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Bride of Chucky 1998

Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, discovers the perfect mate to kill and revive into the body of another doll...

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Already hard enough to take Chucky seriously


Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) bribes a police officer to steal the remains of her former love and former serial killer - Charles Lee Ray / Chucky (Brad Dourif). Using "Voodoo for Dummies" she manages to bring Chucky back to life, but she soon learns that it was all in vain since he didn't intend to marry her after all.

It doesn't take Chucky long to electrocute Tiffany, and transfer her soul into the bridal doll she gave him in anger.

The only hopes they have in returning to human form is with the help of the amulet that is around the neck of Charles Lee Ray's buried body and a couple of suitable bodies.

Grabbing a lift with an eloping couple, the trail of bodies the two dolls leave behind have them blaming each other...

Following in same vein as "Scream" this flick contains a few tips of the hat in the direction of Freddy, Michael Myers and Jason with enough one-liners to amuse.

Overall this Child's Play sequel is more comedy and tongue-in-cheek than scary, but with enough death and gore to keep me entertained.

I was always a big Friday the 13th fan. I never watched any Chucky movies. I caught The Bride of Chucky on tv. I was interested to watch it because I saw a trailer of seed of Chucky. The movie ended up being good. Ronny Yu actually did a good job. Chucky is a great character. He talks a lot and he actually has feelings unlike other Horror movie icons like Freddy and Jason. He acts like a human being or he acts the same way he did when he was a human. I want to watch Child's Play 1-3 now since I enjoyed this one. Jennifer Tilly was quite good in this movie. The acting wasn't too bad. The late John Ritter played his role well. Fans of horror or slasher movies should definetely take a look at this as its superior to 80% of slasher movies. I am looking foward to the Seed of Chucky. I wish that instead of having Freddy vs Jason vs Ash it was Freddy vs Jason vs Chucky. Now that would be a great fight.

Rating- 7.5/10
I decided to attempt to endure Bride of Chucky this past weekend, a film that I could have sworn that I've never seen, but chunks of it looked familiar, so maybe I saw it and promptly forgot about it, which doesn't bode well for a film, or its subsequent review, I suppose. I thought I was prepping myself for the upcoming Seed of Chucky, and although most websites still list a November 12 release date, recent internet rumors insist that the film has been pushed to Spring, so I may have been overenthusiastic with my Chucky completism.

In any case, the Child's Play series has had a difficult journey. The series began in 1988 with the original film, in which Brad Dourif's convicted murderer was electrocuted in a toy store. The subsequent current and overwhelming voltage (for the record, I am no electrical engineer, so I cannot vouch for the scientific veracity of what follows) drive his spirit into a Good Guy doll (an obvious ripoff of the "My Buddy" dolls that were all the rage in '88; anyone remember those?) named Chucky, who then preceeds to go on a murderous rampage. As one who harbors an inexplicable fear of dolls (particularly porcelain dolls, for some reason), I found this film entertaining and scary. Two sequels followed, and there was a brief scare in 1991 when Child's Play 3 (subtitled "Look Who's Stalking", a jab at the John Travolta talking-baby trilogy, to which this series bears a striking resemblance) was deemed responsible for a murder committed in England by two pre-adolescents. Two boys killed another younger boy and a copy of Child's Play 3 was later found in the VCR of one of the older boys (of course, investigators ignored the signs indicating that one of the boys consumed Shredded Wheat right before the murder, which also could have been a determining factor in the grisly violence to follow), and the film was briefly banned across the pond.

Bride of Chucky arrived in 1998, and the series changed course. Ronny Yu (Freddy Vs. Jason) attempted to inject the series with humor and horror homages, but any inherent scariness went right out the window. In the first films, there was a certain amount of creepiness to be had when, as an audience member, you watched a Chucky doll flit across the background of a scene, almost out of focus. You just knew there was a P.A. somewhere in the background, pulling this doll across a hardwood floor with some fishing line, but it was still provided for some eerie moments. You had to let your imagination do a little of the work for you, and the effect was strangely frightening.

Any sense of nuance has vanished with Bride of Chucky. Jennifer Tilly (totally hot up to and including the film Bound; she has since let herself go) is cast as Tiffany, Chucky's hard-rocking and eternally slutty girlfriend, and her soul enters a doll as well, because as any Hollywood producer will tell you, if one possessed doll is scary, two possessed dolls are EVEN SCARIER. The Tiffany and Chucky dolls coerce an always attractive but completely vacant Katherine Heigl into taking them to get some amulet in a cemetary. Katherine Heigl's capacious chest didn't seem to care about this plot contrivance, and neither did I. In fact, the majority of the film was taken up by lengthy dialogue scenes between the two dolls. I thought I was watching a horror movie, not a lounge act at Circus Circus.

The gore was solid, which earns this film a 4. A skinny, pale, rocker-type dude apparently hemmorhages to death after his lip piercing is pulled out. John Ritter, never one to turn down a paying gig (Sling Blade, Bad Santa), appears as Katherine Heigl's overprotective police chief father, but he gets offed pretty quick with a faceful of two-penny nails, and Heigl arches her back and tries to offer up an emotional reaction somehow akin to grief. And I've always enjoyed the way the Chucky doll deteriorates from film to film as he's chopped up, burned, etc. But man, oh, man, this film was absolutely not scary. Or funny. Which are pretty much the two main things a horror comedy should be striving for. After comparing this film to the in-every-way-superior Shaun of the Dead, I think I'm about ready for Abortion of Chucky.
DVD First Viewing, 3 Yu films seen

Not quite as much fun as Seed of Chucky, but still much more than you would expect from a movie about possessed plastic dolls. Bride of Chucky works as a great transition between the original Child's Play trilogy and Seed of Chucky. I was so pleased to see Glen at the end of this film!
I loved this movie, it's funny, tense, and eager to make us creep out of our skin, but doesn't really succeed, it's not scary like the others but has it's own way of kicking ass BIG TIME.:fresh:

Kyle's Review
Silly, but very funny
This was my favorite Chucky movie. I love Chucky he is my all time fave villian. After this movie came out I got the Tiffany doll from my boyfriend.

Eurotrip plays out like a more extreme version of Road Trip: A dude sent out the wrong mail to the wrong girl and sets out to find her. The catch? He's in Ohio, she's in Berlin. So yeah, a Eurotrip ensues.

The movie's filled with plenty of European stereotypes, but what does it matter? This is a comedy. The humour here is pretty raunchy, which normally annoys me. This one actually made me laugh though.
And how can I hate a movie that prevented Old School 2 from being made?

Doesn't start out too good, but eventually, it gets a lot better.
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