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Bring It On: All or Nothing 2006

A transfer student to a rough high school tries joining the cheer-leading squad and she not only faces off against the head cheerleader, but against her former school in preparation for a cheer-off competition...

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Solar rating: 8.4


Imdb rating: 5.7



i thought that this movie will disappoint me like the second one did... but i was wrong.. it was much much better than the second...heck i even like this more than the frist one... it is more entertaining..the story makes sense unlike the prevoius two...and the cheers were more cheerful(hahahahaha).. the cheerdance,the story and the lines..i love it... especially when they're talking IM.. hahahaha... it was so hilarious better than "u put the ass,in mASSive"...or like the other..or the "BOMB DIGGIDY" hahahaha... if u loved the previous will definetly like this one...for me it is the best among the three...
Bring It On: All Or Nothing
My Rating: 5.4

Bring it on all or nothing was enjoyable, very much a fun movie. Hayden Paneittiere is THE MOST adorable little thing. She's soooo gorgeous, and talented, you absolutely buy her performance, plus she's so little you can put her in your palm hehe.
While the story would mostly appeal to audience it was written for, that is teenage girls, I found the choreography really enjoyable.

Adding street romp and high flying gymnastics to the more traditional military-like cheerleading entertaining.

The plot is clich
If you're a fan of the Bring It On films then this addition, in my opinion is a must see.
It's better than the second film and it comes in quite close to being better than the first film. It's deffinately funnier than both previous films.
The acting is good by certain characters and others it's just ok. It's got good catchy music and the cheer routines and good too. The plot is good enough for the film also.
The only thing i think this film lacks is the length it's on for. It needs to be on longer!!

I'm a fan of all 3 Bring It On films and i love this. I think it should of been shown at the cinemas
The third Bring It On starts off very much like the first Bring It On. The lead character Britany (played by the beautiful Hayden Panetierre), has a dream where many embarassing incidents happen. Right from the start, you can tell the cast is a lot younger compared to cast from the two previous films. The story is now in a High School setting instead of College. The movie is certainly funnier than the last two movies. The plot is the classic "white rich girl" transfers to an "urban school". Even though the plot is cliched, by all means it doesn't make the story bad. There is a dumb blonde in this movie, that makes me smile each time she says something stupid. They happen to krump in this movie. Unfortunatley, the krumping is unappealing in this movie. The only decent movement they call pull off is the chest pop. Other than that, it looks like they learned to krump by putting ants down their pants. The routines aren't as flashy as the previous movies, but still look alright. It seems they've encorporated more dancing than the flips and tricks. They did bring back 'spirt fingers' temporarily ;) Overall, this movie was a lot better than the other two. I wish it would have been slightly longer. Bring It On 3 is a mild comedy that many will certainly enjoy.

Where else in the world would you have the chance of taking such valuable life lessons like the power of spirit fingers and the rules of cheerocracy? The Bring It On trilogy is more than a trilogy: it's a trilogy to rule them all! Yes, I'm making fun of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, which I hated. Yes, you can say anything: call me dumb, call me stupid, call me anything, but, still, I belive the Bring It On have more depth, more fun (and more spirit) than any Peter Jackson film could ever have :). The sequels aren't as good, but aren't bad, either. Bring It On - All Or Nothing is the best from the two, and Bring It On Again is only mildly funny, nice guilty pleasure.

Bring It On
Solange Knowles and Hayden Panettiere are absolutely charming as Camille and Britney, but the sappy story line and the less than impressive acting throw the whole film out of balance with a cliche cheerleader theme.
The writing in this script is excellent, almost as good as Clueless, except for the fact that it has to keep to a predictable "Cheerleader" story line, but the dialogue between the characters is sharp, crisp and witty. The direction is excellent, the cheer/dance numbers are great and the cast, while not matching the teen star power of the original, bring a lot of energy and commitment to their roles. This is a likable teen movie.
Better than the second and I like Heroes star Hayden Panitierre.
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