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Better than I thought it would be, but could have been better than it was. Most of the plot points were so completely contrived and so completely Hollywood retarded.. they just couldn't think of a better way to get these uptight white lawyers together with this big honkin black chick.. so yeah, plot was STUPID. BUT Steve Martin, Eugene Levy and Queen Latifah worked so well together, had such chemistry, that the plot just became background noise. It was HYSTERICAL. And Eugene Levy is my acting God. I can DEFINITELY recommend this movie.
I despise the film in its horrible attempt to be funny and unique at the same time. Stever Martin is abousolutley funny when trying to be black and Levy is kind of funny as a man who falls in love with Charlene (Latifa). Lets get one thing out of the way real quick QUEEN LATIFA CAN"T ACT!!!! She can't and this film proves it better than any film she has been in. She doesn't act she simply says the words as if reading straight from the script. She ruins this film and any potential it had (Which was ver minimal in the first place). I hated the racist jokes and the poor dialogue. Whats worse is the "twists" which in my openion are obvious and dull. My recomendation is watch the commercial because that is all of the movie except for the "Charlene Set Up" which gets dull and by the time it is solved you are more happy its over than you are that they found the person who set her up!


--There is no doubt that the zest and energy and "Bringing Down the House" is largely thanks to the highly enjoyable cast. Steve Martin proves once again that he really is a master of comedy, giving a very physical performance, especially towards the end of the movie. He is very funny and plays all angles of his character wonderfully. I love Queen Latifah, and she is simply a delight in this flick. The beautiful woman is this movie; she turns it into her own. Charlene was a great character who I cared for and Latifah was brilliant as her. I also loved Eugene Levy's role; he's just so damn funny. The woman who played Ashley did the bitch thing brilliantly; I loved her expressions during the fight sequence. Joan Plowright was also a treat in her part, being appropriately embarrassing (about her family's maid when she was young: "Mother would scrape all the food we hadn't eaten, and put it on a plate and give it to Ivy.") and also showing a great knack for comedy in the scenes towards the end of the film.

--I found this movie, most of the time, to be nothing less than uproariously funny. There is lots of physical comedy (Steve Martin in the club at the end, the hysterical fight sequence), as well as an overload of terrific one-liners ("The cool points are all out the window, and she's got me all twisted up in the game." "Why don't you take your 'doggs' and go back to the pound?") and many, many hilarious characters with energetic performances from the cast. Because the movie is so successful in a comedic sense, it makes for great rewatching; you notice something new every time. The highlight is Joan Plowright's stoned grandma scenes, which just had me in stitches. Plowright rules!


--The movie relies a bit too much on racial stereotypes to do the joke telling. Though some of the jokes are admittedly funny, it annoyed me somewhat that there was always a line drawn between being black or white in the film.


7/10 - I found the film very funny, with great performances. It had the racist drawback, but otherwise a massively entertaining flick with some truly wonderful moments.


American Pie (8/10)
The Bone Collector (6/10)
Bowfinger (7/10)
Chicago (10/10)
Rush Hour (7/10)
The first big blockbuster of 2003 was Bringing Down the House. It opened the same weekend as Tears of the Sun. Tears opened decently and slid fast. Bringing Down the House opened well and hung on to gross like 140 million. But what is the appeal???? The movie is mildly funny, Steve Martin, Queen Latifah and Eugene Levy are solid. But the movie just makes shameful statements about the racial divide in this nation. I am not even black and it was rather offensive at times. But still, there were a few laughs and I really like Latifah's star power. Her work here and in Chicago has solidified her into a bona fide star, and I am happy for that. She holds the screen well.

Steve Martin is in danger of being knocked off my list of talented celebs. He seems to be making a career out of crap lately. He is going to be in a Pink Panther remake next year, Cheaper by the Dozen looks god-awful, and this one was nothing to write home about. What happened to the Steve Martin of LA Story, Parenthood, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels??? Damn its frustrating. Whats next, Harrison Ford in a remake of Universal Soldier????
and more...
very funny. steve martin did a good job

Oh Great, another movie where some dope homies can display their rockin street slang to some whack white ppl.

Steve Martin's honestly very entertaining in this movie, it's just a shame its been done before too many times.

Queen Latifah is classy and crass when needed. Her reactions to the old chick at the dinner party (who later gets stoned at a downtown club) is quite hilarious. Unfortunately, this and few other rare moments cannot push this movie into the "great comedy" range.

Although great entertainment, don't expect to see any of these actors in the nominations sweeps.....ever.

marykate only gets 4 because of the whole legs thing...TERRIBLE actress though :down:
A bit of a slow movie week for me.

Girl with a Pearl Earring - Read review here 9 out of 10 stars.

Risky Business (1983) - ya know...I love to hate Tom Cruise. I think he's overrated. However, I still enjoy some of his movies... this is one of them. I hadn't seen Risky Business in probably 15 years and I still enjoyed it. How could you go wrong...hookers, pot, a fast Porsche chase and as a great bonus good sex scenes with Rebbecca De Mornay. 7 out of 10.

Bringing Down the House - Yes I'm admitting I watched this. Worse still...I actually thought it was mildly cute. Steve Martin, Queen Latifah, Eugene Levy . A total no brainer movie where Steve Martin is a tax lawyer who has been "giving legal advise" online to Legal-Gal who he thinks is a cute blond that he sets a date with. Unbeknown to him (of course) it's really Queen Latifah who's been wrongly accused of armed robbery and breaks out of prison to push Martin into taking her case...while wreaking havoc on his (white) middle class life. Not a new formula but put in a different setting. 6 out of 10.
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