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Bullet to the Head 2012

After watching their respective partners die, a New Orleans hitman and a Washington D.C. detective form an alliance in order to bring down their common enemy...

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Imdb rating: 5.7

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1980s meets 2012. In the best possible way. More than a decent enough action movie. Sly's still got it here. Momoa deserves a part in the next Expendables (although I hope there never is one, but if there is, he deserves a spot.) Action cliches well delivered, much more so than a lot of, if not most, contemporaries. You can pick it apart or just watch for what it is: A good action movie.
Actually a good watch.
Don't get the "ok movie, not so great comments".
Stallone, Momoa, Kang DELIVERED.
Stallone and Momoa were awesome with believable fight scenes and directing and story line were all on par.
Don't understand the "meh" comments as this is on my list of " Beers, Homies and Hookup. recommend.....won't want your time back.
@mancmovieman ain't she always?
Well it's not the best of movies for sure but it was entertaining enough. It wasn't really racist though, it's just Stallone's character, he's an ass no matter the color of your skin or anything. Would probably call you snow white if you had to team up with you.
And probably wouldn't have rescued my ass in the first place.
So yeah not that racist to me.
i loved this movie,maybe not the best that stallone made bude definetly worth a watch for sure :)
Not the best of movies ,but not the worst ither ,going by thier latest movies Slys just about still got "it" and Arnie hasent , : ( the world i grew up in is gone. Ps hats off to Sly for the shape he manages th keep himself in in his 60s.
My boyfriend is Chinese just wish my dad was as badass as in this movie. I also love me some Jason Momoa. This movie is just for entertainment purposes only if u looking for any thing deep watch something else
I'm probably gonna get some flak for this but here goes... dated, cliched, senselessly violent and arguably racist movie. Shame on you Walter Hill. Hmm, Sarah Shahi is cool though. ;-)
A good one off.
it is a good flick. You should check out "Carter"
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