched it. I had heard about the infamy of the filmaker being brought into court because the authorities thought this was a snuff film yada yada yada. That being said, of course some of this was unsettling but for me, was tolerable. It's not that I am a psychopath or anything like that, lol, I happen to be a nurse, and have also been a firefighter and EMT in NY for over a decade and a what Ive seen and dealt with in reality is WORSE than any film (providing that it isnt a true snuff film or a live/actual event It would be difficult to really upset me- FYI- there is/are obvious real animal deaths in this film). If you really want to be grossed out- pull up a chair, Ive got some serious stories to share. That being said- the average person should probably steer clear from this. If you arent used to this sort of thing, dont do well with torture porn style horror movies, have a history of PTSD, and couldnt make it through A Serbian Film..then yea, this is not for you. Good news is- you wont be missing much. Its a shock value film- one that apparently inspired Eli Roth's Green Inferno and was the reason I decided to watch it.
@James_Dean thanks for that a lot of insight i didnt know...i thought the cow was just a ritual sacrifice in that movie i didnt know they actually ate it...but thats awesome im gonna have to watch that thanks again:)
@ImNotaCheezeNutt Yeah, on Apocalypse Now was the first time I saw a real killing also, but in this case it was incidental to the film. The people that part of the world eat those animals and since they don't have fancy air guns to kill it (which aren't all that effective! I've watch a few ASPCA documentaries on poorly done slaughterhouse killings and its not pretty!), so they try to kill it as humanely as they can with a few quick strokes of the machete. That thing also fed the whole village, so it was a natural thing even if it was nasty to watch as an 11 year old in 1979! :( If you've not seen "Hearts of Darkness" which is Francis Ford Coppola's wife's documentary of the making of "Apocalypse Now", i recommend it. They explain a lot of things in it and I'm pretty sure that's how I found out the killing wasn't just done for the hell of it. Have a good day!
@James_Dean so true man i agree 100% with you... apocalypse now (1979) was the first visual and real slaughter of an animal id ever seen on film and it made me sick to my stomach to find out it was real..After seeing this and finding out the same thing i had the hardest time not letting my stomach turn inside makes me shake my head in disgust to those people who dont just use a real hunting video like you said..if your gonna kill an animal on screen pay some dam respects to it and eat the thing for gods sake...F%$#ING disgusting
I hate this movie with the heat of a thousand suns. Why? Because my friends and I watched it when we were 12 years old, and didn't know any better. Not a healthy thing to experience for a 12 yr old. One of my friends' older brother had a 'contact', so no movie was unavailable... Read the warnings here, folks. Don't watch this out of 'curiosity' or whatever. I'm not saying don't watch it. That's entirely up to you. But I am saying why watch it? It won't add anything to your life what so ever. Quite the contrary.
@ImNotaCheezeNutt Only one other film made me physically sick like this one and that is "Men Behind the Sun" where the poor cat in it is really killed in a very brutal way and so are about 500 rats killed in a super cruel and disgusting way! I don't mean to be a "debbie downer" but for those 2 films a general warning about the real animal cruelty/killing is warranted since the makeers of the film intentionally murdered those animals for the sake of the film. Not cool! *BARF* Again, back in the 80's I thought it was Special F/X until i read later it wasn't! P.S. - I've seen other movies like "Wake In Fright" (1971) and "Walkabout" (1971) and while thoroughly disgusting, the animal killings were from actual "hunts" and they weren't just tortured and killed for the sake of a film.
@melissah bring something to either wipe away puke or herb to calm your anxiety during this film..its beyond anything I've ever seen...the scenes are so realistic you question if this is a documentary, and even when you search to ease yourself of this truth there is controversy everywhere on whether or not it really careful going into this one..this is something you'll remember the rest of your life...pure desensitization in this film be ready to get sick to your stomach
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