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Cadet Kelly 2002

A fashion-conscious youngster is horrified when she is forced to move to military school...

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boring, stupid, and poor
Seriously-someone needs to kill her.The worst time of my life was sitting through this while babysitting some tween duff-wannabe's. Absolutely no acting was seen here,terrible script, and the fact that it's so bluntly Disney..augh!!:rotten:
This movie was decent, it had a few touching moments, a few funny ones too. Hilary Duff was the good clueless until she got a alue girl... this makes me think that material Girls will prbab;y be worth a watch. I liked it and would watch it again.
Cast: Hilary Duff (Cadet Kelly Collins), Christy Carlson Romano (Cadet Captain Jennifer Stone), Gary Cole (General 'Sir' Joe Maxwell), Shawn Ashmore (Cadet Major Brad Rigby), Aimee Garcia (Cadet Sergeant Gloria Ramos), Linda Kash (Samantha Collins Maxwell)

This is another "Disney" Hilary Duff movie about Kelly a free-spirited teenager who is "forced" to attend her new step fathers' military academy.

She is totally clumsy and struggles with most of the exercises that she has to do. As punishment she is forced to shine the Drill Team's uniforms. It all works out in the end with Kelly helping the team to win a Drill competition.

I think that it is a story that shows the strength of character of one person, when completely out of her comfort zone. Kelly grows up in the film and is able to perform a heroic act at the end that may not have been possible if she hadn't been sent to the academy. She overcomes her fear of heights to rescue her real father.

Young women probably need more movies with role models like Kelly.
I wouldn't bother wasting my time with this horrible excuse for a film. This film has characters that aren't interesting and some pretty poor acting to go along with it.
This is the best movie ever I love Hillary Duff she is awesome
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