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Bully 2001

A pack of naïve teenagers conspire to murder a mutual friend, whose aggressive demeanor has proved too much...

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There is very little to do with bullying in this movie. If you want to watch a bunch of porno go for it.

love this film

this is a really good film and i think its even better than larrys ((KIDS)). Tells story of a bunch of suburban kids who get even with one of thier friends who is the ( bully)- they get fed up with him pushing them around so they decide to kill him and they end up getting caught in the end - based on a true story and excellent movie / good soundtrack to.
The weirdest and stupidest thing about this movie is its biggest flaw- it has all this gratuitous nudity that doesn't enhance the story in any way. The director's hard-on for teen girls is just so obvious and creepy in this movie.

But it sucks you in and it's got an engaging and disturbing story. The reason to watch this movie is for the actor's performances. Nick Stahl, Brad Renfro and some girl I thought was Anna Paquin but is really Macualay Culkin's first wife, Rachel Miner, all deliver fantastic performances of idiot teens. Good stuff.
Larry Clark, the director of Kids, continues to explore his (some might say unhealthy) fixation with amoral teenagers who are adrift in a world of sex and violence without morality. Unlike Kids, this film is directly based on a true story of a group of Florida teenagers who were tired of being domineered by the "leader" of the group and decided, jokingly, that he should be murdered. What Bully is best at evoking is the aimless, wandering, soulless nature of the teenaged characters. They have absolutely no interests, no convictions, not even any hobbies in life (other than sex and drugs). Their parents are not active in their upbringing, and society as a whole seems to have forgotten that these kids exist. They live in a moral vacuum. What Clark does is show how that vacuum leads to boredom, which in turns leads to a yearning to do something exciting just for the hell of it. With Bobby Kent (brilliantly played by Nick Stahl) bullying his longtime "friend" Marty Puccio and assaulting his girlfriend, the group eventually decides to rid themselves of the Bobby problem by hiring a hitman. Clark chronicles the descent of these teenagers as they actually follow through with their plan and become involved in a messy murder that is anything but fun. Bully has flaws that prevent it from being a satisfying work: Clark is sort of the anti-Renoir, interested only in the ugliness of humans, and although that makes him a powerful filmmaker, the effect of emphasizing the grotesque nature of every character grows tiresome after a while. Also, Clark's film borders dangerously close to child pornography: sometimes it seems as if he is too intently focused on the young flesh of his characters. And although the ending of the film is realistically tragic, it is unclear whether Clark has made Bully as a serious drama or as a black comedy. Still, despite its shortcomings, Bully is powerful cinema that keeps us watching...a tragic portrait of an aimless youth culture.

Yes, went to school and was bored out of my mind. Who isn't?. Having to sit in classes all day, doing homework and whatnot...can give someone a disease...literally. Anyways, yeah, I've nothing else to say yet again. Until next time...see you on the dark side of the moon
Bully (2001) - A grueling sex, drugs and violence thriller based on the true story of Bobby Kent (Nick Stahl), a bossy Florida teenager that was beaten to death by a group of his peers. Brad Renfro plays his friend, and the life long recipient of Nick's abuse. Both actors look rough in this film as if they over-ranged their capabilities in order to meet the demands of the story. The real Bobby Kent and his friend were borderline animals and as hard as Nick and Brad tried, they couldn't quite be convincing without appearing stupid, besides what's the point? If you knew these guys, you'd keep way clear of them. After watching the movie, I was left with a "why did I sit through that?" taste in my mouth. McKenna was the screenwriter for this movie, as well as for American History X.
Larry Clarke goes out of his way to shock in his 2001 attempt, 'Bully'.

A group of acid eating teenagers living (supposedly) on the sunny coast of California decide to kill the asshole of their group. There's nothing much to say about this film, only that the more I think about it, the more I hate it.
Extremely shallow, Bully expects nothing of itself as a film, it just portrays a vague attempt to relate the cause of a new generation of dissaffected american youth in a sympathetic and analitical light.
Clarke lays the blame for these lost boys (and girls) squarely at the feet of their parents, peers and the social strata of American society. Their free wheeling lifestyle is only a product of pushy parents, an unfair schooling system and no ambition - curtesy of the beach brat culture.
Clarke seems to be so intent on shocking the viewer with casual images of sex, drug taking and violence that he forgets about the story, and eventually the movie he is supposed to be making.
I got the feeling Clarke had some kind of repugnant checklist in the back of his mind; 'have I shown everyone of the characters having sex? Casually? Yeah? Alright, what about random drug taking? Have I made a reference to necrophelia? Right! We're done!'
I started to get really bored with these stupid kids, this lame documentary style and Clarke's total lack of direction. He paddles around a bit in the ethics of it all, then screws them up and throws them out of the window. The arsnic icing on this burnt cake was the end - when all the kids are sitting in the courthouse, waiting for sentencing and then Clarke reverts to past photos of the characters, with the number of years they received in prision. Grow up Larry.
Bully is apparently only another instalment in the Larry Clarke style. Teenagers being naughty. I am waiting eagerly for the arrival of Larry's talent, and a film from him that is actually original. I wish he would stop emulating his own life and find a topic worthy of 90 minutes infront of a television.

One critic made a perfect reference to Bully and Larry Clarke's work saying, "Ken park is the worst film since...well, Bully". And I have a feeling he may be right. If Bret Easton Ellis was a film maker, he'd be Larry Clarke.

Where as the full-on approach by Larry Clark in his first film 'Kids' was somewhat understandable, there are scenes involving young teenagers in this film that are just so hard to justify. For those unknowing to Larry Clark as a director, he's basically an uncompromising artist who's not afraid to shock the viewer with profane young teenage sex scenes, amidst various other acts of juvenile activities. Bully is a film that often deviates from its premise in order to show us graphic sex scenes which serve no purpose whatsoever, other than to once more preach about the disturbing nature of today's youth. It's almost as if the movie 'Kids' is buried within this story. On the surface, this is your basic revenge flick, with Marty (Brad Renfro) plotting with his buddies to kill lifetime friend/nemesis Bobby (Nick Stahl), but it's so hard to concentrate on any storyline when you get random scenes of chicks riding dick every five minutes. It's not a bad film, it's actually quite compelling in a sense, but it gains entertainment value through shocking you, scene after scene, rather than through genuinely good story-telling.
There is so much wrong with this movie... It's like The Breakfast Club on a bad trip. Only worse.

But somehow it finds a truth about growing up that few of us are willing to admit.

The acting is superior, the story is intense, the direction is everything we expect from Larry Clark (Kids).

Warning: Sex, murder, language... so much wrong...

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