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Bus Stop 1956

A naive but stubborn cowboy falls in love with a saloon singer and tries to take her away against her will to get married and live on his ranch in Montana...

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Bus Stop (1956)
IMDB ID:(0049038)
Genre: (Comedy | Drama | Romance)
IMDb Rating: ((6,7/10 from 5 770 users)
Director: (Joshua Logan)
Starring:( Marilyn Monroe, Don Murray, Arthur O’Connell)
Runtime: (1h 34mn)
Innocent rodeo cowboy Bo falls in love with cafe singer Cherie in Phoenix. She tries to run away to Los Angeles but he finds her and forces her to board the bus to his home in Montana. When the bus stops at Grace’s Diner the passengers learn that the road ahead is blocked. By now everyone knows of the kidnapping, but Bo is determined to have Cherie.
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I don't really have anything much to say about these. They all have their flaws, I suppose, but I love them.

Set-Up has dated acting
Sexy Beast drags in a couple of places
Bus Stop has a real asshole of a main character.

Still, each has tremendous pros to counterbalance.

Bus Stop has the always amazing Marilyn Monroe
Sexy Beast has Kingsley (and the almost as good Ray Winstone)
The Set-Up has that beautiful, crisp photography and direction.
'Bus Stop' is a cheerful and romantic old-style film with part of the action centering around a bus stop and bus journey. Bo, a not-very-bright cowboy, does not know anything about love but has his heart set on bringing a woman back home with him. He sees Cherie (played by Monroe) at a bar and falls instantly in love, but she does not quite feel the same way about him. The film explores this romance and the lessons that Bo (and Cherie) has to learn in order to 'grow up'. It takes him several mistakes and character flaws to overcome, but, with the help of Marilyn Monroe, everything comes to a happy (and quick) ending, like most 1950s films.

Overall, 'Bus Stop' is an engaging and funny film and it is worth a watch. However, there are some problems. One of the problems is that I found Bo to be extremely annoying in places. He is too 'in your face'; I am not sure whether Bo's innocence was over-played by the actor or if it was written in the script. The other problem I had was the ending. Older films typically have a rushed ending, at least when compared to the present day. It just seems to abrupt.

The film also has some amuzing adult humor, and this is subtle so there is not a chance of a child picking up on it. (Look at the float in the parade!)

Overall, 'Bus Stop' is an all-around enjoyable tale about an age past.
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Bus Stop is not Marilyn's best but it is fresh thanks to Monroe's performance as the untalented and silly Cherie. Don Murray does a good job as the rude Bo who falls in love with that singer and little by little understands the way to make Cherie love him.
Marilyns worst performance, in my opinion. How does this have %100???? GAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh man. And that accent is AWFUL. Its fun though
Probably one of the better acting jobs by Marilyn Monroe. But I cannot say much about the rest of the cast. This is a fun little comedy to watch. Monroe's character was probably the best to watch to see how confused she was. I am sorry but I did not like Don Murray's performance in this at all.
The movie was realistic, but Bo's character was a little over the top.
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