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Bull Durham 1988

A fan who has an affair with one minor-league baseball player each season meets an up-and-coming pitcher and the experienced catcher assigned to him...

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Probably the most emotional sports movie I have ever seen. All the lead performances were great, and I really felt for the characters.
I love the sport of baseball, and I just really had a good time watching this movie. I'm glad I bought $6, I couldn't lose.
I've seen a fair assload of films in the gap since I last posted with some regularity, so over the next few days, I'm going to try to catch up. Most reviews will be brief (or nonexistent)--I'm happy to discuss, of course.

The Conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1970)

Bull Durham (Ron Shelton, 1988)
For some reason baseball has seen far more cinematic success than any of the other major sports. Basketball has Hoosiers and that's about it; football has ... what? Jerry Maguire? (Eh.) But baseball, perhaps drawing on its deep roots in American soil, has produced a number of winners, from Pride of the Yankees to Field of Dreams. Bull Durham doesn't doesn't quite reach the heights of the pantheon, but is a pleasant enough way to while away a couple of hours (how like an early summer baseball game): the three-way romance between pitcher and catcher (heh) and fan has charm, but not so much depth. And is it just me, or did the guys on this team seem generally way old for Single A'ers?

The Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo, 1965)
Pontecorvo's documentary-style re-creation of the Algerian struggle for independence from France is most remarkable for its own independence from dogma or righteousness. Neither the guerillas nor the French military are let off the hook for their actions or condemned without regard to context, nor is the audience let off from an honest confrontation with the moral conundrums inherent to violent conflict.

Last Tango in Paris (Bernardo Bertolucci, 1972)
It's too bad that directors like Bertolucci and later Coppola with Apocalypse Now didn't see fit to reign Marlon Brando in more than they do. His ad-libbing hurts both films and does nothing for his performance. Still, when sticking to the point, Brando delivers, though not as impressively as Maria Schneider, who has to not only fight Brando's stature and presence but bring something more than victimization to her own role.

M. Hulot's Holiday (Jacques Tati, 1953)
Ah, Terry Jones loves M. Hulot, so I feel like I should too. But I only just like it. It's cute and charming, but weightless. It's amusing, but not hilarious. C'est la vie.
Great acting and has some funny parts but the script is weak. Ron Shelton doesn't have much talent in writing but he still gets his scripts greenlighted.

Comments pending.
I downloaded "Bull Durham" from yesterday. (I'm too much of a straight-arrow to risk any p2p tranfers. Plus, my computer enjoys inviting in adware, malware and the like.) I've yet to view it, since I'm enjoying three days off with my favorite somebody, but I'll start watching it again tomorrow.

No, my favorite scene's not the one where Susan Sarandon holds Tim Robbins hostage in her bed while she reads him Whitman. (Who knows why the striped skivvies never struck a chord with me?) No, it's actually the scene during the Bulls' winning streak, when Annie tries to seduce Nuke but instead gets: "Gosh, I think you're real cute."
bull durham
i picked this movie up in a pawn shop for 2 dollars it was well worth it too i really enjoyed this movie more then i expected to .the acting was good and tim robbins was funny as heck and kevin coster did a good job .i havent seen almost any of costers baseball movies i heard he has a lot but he does good at convicing us he plays baseball at least in this one .the plots good overall but blogs down after the half way point a little .the baseball action was good but the romance elements of the movie was a little stale but nothing that would ruin any part of the movie is trust me this is a very minor complint overall this movie is funny well written and a great movie for both baseball fans and someone looking for a romance movie thats not totally cliched

It would be easy to mistake Bull Durham for a typical romantic comedy (I know I did). Luckily, it's not. Frankly, I thought it was more a movie about relationships with baseball used as the glue to keep it together.

You have the relationships between Nuke and Crash, Crash and Annie but also Annie and Nuke. Thankfully the resolution of all these relationships is handled with care and rather satisfying.
There's no typical struggle between the two men for Annie, nor is there pointless arguing between them.

The script is smarter than your average rom-com as well, filled with fun one-liners and clever dialogue.
Costner, Robbins and Sarandon make for engaging leads and each of them get enough time to create believable characters.

Thankfully there's no big game in the end, just the characters taking logical paths.
I'd take Field of Dreams over this one though.


:fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: :fresh: More of a love story than a baseball movie. Good amounts of both love and baseball.

Directed by Ron Shelton
A15 (for sexual content including dialogue, nudity, and for language.)
108 min.
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