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Watched four movies this weekend,so I thought I should post reviews.
I Spy was very funny and original. Many plot twists, and good acting as well. See it.
Johnson Family Vacation was decent. It was exactly what I expected. A knock-off "urban" version of the Chevy Chase classic, but it had some originalness to it. Cedric delivered,as usual.Shannon Elizabeth,who played a satan worshipper did good too.
Die HArd With A Vengeance surprised me. I figured it would be mindless killing like the opther two movies (:p ) but it actually had some really confusing riddles in it. But the original is still the best.
I've seen Bullitt before.Everyone's seen Bullitt before. Intense car chase,but not much other action.Still a classic, though
An ok cop movie. The famed car chase is what makes this film good, that and Steve McQueen. Of course how could I not like the guy I was named after, or so my mother tells me.

Story wise is where I got confused, new characters kept being introduced, and maybe I wasn't paying enough attention because I would keep wondering who was who and what was going on. And the subplot involving McQueen's personal life added nothing to the film in my opinion. But overall the film was enjoyable. 6/10:fresh:

Review soon.

summertime blues

heard the news

had to choose

mind did muse

paid my dues

chaos ensues

summertime blues
Very exciting action thriller and it has one of the best car chase scenes ever filmed. The editing is among the best ever. Suspenseful, good job by Steve McQueen.
Best in Show: Steve McQueen
One for the future: n/a
Stand-out scene: That chase (but since bettered by The Bourne Supremacy)
Brainer or no-brainer: No brainer
Stands up to one viewing or repeated?: Repeated
DVD commentary any good?: n/a

If you come into the world with the surname Bullitt, I suppose that there's two options open to you; law breaking or law enforcement. Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen), chose the latter route and while I found this movie enjoyable, in my book it didn't quite live up to the hype that surrounds it. A famous misogynist (abandoned as a child, McQueen apparently never forgave his mother), the actor brings all the baggage of his star status to the role and while i'm a firm believer in the 'less is more' adage, McQueen seems to have believed that he had to do little more than turn up each day to produce a winning role. Made in the Sixties, the female roles are predictably appendage-like and I found myself willing Jacqueline Bisset on to blow the big-headed strawberry blonde bloke off the screen with the power of her performance but she has very little to work with here. The review I read of this film stated that the infamous car chase occurred at the very end of the movie and thus I was taken aback by its appearance 40 minutes from the end. Having set a benchmark for chase scenes (and it is the best thing about the movie), we have this movie to thank for the magnificent work that followed it in The French Connection and The Bourne Identity/Supremacy, so for that reason alone this deserves at least an extra point on the totaliser. The frankly ludicrous story has more holes in it than a crocheted bedspread (Robert Vaughn apparently picked up on this and kept rejecting his role until the studio's pay offer became an offer he couldn't refuse) meaning that this falls squarely in the 'style over substance' category. Disappointing.
One of the most memorable car chases i have ever seen in a movie. The car chase itself makes this movie a classic. The plot falls a little short and feels a little used but its still an entertaining thrill ride that no one will foget. Steve Mcqueen is a badass cop that plays the perfect role in this movie. I think this movie should be remade to show all the young audiences today the classic that started it all. This is a must have in your dvd collection.
With Steve, it's not what he says but what he doesn't say. This is the consummate Steve McQueen film.
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